• Retire with the aura of greatness.

    I have watched him play for the past 7 years in countless tournaments. When he would emerge victorious the feeling of triumph was fantastic. However, the last 2-3 years have been so difficult to watch when he would not be able to defeat much lesser opponents. If it is difficult for us to watch, I am sure it is much tougher for him to play and endure the defeats. The game will not be the same without him, but he has proved everything there is to prove. Retirement is tough for all who love their work, and in particular for athletes and celebrities, the younger the more difficult the choice. However, the time has come to make the move and then make the life adjustments.

  • Will always be the most exciting tennis player!

    He has been my idol and there has been no other player who I have watched religiously!
    In my eyes his been the best between Federer and Djokovic but unfortunately his injuries are now playing a huge part in his defeats. It's time to end it and let the new talents come through!

  • OMG Yes Please!

    He is easily the most primitive and talentless player in the top 50. Ugly, ugly, ugly to watch and completely without class. It is a shame to see tennis reduced to this grunt and puddle. Get this baboon off the court so that we can all have a rest and enjoy some quality tennis.

  • He is done

    After Roland Garros 2016, does anything else need to be said? He is injured after winning just 2 rounds, coming off heavy defeats to Djokovic and Murray on clay. He will be a low seed at Wimbledon, if he is foolish enough to risk injury. He should accept wisdom and retire or at the very least skip Wimbledon

  • It is evident that Rafa is no longer the player He had been.

    Firstly let me tell you that I have always been an avid Rafa fan! . Over the last year I would be sitting in front of my computer watching Rafa playin various tournaments. With heart in hand I watched but in vain with the hope Rafa would win but all that happened is that he lost.Many of these losses were even to players He had always beat in the past. All evidence points to the fact that Rafa has taken a dive mentally and physically. Rafa should consider retirement although his fans including me will find it a sad day when He does. After all Rafa must do what's best for him.

  • Retire now Rata

    Stop tainting your legacy and retire with some class and dignity. He's losing to people who would not have any business beating him a few years ago. Now it is happening regularly.

    The only reason he should still be playing is to earn that sponsorship money. Which is something that is kind of pathetic

  • Rafa's Retirement Rehash

    I think the last couple of years people have wondered whether or not Rafa would or should retire due to his mounting plethora of injuries. I have always been a Federer fan and hated Rafa years back because he was the only one who could beat Feds. But Rafa's undeniable passion, intensity, and love of the game was impossible to ignore, and he has thus won me over. He is now one of my favorites. A great champion, a class act; and a great ambassador of the game of tennis. Given Rafa's famous competitive streak, I would think he would not want to continue playing at this level. Therefore I feel he should retire.

  • He should retire

    I think Nadal should retire because of all of his injuries that he had. He's not gonna get any better. He should just gave it that he isn't good like he was when he was younger . He's not the Rafa. Despite his loses, he is still the king of clay

  • My idol should retire.

    His game is not getting any better, and if anything he is regressing. With his OCD symptoms, even if a new coach was introduced to his team, he would be very resistant to change. Please retire now while you are still in the top 10 so your image in history won't be further lessened by these continued losses to players no where near your previous high level.

  • Time has come

    He can't win small clay tournaments now, choking to Thiem and Cuevas at Buenos Aires and Rio respectively. He is only hurting himself and his body now. We watched Sampras fade after the 2000 US Open. It was painful to watch some Nobody clean him up in the 2002 Wimby. I don't see a Sampras style mini revival in the 01 and 02 US Open for Rafa. Protect your weary body Rafa, marry, have kids and coach.

  • Rafa should not retire. He has what it takes to be a champion again.

    Why should he retire? He is in top form and doing so well. He is the king of clay and at the very least he can participate in all the clay court tournaments and show that he is invincible. Injuries come and go and he is so young to outweigh all the obstacles with his power to sustain and perseverance.

  • Rafa should not retire. He has what it takes to be a champion again.

    Why should he retire? He is in top form and doing so well. He is the king of clay and at the very least he can participate in all the clay court tournaments and show that he is invincible. Injuries come and go and he is so young to outweigh all the obstacles with his power to sustain and perseverance.

  • No Retirement Yet!!!

    Nadal is in this so called SLUMP period. Every athlete or sports team will experience this situation. He never had this yet, and now he's getting it. At his age & with his talent, his game struggles is only temporary. His game & intensity is really improving now. He'll be out of this slump soon & will be winning titles & slams again.

  • He still has something left to show us

    He is a very dangerous player he can return to form at any time. Everybody says that Novak will break the records of Rafa but I do not agree to that because a player who is good did not look like defeating Rafa suddenly started defeating Rafa in grand slams and clay courts dominated by Rafa I think which is the reason of depression of Rafa. I think Novak did some short cut

  • Rafa should not retire

    He's going through a rough patch. He needs a new coach. It is time for Uncle Tony to go. He was amazing at Indian Wells against Kei N. He needs to change his style of play to compensate for all of those injuries. I bet he wins another French Open!

  • If something tells when it is the right time it is PARIS.

    I support Rafa since 2003.He started too young so may finish earlier. I dont think when he finishes his amazing career we will remember his bad matches. We will remember his greatness and unique style. There will not be similar style like his in the future. It is sad we all have used to early exits recently but...If he still believes he can change the game he may. Cuevas is very good player on clay challenging top seeds in the past. I only hope that Rafa can enjoy playing tennis again.Than he can play as long as he wants. But to see poor uncomfortable Nadal on court...Nobody wants to see it neither him.

  • Just need to reinvent his game

    Physically Nadal has not faded but his opponents have just caught up with his game and style. The top spin shots not longer pose threats to rivals, even Lower ranked players, so he just needs to change his game to extend his longevity or risk a burnout.

    1) improve serve to win quicker points
    2) flatter forehand instead of top spin all the time
    3) go to the net more often

  • No Rafael Nadal should not retire yet.

    At 28 years of age Spaniard Rafael Nadal has won 14 Tennis Grand Slam titles. In spite of the list of injuries he has suffered, ankle, knee, back, wrist, foot, etc. Rafael still has many good years ahead of him. Granted he'll be challenged by the new generation of tennis big servers.

  • Rafael Nadal Should Not Retire

    Rafael Nadal still has what it takes to keep playing. He might not ever be Number One again, but if he wants to keep competing, he should keep competing. As long as he wants to keep earning money and putting in the work, he's too young to retire. Only he can decide when it's the right time.

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