• If you have nothing

    Just think about how important a strand of hair is for a person who has alopecia, and how important a drop of water is in a desert. When people have much enough money, they don't care a single penny. However, don't forget your money is made of pennies, just like your body is made of cells. I remember how worthy a penny is to me when I was just a child. P.S. A penny is quite useful when you have to make difficult decisions ;)

  • Saving is better.

    The more pennies you have and the more you save, the more money you get. 100 pennies is a dollar, and 100000 pennies is a hundred bill. My point is that if we save lots of pennies, we can earn money easily. Never give people pennies, if you collect them, there will be a lot of money if you save the pennies.

  • Save your money

    A penny is only one cent. This is a very small amount of money. But pennies can be very important. This is because if you keep save up all your pennies, you will have more bills, like 10 pennies turn into and dime, 100 turns into a dollar. 100000 pennies is one hundred bill. My point is that pennies are important, and you should not think that a penny is worthless when you see one in the street. Pick it up. If you have more pennies and save a lot of pennies, you can make a lot of profit. Pennies are worthy to have if you save.

  • Just like humans.

    Really humans have only been doing the same thing for hundreds of years. Keeping something we don't need.
    Most people don't even use the penny any more. The last time I used a penny was more than a month ago. That shows pennies are useless so why keep them. Idiots.

  • Don't be stupid

    Pennies are a huge waste. Don't say you scan save them, they are near worthless because of inflation. You can't buy anything with one, and the cost for the federal government to make pennies is more than the worth of the penny! It makes no sense.
    You would never find a dollar on the street of NY, but you see pennies every ten steps.
    Because of inflation, and the value of the penny being so little, it's ridiculous that we even waste our time with those tiny pieces of crap.

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