Is it too late to do anything about global climate change?

  • I would love to say it's not too late but...

    Too much extreme weather is already happening all over the world and becoming much too common. Government is moving way too slow or not at all to have any noticeable impact. Governments of the world would need to coordinate and cooperate together. Seems like the average person is either to busy, think they can't make much difference, or just doesn't care. The brainwashing that goes on with the constant bombardment of commercials and ads you see every day to coax people into consumerism only adds to the pollution and waste. We also need some form of world wide population control but I can't see this ever going to happen so I guess mother nature will eventually take care of this for us but not in a good way.

  • Look To The Snow Cap Mountains

    Look to the lack of snow on The Himalayas, the North Pole' rapid ice melt, and the extreme weather conditions throughout the world, you have global climate change that is pretty much irreversible. Unfortunately, man' greed and need to deregulate carbon dioxide emissions has place Mother Earth in disarray. She needed help, and mankind failed her.

  • There is just no political will to tackle it.

    All politicians do is make the right noises - just enough of a sound bite to appear sincere. When it comes to real action they just don't have any fight in them. They know if they wait it will be someone else's problem.

    Tackling climate change will mean tackling capitalism and that is simply asking too much. Public debate is dominated by economics and our economy is fueled by consumerism. Corporations by their very nature are entirely focused on ever larger profits. Caring for the planet is not even on their to do list.

  • Yes, but not because of technology

    The will is gone, confused under those who are in denial and those who profit from destroying the environment. They will continue to block and confuse the subject until we are completely ineffective. Just like congress right now. It's not about what is right for these people; it is about greed and what is convenient for them.

  • Yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change

    I say that because these things have happened in the past, such as the ice age, and will continue to happen again in the future. Nothing we do or don't do can effect that fact. Is there things we could do to minimize damage to the environment we have presently? Yes absolutely there are. But just because we do those things doesn't mean we can avoid what is called "global warming" or "global cooling" as they will happen regardless of us. So yes it's too late to do anything about global climate change, because it is a constant in the world and always will be.

  • 10 years too late?

    We are going to be soon in serious trouble,
    Business-as-usual scenarios, with fossil fuel (CO²) emissions continuing to increase at 2 percent per year in the past decade"

    "Ocean levels will increase slowly at first, as losses at the fringes of Greenland and Antarctica due to accelerating ice streams are nearly balanced by increased snowfall and ice-sheet thickening in the ice sheet interiors."

    "The Earth's history suggests that with warming of two to three degrees, the new sea level will include not only most of the ice from Greenland and West Antarctica, but a portion of East Antarctica, raising the sea level by 25 meters, or 80 feet. Within a century, coastal dwellers will be faced with irregular flooding associated with storms. They will have to continually rebuild above a transient water level.

  • I don't see any chance of regenerating the planet, unless the whole world works together to rebuild it.

    Nobody seems to be doing anything about it
    We're running low on every resource on this planet. There were some cartoons or even films about aliens that drain every resource from a planet before moving on to another one.. Well that's how I imagine the human species. Quite hopeless unless we do somethin

  • The climate warming is gaining speed and so is our use of fossil fuels

    The amount of energy it is taking to melt the arctic will soon be heating the oceans and land (latent heat of fusion). The pace of arctic ice melt is incredible on a geological scale. It is very concerning wondering what will happen when that energy goes into melting the ice moves on to the next phase. Unless humans can pull off a hail mary with geoengineering, the climate will continue its current momentum into warming further.
    We are now triggering positive feedback loops including methane release, droughts that release more carbon from plants that would otherwise take carbon in (example the Amazon 2010), more fires which causes further ice melting, etc. The soccer ball is falling down the hill and when it gains speed, we will not be able to stop it.
    To take on climate change from a carbon perspective would mean the end of capitalism as we know it and a release of power from those who have it. Sorry, but good luck with that.
    Our economies depend on growth and that growth depends on fossil fuels. Without growth, we collapse. Who wants that on their watch?
    There are four variables in carbon --- People * Lifestyle * efficiency * fossil fuel usage. We are gaining population by the minute. The people in the developing countries want their day in the sun and thus increasing carbon per person. As for fossil fuel usage, even if we move to more renewables, we will need fossil fuels to move in that direction. This would have to be a global movement. If the US went to renewables, the first two variables in China would wipe out any good the US did.
    The last two points come into politics. We do not think in terms of years out within our society. It has been coming inwards to instant gratification. You see this in politics/society/ and in the markets. Our markets and society is so leveraged that even a negative gdp can send its own feedback loops that can get very ugly fast (example 2008 and 2009). The worlds central banks balance sheets are ballooning and we are already at zero fed funds rate. Unwinding fossil fuels will unleash an unwinding in our society that would be very ugly. That is why you see a lot of talk but no real action.
    I think the late Al Bartlett had it correct "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

  • Yeas it is because it was not.

