• T yes, but not L, G, or B

    I'm putting this answer under "yes" because I think that my arguments are more in line with the "yes" answers than the "no" ones. I believe that people who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual are welcome to be in relationships with other people of whatever gender they choose. However, transexuals, are different. They are people who have gone through surgery to change their sexual organs. People who are so obsessed with sex that they will undergo painful and expensive surgery in order to satisfy their sexual whims, are in my opinion, the rough moral equivalent of salmon, who spend their entire lives in a single minded quest to mate and reproduce.

  • Yes, because something has gone horrendously wrong

    If you are a LGBT then you have a sh*tload of problems that sadly cannot be fixed, I mean what can be done to help you? People who are turned into a Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tomato sandwich (which I think is what LGBT stands for) have CLEARLY had something terrible happen to them, and frankly it is wrong to be a sandwich because it contradicts all known laws of nature.

  • Yes, it is.

    If you think that it is right to be LGBT, then something is completly wrong with your mentality and state of mind. Even the Bible says that God doesn't tolerate "men sleeping with men", in other words, homosexuality. Not only that, but it is completly disgusting that some find this as a suitable lifestyle.

  • Being gay is wrong

    It says it in the bible, it ain't even cool. I don't want to see no homos having a make out session in the crowd. I HATE SEING GAY MEN HAVING AN ORGY WITH EACH OTHER AND BEING ALL RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS. YOU MAKE ME SICK, SAVE THE CHILDREN. BYE

  • God made a woman and a man for a reason!

    Marriage is for a man and a woman not a woman and a woman or a man and a man. Just accept and be pround of who you are and how you were born whether you are a girl or a boy. And realize that if you are out there and thinking all chritians are haters then just stop and listen, just beacuse we don't agree with you,doesnt mean we hate you beacause god love anyone but that does not mean he likes what you are doin as a person becuse we all sin but he still loves us,right?

  • It's just wrong!

    It's damaging to society. The poor children having to be taught that a man wants to be a girl and vise versa because of a mental disorder order. Or a same sex/gender couple kissing or holding hands. Why are we teaching these kids that it's okay to go against the bible. And to quit reproducing because they feel like it. It's sad to see where the world is going.

  • It is wrong

    I believe, that being your own gender is no coincidence. Fulfilling sexual desires is no excuse towards running from your obligations as a member of society. Naturally a society must consist of both sexes. Having the freedom t choose your sex is wrong and will bring consequences. Those who advocate this matter are clearly individualistic

  • Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination

    Yahweh created marriage, therefore he can define it, we all need Yahweh's son Jesus, and while no one is perfect, it is wrong to actively sin and do nothing of it. I hope all LGBT people will find Yahweh and his son Jesus, so that you may join us in his future kingdom.

  • Its a mental disorder

    Under the definition that the scientific and medical communities use to define a disorder, these conditions are all disorders. The only reason they are no longer considered disorders I'd that the advocates for these groups felt it was politically incorrect and forced it to be taken off the list of disorders

  • For the sake of love.

    " lovers marrying each other.

    ​It has nothing to do about procreation of the species by man and woman. If a woman loves a woman, that is enough for them to marry. And the same when a man marries a man.

    Imagine when this becomes the culture and practice of the human race. We will not need family planning; no condoms, no birth-control pills and no human race before the century is out. Man’s will be done.

    Another report on love caught my eye. It’s about a daughter’s love for her father. She had been having sex with her father willingly for the past three years. So she asks why cannot she have sex with someone she loves. Yes. Why not?

    ​There is nothing wrong physiologically? She may have a child by her father. So what! Goats and cows mate with their fathers and grandfathers.

    The scientists talk about passing on the bad genes. Religious people and narrow-minded moralists simply forbid such relations. But today we believe in freedom and human rights. And of course free love. Why should we be restricted in any way.

    But why restrict to daughters who love their fathers. What about sons who love their mothers. Then there are sisters who love their brothers vice-versa, nieces who love their uncles vice-versa and nephews who love their aunties. They all should be entitled to sexual relations.

    ​But love does not stop there. People love pets. They love cats and dogs and horses. Should bestiality also be part of love.

