• Yes it is wrong to cheat!

    If kids start cheating they wont learn anything and when they get to high school they are probable going to do really bad or they will just start cheating again so i say that teachers should make a way so that students wont cheat and that why cheating is bad.

  • Its wrong yeet

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  • Cheating is HORRIBLE!!!!!!

    Tons of people cheat in the world. Some cheat on tests. Others cheat in sports and, most people cheat in dating. It is a way of life. But is it wrong? My answer is very simple. I believe that cheating is HORRIBLE and that there is no reason for you to cheat at all.

  • Down with Cheating!

    Do you even need to ask the question " is cheating wrong"? I say of course cheating is wrong! What good can come from cheating. If someone else cheats should you? Why copy. For example if Taylor Swift jumped off a cliff would you. If you saying yes than no offence but you are crazy. Cheating's wrong!

  • Yes, it is wrong to cheat.

    I believe that it is wrong to cheat. Cheating is unfair to others. For example, if a person gets an "A" on a test because he cheats, that is not fair to a person who really studied and didn't cheat. Cheating in school can also get you in a lot of trouble. It is not tolerated in most colleges and can even result in expulsion from school. Why risk it all by cheating?

  • Yes, it is wrong to cheat.

    Yes, I believe it is wrong to cheat. There are various ways in which a person can cheat, from cheating on college exams, personal relationships, paying taxes, to just about any other aspect of life. It's important to note that in almost every single one of those instances, cheating is considered immoral and "wrong" by society. To answer the question on whether it is wrong to cheat, you'd have to base it on your personal beliefs. In my opinion, cheating is wrong in MOST of those instances. There are exceptions, though, for example: I do not think cheating on taxes is immoral. In earlier ages, it was actually immoral to tax people, whether it be the government or your neighbor. If you can find legal loopholes to your taxes, you are allowed to. The irony is that most poor people cannot hire a good CPA which can help them find those loopholes, and so they often have to pay a HIGHER rate than people who are far wealthier than they are. I believe that in instances like those, it is ok to cheat the system.

  • No it's not ALWAYS wrong to cheat.

    When it comes to dating and other serious issues cheating is never right. However in school it's not that bad. Some may say I'm he consequence is "not learning" , but in all honesty much of the material learned in school is useless and a waste of precious time in an adolescents life. Who needs the quadratic equation memorized my heart or random Shakespeare quotes? No real harm is done by cheating on a test, quiz or homework. In real life facts on a quiz can be searched easily on a phone or with a calculator. How is there any harm in a student 'cheating' and getting an A on an assignment. Even if they studied and got an A they'd likely forget most of it later on. Cheating may be the difference between passing and failing in some situations might I add. I'd rather cheat and get an A then just study (or not study) running the risk of getting a lower grade. It teaches students to find the information they need in other ways then a text, you don't carry around your algebra book all the time do you? Sometimes teachers are unfair when it comes to grading , for example a math teache may mark an answer wrong for not showing work even if you clearly showed all the correct work with the answer. Unfortunately, our schools are corrupt in a way, even hard working students are failed by some of the unfair teachers. So, it does not make much of a difference wether you cheat or not. It is a part of life , it makes it easier for students to pass. Personally I'm not a math person, I'd study for hours and by the time the test rolled ariund I knew squat! In the future I shamelessly plan to occasionally cheat, the only difference will be that my math scores will improve! Now isn't that great? Cheating is sometimes an awful thing, nonetheless it can also be of great help to you.

  • Not always no

    Sometimes life requires cheating. We sometimes have to cheat and lie, and thus it is not always wrong. The world is more gray than a lot want to make it out to be, and this includes the fact that sometimes we just have to lie and cheat to get by in life.

  • cheating isn't necessarily wrong

    It all depends on the context of cheating, cheating in marriage or in a relationship,or just cheating in general. I do believe that the very definition of cheating makes it very uncertain. Would really like a challenge on this issue, would be rather interesting to see what arguments would be presented. Particularly cheating in general.

    Posted by: Emmo

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