• It is time for Nancy Grace to retire.

    She has been working for a long time and has definitely earned enough income where she can comfortably retire. Her acting has always been great and she has left a good legacy. She should retire in her prime and relax the rest of her life. She can retire with a good amount of wealth.

  • Grace has been in the spotlight for decades

    Outspoken commentator Grace is a victims rights supporter. She has been a prosecutor, broadcaster and author, best known for the show Nancy Grace, for which she discussed celebrity news and current affairs. Her syndicated courtroom reality show, Swift Justice with Nancy Grace was not renewed after Grace got replaced by Jackie Glass. It seems Grace is a very popular tv host. There is no reason for Grace to retire, unless it is of her choosing. There could be other projects that Grace is interested in pursuing that do not have anything to do with the law. After so many years of being involved in legal affairs, it seems the time for change is right.

  • No, she still has what it takes

    No i don't agree that it is time for Nancy Grace to retire. I believe she still has a lot of wind in her sails and can still give so much to the community. I like her no-nonsense approach to things. She always speaks her mind. She always does what she can to right a wrong, especially if a child is involved. We need more people like her, stand-up citizens that are doing what they can to make this planet better.

  • It is not time for Nancy Grace to retire

    It is not time for Nancy Grace to retire. We often hear this kind of rhetoric from people who disagree with the political or other viewpoint of somebody that they do not like. Yes, Nancy Grace can be a firebrand. But, her views are worth listening to. And if you disagree with them or otherwise do not like them, turn the channel.

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