Is it too late to do anything about global climate change?

  • I would love to say it's not too late but...

    Too much extreme weather is already happening all over the world and becoming much too common. Government is moving way too slow or not at all to have any noticeable impact. Governments of the world would need to coordinate and cooperate together. Seems like the average person is either to busy, think they can't make much difference, or just doesn't care. The brainwashing that goes on with the constant bombardment of commercials and ads you see every day to coax people into consumerism only adds to the pollution and waste. We also need some form of world wide population control but I can't see this ever going to happen so I guess mother nature will eventually take care of this for us but not in a good way.

  • There is just no political will to tackle it.

    All politicians do is make the right noises - just enough of a sound bite to appear sincere. When it comes to real action they just don't have any fight in them. They know if they wait it will be someone else's problem.

    Tackling climate change will mean tackling capitalism and that is simply asking too much. Public debate is dominated by economics and our economy is fueled by consumerism. Corporations by their very nature are entirely focused on ever larger profits. Caring for the planet is not even on their to do list.

  • Yes, but not because of technology

    The will is gone, confused under those who are in denial and those who profit from destroying the environment. They will continue to block and confuse the subject until we are completely ineffective. Just like congress right now. It's not about what is right for these people; it is about greed and what is convenient for them.

  • Look To The Snow Cap Mountains

    Look to the lack of snow on The Himalayas, the North Pole' rapid ice melt, and the extreme weather conditions throughout the world, you have global climate change that is pretty much irreversible. Unfortunately, man' greed and need to deregulate carbon dioxide emissions has place Mother Earth in disarray. She needed help, and mankind failed her.

  • Yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change

    I say that because these things have happened in the past, such as the ice age, and will continue to happen again in the future. Nothing we do or don't do can effect that fact. Is there things we could do to minimize damage to the environment we have presently? Yes absolutely there are. But just because we do those things doesn't mean we can avoid what is called "global warming" or "global cooling" as they will happen regardless of us. So yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change, because it is a constant in the world and always will be.

  • It is not too late to do anything about global climate change.

    It is never to late to change the course of our global climate change. The problem we are facing is that not everyone seems to believe that it is happening and they are also unwilling to take part in making things better. Money is in front of their eyes and nothing will stop them from making more, especially something that they dont care about.

  • Yes it would no

    There must some person to stop this warming otherwise it would harm the earth and we all to it should be stop for atleast our planet also it will harm the earth to global warming can not be stop since it can make a littel bit less so we should prevent global warming

  • There is still time to curtail climate change

    Climate change has just begun in the 20th century. There will be much more drastic effects 100 or 200 years from now. Consider that with upgraded energy sources, we can seriously prevent the dame of climate change. This green resources are in our future, and they will certainly help stop climate change.

  • No, there are a number of measures we can take to curb climate change

    While global climate change is already upon us and has caused a number of challenges, there are still many things humans can do to slow the process. I feel there should be a massive international effort to reduce carbon emissions and develop alternative means of energy. There should be major international fines levied on major polluters across the globe.

  • We can still make small life changes

    Although some people are too fanatic about saving the environment, it's important to try to do the little things that can make a large difference if enough people participate. Some of these things include recycling, turning off electricity-driven devices when not home, and using cleaner energy to power our homes and automobiles.

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