• Affirmative Action is Reverse Racism

    The entire point of Affirmative action was to make men, women, whites, blacks, and everything in between equal. Now, qualified whites aren't getting jobs they deserve because they want to make the jobs seem equal and hire an unqualified black, just because their black. I belive we should look at how qualified a person is, not the color of their skin or gender.

  • Reduce Quota Targets

    There are not enough qualified minorities to fulfill each colleges quota. As a result, each college is chasing to few qualified applicants and must accept lesser quality candidates which sets those candidates up for relative failure. Colleges should put the students needs first, not their quotas, and therefore base thier admissions to help minority applicants choose a school where they can excel based on their abilities.

  • Denied a job because I was white

    A few years after graduating college with a degree in Computer Science, I applied for software engineering positions at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). At the time they were looking for developers to work on climate models. I repeatedly applied for positions that I met all stated requirements of. Over and over for 2 years I applied, without getting so much as a phone interview. A few years later I met an HR manager from NCAR and asked why I couldn't even get an interview despite meeting or exceeding all the stated requirements and having worked in the field for years. He informed me that he could not hire a Caucasian male unless he already met the required racial diversity requirements within the organization. He would keep positions opened for months if not a year until a qualified minority applied and the position was filled. This was particularly irritating since I had served our country as an Infantryman in the Army before college. Discrimination has no place in our society and reverse discrimination is no better than any other kind. Affirmative action and racial quotas are nothing more than organized discrimination. It is time for it to end. College and job applications should not include name or race identifications. Use a SSN or passport number so race and gender can not be considered. Succeed on your merits, not your race or sex.

  • It's all whitey's fault

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  • It's all whitey's fault

    My momma is a crackhead and i dont know my daddy . I think he a dealer. I saw him at the sto' one day wit my mama, he wuz tryin to sling some dope to da chitlins. I dont need no learnin to be no hustla cept what i git from da streetz.

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  • End affirmative action

    I’m retired so I don’t have a personal dog in this race, however I must say that some of the people I worked with, over the years, were not qualified to do their jobs. They were diversity hires that couldn’t cut the mustard. Unfortunately the job performance of some of the diversity hires was so bad that they had to be let go. I remember one woman that was hired, at a tech firm, who didn’t have a technical background and had poor social skills. She started a fight with a coworker and was terminated. I saw it coming as did many of my coworkers when we had to stay away from her in order to avoid confrontation. I think it’s time to end affirmative action.

  • It's long past time.

    Affirmative action has gone on 15 years longer than I think it needed to. Affirmative action is racial discrimination. Equal rights is suppose to be equal opportunity, and not equal results. Race should be a non issue when it comes to getting into college. Likewise gender should be a non issue, any form of disability should be a non issue, ect. Mainstream racism against minorities is dead in the college application process. It use to be there, but now it isn't. It is in fact easier for a minority to get into college than a white man. Racism is just about dead. Get over it. Work for yourself, and stop trying to advance yourself through your ancestors hardships.

  • It's time guys.

    Listen, at this point in time all we need for a better future are brighter minds. How do you find better minds, you ask? You test them. The people who have done the best on these tests should be the ones to progress to the best schools.

    Now you can argue that tests are not fair or true to one's intelligence and you maybe right, yet that is a completely different argument entirely. Something should be done about these tests then, and they should go under some reformation. People who have also done something of renown or of note should also be taken into account for.

    What is happening now though that is in fact completely wrong is prestigious schools accepting students whose parents have donated large sums of money to. My belief is that once we can start putting the smartest students, even the ones who cannot afford to go, including white people, (because they are there) to these schools, then we will have achieved the best solution for people to earn a higher education in this country.

    The real problem has always been and will always be money. Colleges and universities always want more of it, even when they clearly at this point don't need it.

  • Unfair to those who try harder

    Minorities are accepted to Universities because of race not academics. Now they are protesting and demanding grading systems be changed for them because in reality they were not ready to attend in the first place. If one feels they are not getting the best education in high school study at home, go to the library,work for it,earn it.

  • No

    There a too much as a risk to end affirmative action while there are still inequality in schools and jobs. We need to continue with Affirmative action as it gives opportunities to the people who weren’t able to get the best in learning. Affirmative action should go on as is until this problem changes.

