Is it true that the harder you work, the luckier you get?

  • The harder you work the luckier you get !!!

    If an individual is doing hard work then his hard work is generally followed by success... Eventually , luck comes after success .. That is really obvious if the person is successful then the person is lucky as he enjoys all the luxuries of the world. Without hard work the magic of your life that is the success cannot ever happen

  • Something it sounds like true

    Yaah its sound that harder we work the luckier we get. But fortune also works sometimes.Hard work and fortune works together. We should put our full potential or 100% in the work we are doing that is know as hard work so i request you all who are reading plz do hard work in your life to achieve success

  • Ya,absolutely, Very True !

    WE ourselves make our luck......We work hard for our our own as well as our family's benefit . The harder we work ,the better the results ! " HARD WORK = BETTER RESULTS "But some still consider it to be our luck . This is all I can Say....THANK YOU.

  • Luck is, When Preparedness meets opportunity...!

    It is said that, "Luck is, When Preparedness meets opportunity".. Hardwork is a mandatory element for Luck which makes our progtess to takes leaps towards success. Hardwork is a must for everyone and when this hardwork meets opportunity, it is a time tobwelcome the luck or success or glory . . .

  • The harder you work, the more opportunities you will get.

    In my life, I have always tried to put 100% effort into everything I do so I can tell myself that I tried my best. Whenever I give 100% effort in omething new and totally fail, I at least know that I gave it my all, and nobody could ask for anymore than that. This does not just apply to me because anyone else who is willing to try their best in everything they do will make opportunities for themselves and give themselves a brighter future.

  • The "harder" you work, the more opportunities you create...

    The harder you work is a framework. You must be working at your right thing, the thing that means "work" comes naturally and every task is going towards the goal or grand plan. You will be building up small achievements to make larger achievements and all the way along you are busy, busy interacting, thinking, being vibrant, vital and learning as you proceed. Not everything will go your way, but with the gradual, sometimes imperceptible development that comes with consistent, thorough, determined input (hard work), and with the appropriate mind attitude of receptivity and innovative opportunism, you will be able to create and manipulate your luck.
    You are definitely the master of your destiny, which does not mean your fate.
    We're up all night to get lucky!!

  • Definitely it is right

    The harder you work the luckier you become this is very very right and it is the key to success..If we are not working hard then we can achieve nothingand if we want to achieve anything then we have to work hard then we can get success in our life so we should work hard.

  • Yes, up to a point.

    Of course, working hard is usually good, especially if you are passionate about something and wish to attain that goal very badly. But there is a certain amount of grace that has to be there, meaning this is really something that will benefit you and/or society in terms of growth. And there is the situation and the caste system in place and sometimes sheer luck, too.

  • You make your own luck.

    Luck does exist, but not in the way that the question is being presented. Every situation has only a finite number of potential responses, and each response will lead to it's own outcome or new set of potential responses. Some of the outcomes may be desirable, some not. If you do not make a conscious choice, but allow a random element to determine the decision (eg coin toss), then you could argue as to whether the outcome is down to luck or not, however, you chose not to make a decision, and as I stated earlier, each situation has only a finite number of responses, and each response will lead to an outcome or new set of responses. Had you spent the time working out what the likely outcome would be, you would have either made the same decision or a different one. People who consider themselves lucky have often just made the right choices, and people who see themselves as unlucky have either picked the wrong options, or have not taken opportunitie that were available to them.

  • Absolutely, hard work is the key to success in everyday life. More work you do lucky you will get.

    Yes, i believe in hard work many people who are enjoying luxurious life is due to hard work & now they are lucky they are really blessed of hardwork nomatter lesser they are working today is they result of hardwork during past. Inorder to be lucky hardwork is the main key to success.

  • The harder you get the luckier you get

    I think that "the harder you work the luckier you get" is true because if you work hard your going to get good results which can give you what school, university, house, job and life you want and if can have all this then you will be a very lucky person.

  • The outcome of hard work is perceived as luck.

    Most of the time people who work hard will get the results, and they will be successful in what they are doing. They also might have faced a lot of failures in their journey to success but others will not be knowing about those. And for outside people it looks like luck.

  • Work pays off

    The harder you work at something the easier, and more comfortable it becomes. You don't get lucky because you know what you are doing. Nothing is possible without hard work. The harder the work, the longer the process yes. But in time you will be better off. You will know more about what ever it is.

  • No no no

    According to my point of view, i think that it's not the luck that we can extract from working hard . When we work hard we should be adamant in ourself . As in today's rough and tough world nothing is possible without hard work but that doesn't make us luckier that conforms the that we can get some job or some work somewhere to earn our livelihood . BY : karanbir singh ,amritsar , INDIA

  • Of course not.

    Back in the times of slavery, slaves worked pretty hard. That didn't make them lucky at all. Also, somebody who is born a white male to rich American parents is going to be far luckier than a black male born to poor African parents, reguardless of how hard they work. It's a cruel unfortunate fact. You are born with a certain amount of luck, and that luck determines how much output you get for your input. For example, if an african child is born to poor parents, his work only keeps him alive... Barely. If an American, or British, or any western child is born to rich parents, the same amount of output could get him a college acceptance.

  • Luck and hard work are unrelated

    While the 1950s might have us believe otherwise, there is no correspondence of how hard one works to how lucky one is. Luck is an arbitrary occurrence of fair fortune to which we superstitiously assign a sense of determinism, when, in fact, there is no significance whatsoever. Hard work cannot influence fortune. Nothing can influence fortune.

  • There is No Such Thing as Luck

    Luck is a myth; it doesn't exist. When a beginner gets it right, we call it "beginner's luck," when they get it wrong we say, "well, they're just a beginner." Probability shows that some beginners are bound to get it right, even by mistake. It isn't luck, it's just bound to happen sometimes. Its the same with other kinds of luck; its all confirmation bias.

  • Masters of their trade may seem lucky from the outside. But take world champions of chess for example, they are skilled and not lucky.

    To reach some form of achievement in any competitive activity you need to study a lot. Because when you go against someone that has an in-depth knowledge of a field and you don't you get trampled.

    Before I go to the chess example I will say that the universal situation where luck is excluded but may seem to favor someone a lot is the finding of the words necessary to speak in a foreign language. For someone less fluent the better skill of someone else starting at the same time in the past from scratch with a foreign language, finding the correct words each and every time may seem a succession of lucky events. 'Oh he's lucky. The teacher never corrected him.'

    I remember plenty of times when playing chess at an amateur level that I felt like my better opponent was being lucky in finding good continuations. Over time I have come to realize that many times the ideas that were utilized to crush me were quite simple for someone more experienced. And eventually recognize that there was no luck in the way things were unfolding. Nowadays I have many times experienced the reverse where I am the better player. And I have received messages claiming how lucky I was when things were really simple for me.

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