• Eliminate The DEA

    The DEA creates AND enforces the laws it's created. Without any checks or balances the DEA was destined to become corrupt and serve itself over all else. That's where we are today - the DEA is a paramilitary force that ignores science and research, the Bill of Rights, our civil rights and the laws of the United States of America in order to enrich its own coffers.

  • Get rid of dea, as a disabled veteran, the dea makes my life more miserable

    I need strong pain relief because of pancreatic disease from chemical exposure in the USAF. The DEA is ruing what quality of life I have left. They make it impossible for me to get adequate pain relief. I hope the DEA rots in hell for the hell they put me and other sick and disabled vets through...

  • What I put into my body is my choice

    I'm young male in my early thirties. I'm not an addict or a junkie. I graduated with a 4 year degree and a 3.92 gpa. I work in a professional profession.

    Over the past 10 to 15 years I have tried drugs ranging from mdma to various painkillers/antidepressants. I've snorted good cocaine and smoked gram after gram of marijuana and k2. I've even tried at least 10 different experimental substances during the "bath salt" craze 5 or 6 years ago.

    Drugs haven't destroyed my life. They have enhanced it. I have experienced highs that are simply not possible to attain without "substance abuse." There are some substances that I would agree shouldn't be legal, however, government should not be able to dictate what I do with my life. There are some experiences that are worth the risk - and that should be my choice. Not the DEAs.

  • The DEA is out of control

    The DEA is out of the people's control and instead is being used by the Government and big business to regulate what we can and cannot have. It is clear in our country that people want legal marijuana, yet the DEA refuses to reschedule. Now, they want to add Kratom, a natural remedy touted for its pain relieving properties, to Schedule 1. This is ridiculous. Meanwhile, drug companies kill tons of people each year with prescription pain pills.

  • DEA does more harm than good and loses sight of the true crime.

    Focusing the fight on the drugs and the drug addicted is the wrong focus. The argument sounds legitimate, the drug trade causes other crimes that are violent. However, the problem with that is that we already have laws against violent crimes. Enforce the laws that matter and put the focus back where it belongs.

  • A Lost Cause and A waist of time

    The war on drugs has been lost for years. Lets put that money back into social security or into helping drug addiction. I guess there are too many prison, big pharma, tobacco and alcohol lobbyists for the DEA to go away. Oh, right, we would also lose all those jobs...

  • The DEA Violates our Civil Liberties

    And probably consumes more illicit drugs than any other community in the United States. Aside from the fact that the DEA is over reaching it's jurisdiction by policing doctors, pharmacies, and users of legitimate painkillers, there isn't a doubt in my mind that they just as crooked, if not more so than the dealers they pretend to arrest. The entire agency is probably high on coke. Enforcement professionals become DEA agents so they enjoy their favorite schedule II drug as the murder and rob cartels for more. The DEA has too much freedom to enact any legislation it deems necessary to support their own agenda of getting high and shooting people. Machismo at its finest. Everything they do is unconstitutional. We have an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness so long as that right does not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others. The DEA haphazardly tramples on that basic freedom. No one has the right to tell any other adult what he or she may ingest or put in his or her own body. Our bodies are not the property of any government or subsidiary agent. But the DEA doesn't care because it's agents are nothing more than a gang of government sanctioned thugs.

  • War on Chronic Pain Patients

    I have cancer and can't even get proper pain relief to deal with the pain because all of the doctors and pharmacists are afraid to give out anything in fear of reprisal from the DEA. The DEA are not medical professionals they are law enforcement agents. They have no business and do not belong in patient care. Stay in your lane! If prescriptions make it to the streets and somebody is selling them then get them. As a disabled Veteran who fought for this Country. To be miss treated medically with cancer is crazy. The DEA, it is time for you to go. That is coming from somebody who worked special missions involved in stopping drug trafficking from central america. It was a joke how the DEA agents act. No training at all.

  • The DEA is at best redundant.

    We don't need the DEA since other agencies like the FBI and ATF can take over their dubious duties. Besides, the war on drugs has failed miserably since the real problem is on the demand side not the supply side. There is always someone who will take the risk to import or manufacture illegal drugs to sell for recreational use. The same thing happened during prohibition and all this drug was has done is to strengthen organized crime in America.

  • They do more harm than good

    I watched them case out crack heads in an apartment for months. When they finally made their move, they came up with nothing. To try to make up for months of work amounting to nothing, they did a huge raid on some weed dealers who lived beneath the crack heads. They didn't even recover a whole once of weed but they tryed to make of sound as bad as they could. The bottom line is that the tax payers paid tens of thousands of dollars for that operation. And for what? How many DEA cases are out there like that. Cases where they waist our money then try to glorify there arrests to make it sound like they did good but all they did was waist time and money

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