    ​It would be a great world with everybody loving everybody else. It would make a great civilisation based on endless love.

    Love I think is the most noble of human emotions. It is something that can be felt but never truly described.

    ​But today love simply means having sex. And that is all there is to it.

    I am no romantic. But still I feel the people today, especially the young are missing something."

  • No it isn't

    Its perfectly normal. It has been seen in other animals as well. About 25% of the population is like that. About 25% of the population has blue or green eyes but theres nothing wrong with that? Having blue eyes and being LGBT are both normal and natural so i dont understand why people think its wrong.

  • No, that implies there is a 'right' sexuality.

    Being L,G,B or T is not a 'problem', nor is it a 'choice' as such. LGBT individuals are merely individuals who have sexual preferences that differ from what would appear to be the 'norm', due to differing learned behaviors and, you know, having a personal perspective and mindset that differs from everyone else's. Saying that it's objectively wrong for people to have sexual preferences that differ from the norm is objectively wrong itself.

  • No it's not wrong to be a supporter or in LGBT

    No it's not wrong to be a supporter or in LGBT. They don't have a choice on who they are , and they can't change themselves even if they do try their hardest. I find it not wrong, and very accepting of them. Some people will not be so open minded and fear of what they don't know about.

  • It's okay to be gay

    Why is it wrong? Why is it wrong hate THEIR life and THEIR sexual orientation? If so why? Why is it wrong? People can choose to love people and choose to marry the one they want... It's okay to be black, Latino, Asian but not okay to be gay? Think of LGBT as a race.... If your hate it you kinda rasict... Why can't LGBT people marry the ones they love? Because our society Is stupid and thinks its not right to marry the same sex. And transgender people choose to have a sex change! Once again.... It's THEIR life... THEIR chooses.... Take a moment and think if straight was gay and gay was straight.... I bet you guys would feel alone and think the world hates you... So just think.

  • No way wrong

    I cannot believe the ignorance that still exists these days about peoples sexual orientation. It's like some people think that everyone should be the same in a world of several billion people. That in itself is ridiculous. You would think with the population of the world being as high as it is more people would be accommodating of people who do not label themselves as heterosexual and you would think more people would be encouraged to be non heterosexual if they wish.
    Homosexuality has never been a risk to the continuation of the human race and never will be. Most people are straight so why should they be bothered about people who are not. Even out of the non heterosexuals some of them can have children anyway. Bisexuals can if they wish and some homosexuals do after probably not realising they were homosexual at first. Some straight people choose not to have kids but they are not pillared as much. In any case some people are exclusively homosexual and it is the way they are. There is nothing wrong with it as everyone is different. Live and let live is the attitude more people should have.

  • It is not wrong to be LGBT

    I don't see how it is wrong. Is it affecting you? No. Does it make them happy? Yes. Maybe some of them didn't choose to have a sexual orientation other than straight and that's not their fault. They should be free to do whatever they please. It is not wrong to be LGBT.

  • How does liking a different gender/changing your gender affect your morality?

    Liking a different gender or changing your gender does not affect who you are. Actually, by choosing not to reproduce, lesbians and gays lower the overpopulation. The religious arguments are silly because there are so many different religions out there, we cannot follow what just one of them says. Some people are so stone-age-inclined, it's ridiculous.

  • Seriously. Are we actually having this argument?

    This might be coming from the B part of LGBT but honestly, I see absolutely nothing wrong with loving someone of the same gender.
    This was BEFORE I was interested in members of any sex. As a seven year old I knew nothing about being any orientation was wrong.
    It's sad that ignorance of this level actually exists.

  • A Person Too

    Sexuality doesn't define you. Therefore, it shouldn't even matter. If other kids don't approve of it, oh well. Don't mind it. You shouldn't teach children to ignorant and unaccepting early on because it would just make to be bullies and oppressors. Why let a little thing like sexuality break up a society?

  • No at all

    Because you are LGBT it doesn't mean that you are bad, love have a lot of form and same sex love is a part of them, love is not racist so of course it is not a problem and not wrong

    it is only problem for some people that with a really low perspective

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