    Scientists are warning policy makers on the effects of burning carbon before the planet even started getting hot.Scientists have predicted this for more than a century and have foretold of the severe consequences and everybody took notice but did nothing to stop it..Why?..Because to curb climate change is to curb and change the very fabric of modern society..Man has to change how he thinks and perceives life to curb climate change and that is not happening even now when we know the effects are already too severe and will get worse in future.The warming we are seeing now is the carbon which we put into the atmosphere in 1975(there is a 40 year lag on the effects of Co2)What we did in past 40 years is much more massive and alarming and its already in the pipeline.If we stop all carbon emissions today Earth will still have negative effects at-least for next 50 - 100 years as positive feedback loops will increase warming dramatically.I weep for my childs future but at the same time feel its a good thing that man will finally see the consequences of his egoistical ignorant debauchery.

  • The planet is alive!!

    It's not too late...It's never too late to save something you love! The planet earth is our shared home and if people try their absolute damed hardest to help it save itself then it will work. If there is one thing I know is that this planet is alive! Scientists know that it is alive and they are still trying to figure out exactly how the earths systems work. If we try our hardest to save our precious planet she will fight her dam hardest to keep her head above water. It feels like we live on a gigantic ball of love and we owe it to the earth to do every little thing at any risk to save her. If we save her she will feel better and she will find the strength from us to save herself. She has a spirit but she needs our help to lift her spirits. It's just like going to see an old sick dying friend in the hospital.. If everyone visits that friend and loved them they most likely will recover but if we don't visit and neglect them then they will not have the love and support to try to survive. Just do everything to love the earth...That's it! Nobody will question it...Just do it. Sometimes people just get you and nothing needs to be spoken about the things that we do that matter most. Most people are good and they will support you and have your back. If you're a leader like me lets not be shy and make a move for our best buddy the earth...Lol

  • No its not too late

    We can still make many changes, if we want or if we do a commitment about it ,although many peoples are still not want to be aware about it . It may exploit our environment, but many of are aware about so we can take important steps about it, like,turning off the electric devices when not in use using jute bags instead of polythene bags and by planting more and more trees so that it can reduce the green house gases increasing in the environment

  • Na its not too late its never too late.

    We cant reverse it but we can slow it. Scientists have noticed it for many millennium and it is possible that a way to fight it will be discovered. SO we shouldnt give up by all means. However it doesnt mean we can still continue the way we are now.

  • No! It is NOT TOO LATE!!!

    Is it NOT too late to do anything about global climate change, because we can't do nothing and watch how the world is going down.
    If we want to change something, we have to do something.
    It won't be damaged if we do something, The important thing is, we dare something. We can't look on how the earth is dying!
    We have so many newcoming technology, so we can do it!

  • It is not too late to do anything about global climate change.

    It is never to late to change the course of our global climate change. The problem we are facing is that not everyone seems to believe that it is happening and they are also unwilling to take part in making things better. Money is in front of their eyes and nothing will stop them from making more, especially something that they dont care about.

  • Yes it would no

    There must some person to stop this warming otherwise it would harm the earth and we all to it should be stop for atleast our planet also it will harm the earth to global warming can not be stop since it can make a littel bit less so we should prevent global warming

  • There is still time to curtail climate change

    Climate change has just begun in the 20th century. There will be much more drastic effects 100 or 200 years from now. Consider that with upgraded energy sources, we can seriously prevent the dame of climate change. This green resources are in our future, and they will certainly help stop climate change.

  • No, there are a number of measures we can take to curb climate change

    While global climate change is already upon us and has caused a number of challenges, there are still many things humans can do to slow the process. I feel there should be a massive international effort to reduce carbon emissions and develop alternative means of energy. There should be major international fines levied on major polluters across the globe.

  • We can still make small life changes

    Although some people are too fanatic about saving the environment, it's important to try to do the little things that can make a large difference if enough people participate. Some of these things include recycling, turning off electricity-driven devices when not home, and using cleaner energy to power our homes and automobiles.

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