Is it wrong for a Woman to want to be a Stay at Home Mom?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
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  • It's not wrong it's great

    If more women today were getting married and caring to their families not to their careers, this country would be a better place. Don't listen to any people that tell you its demeaning, mother is the most respectable thing you can be. More women should have your mindset. : )

  • Of course not.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be a stay at home parent. If that is what she wants and is what works best for her family then it's great. I personally would and do not want to be one but I support a woman's (or man's) right to choose what career path they want to do with their life. If working outside the home works best for her and her family then fine. If staying at home is what works best for her and her family then fine. I have no problem with either.

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