  • Not by A Long Shot

    No, it is not time to end affirmative action. Society still struggles with bigotry and racism. We still struggle with inequality among races and genders. Until people are able to act responsibly and maturely by accepting one another as equals, and grant equal education, employment and pay to all regardless of race or gender, we will continue to need affirmative action.

  • Affirmative Action Forever (Or Until Racism Ends)

    Let's put it simply. Affirmative action is not a hand-up, boost, or extra bonus points for admission to a job or institute of higher learning. That framing of affirmative action is a lie.

    Affirmative action is a check on a system of resource distribution. We live in a racist society that distributes resources in racist ways. Affirmative action is a policy that forces society to deal with that distribution.

  • Unqualified Applicants Don't Deserve Preferance

    URMs with lower stats should not be accepted just because they are a minority. Should a black with a $200,000+ income be accepted over an Askan with a $40,000 annual income? Of course not! The latter is at a greater disadvantage than the former. Therefore, preference should be given based on financial need (lack of opportunity) rather than racial background.

  • No it needs to stay

    Racism still exists today and though not many may be out and upfront about it, people still judge us based on the fact that we are black, and having a black president doesnt justify racism not existing. So many people have a hatred for others because they aren't like them in one way or another and im not saying blacks are excluded, because they arent't but take a look at this society and you'll see how messed up it is

  • Racism isn't over

    Just because we have a black President doesn't mean that racism is officially over in America. Affirmative action is not the best way to level out disparity, of course, as so much of the problems with race are actually class problems that still exist. However, ending it will be a symbolic loss.

  • Do not forget the Past.

    I am a Black female third generation college student. Many others like myself can not say this. My mother and grandmother both hold bachelors and masters degrees from prestigious universities. I currently attend the University of Maryland. When my grandmother wanted to come to this school in the 1940's the state of Maryland paid for her to attend college elsewhere rather than have her attend a white school. Why should I not get slightly more preference when applying to the very school my extremely qualified grandmother was denied because of her race? You all say that the past is the past. I am sorry but that is false. You say that whites should not suffer for their ancestors? Why should I as a Black student have to suffer for what your ancestors did to mine? Black people suffer every single day as a result of slavery and Jim Crow laws.I Could be a 7th generation graduate, but I can not because Blacks were not allowed to read let alone attend college that far back. Think about things like legacy scholarships at colleges. Black students can never get those because the people before us like myself were not even allowed to attend the college in the first place. Every day Whites reap the benefits of my ancestors free labor. Wealthy now because of slave money. How dare you suggest that this is "reverse racism". Affirmative Action is not about just letting any minority get into a school or have a job. It is about giving QUALIFIED applicants a chance that they will not have otherwise. After 400+ years of institutionalized racism against us do not tell me that I do not deserve a TINY bit of preference when I am equally qualified. So all I am asking for is affirmative action to help my people where Whites have nearly ruined us. I hope no one tries to take away the one advantage we have ever received in centuries in this country. "Be black, shine, aim high"-Leontyne Price

  • How many people have experienced discrimination

    I'm willing to bet that the majority of people that have voted "yes" on this question are those who have not experienced discrimination. However, there's still enough in the news at this moment that illustrates the discrimination that exists in the workplace, communities, and schools. Just take a look at the Paula Deen legal claims, the questionable nature of why Trayvon Martin was pursued by Zimmerman, the youtube video of how a black male was treated differently than whites when it seemed they were all stealing a bike in a neighborhood. Do you think these biases don't transfer to hiring decisions and other areas that are influenced by the affirmative action laws? If you want affirmative action to go away, don't discriminate, and encourage others not to discriminate. When we, as a society, no longer stereotype people based on their color of their skin, gender, and other bases for discrimination, then it will be time to get rid of affirmative action laws. Not the other way around.

    Posted by: JBUX
  • No

    There a too much as a risk to end affirmative action while there are still inequality in schools and jobs. We need to continue with Affirmative action as it gives opportunities to the people who weren’t able to get the best in learning. Affirmative action should go on as is until this problem changes.
    -Pamela Williams MGSC
    Fall 2012

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