• It is wrong!

    Humans are to be alive . Not dead! Killing yourself is a sin. It is wrong! It's been that way for thousands of years! Doctors save life, not take it. Let god take of it! Don't play God!

    If you are having suicidal thoughts call the national suicidal prevention hotline!

  • Suicide is Selfish

    First of all, what is right and wrong? I think that in the context of morality, the right things to be done would produce benefits in preserving a peaceful and civilized society, while the wrong things to be done would cause harm to others. If someone kills himself, surely his closest people, such as families and friends, would grief and suffer emotionally somehow. Therefore by committing suicide, that person indirectly causes harm to his relatives, thus it can be considered a selfish act which is wrong.

  • Life is a gift from god

    You got a better life compare to others. Its a precious gift from god. Don't waste it. Although u say it's your life and your decision, you have no rights. Suicide is also murder. So, think wise before act. Even you have lots of troubles, there are also solution for it.

  • It's immoral, even without religion

    It's wrong to kill yourself, nobody really should ever commit such an act. Killing yourself only harms yourself and to those around you, imagine what you could have accomplished if you decided to deal with whatever issue lead to suicide. Suicide is never the answer to anything, nobody should kill themself over any reason. (Unless it was to save millions of people or whatever.)

  • No, your life, your choice.

    Selfish? Sure, but not nearly as sick and selfish as people who force those who wish to die to continue living. It's their life, and it wasn't their decision to come into this world, but it sure as hell is their right to leave it should they so choose.

    Needed one more word so here's seven.

  • There is nothing wrong with it.

    Life is about living to your fullest extent. If you have completed all you think can be done and that's how you wanna go out then do it. Its your life. Who can tell you how to live or end your own life? If you are having a hard life and you cant keep going, yes it means you have a weak moment that you didn't see play out, but if you think your out of options and set things up to benefit others from this then do it. Life insurance policies that cover suicide can be used. If you are knowing that your existence is holding someone else back from happiness and they don't think there is anything better then you, that is a decision you and only you can make. That is a sacrifice and shouldn't be viewed as a suicide. This should be honored as it was a decision to better someone else life. If you don't like suicide for religious reasons then that is all on you for choosing that religion. Nothing should change control the way you feel about something or someone except your self no politics no religion no other person to influence you. Suicide is an option and should be treated as such. Not treated as a mistake.

  • It's not preferable.

    But it's still your own life, and you own it. No one would really consent to anyone else owning your life, but by denying you the right to end it when you please is just that, someone else controlling your life. Again, it's not preferable, but in the end it's your choice.

  • No, I don't believe it is wrong to kill yourself.

    Suicide isn't wrong, in my opinion, in a lot of circumstances if help isn't available and as a last resort. I strongly believe in suicide if you're terminally ill, and if there is no help you can get,

    ALSO, for those saying that suicide is "selfish", keeping someone who is miserable and unable to get help, alive, is more selfish. People die eventually, at least let them die on their own terms.

  • It's entirely circumstantial.

    The issue with suicide doesn't begin with someone killing themselves, it begins with someone suffering to an extent that death is preferable to continuing their existence. It is often considered a selfish option, but many who choose suicide feel they are instead doing a duty for others by leaving, they feel they have failed their loves ones and aren't worthy of being forgiven.

    Many times this is untrue, and the suicide victim simply suffers from low self esteem and negative thoughts possibly caused by a mental impairment, which may have caused prior regrettable decisions and failed relationships. These people certainly need help putting their lives in perspective and getting support, and in this case suicide is wrong, but not in the sense that the suicide victim had ill intentions and should be judged accordingly.

    Some people who hate themselves though, are people you may hate too. They may be people who've done great harms to others, murdered or raped another, and wont or can not change their behavior. After purposely taking the life or innocence of another, or preferably before, the most honorable thing that could possibly be done would be to simply eliminate themselves from being a further danger or burden.

    Beyond psychological issues, there's also those who suffer from physical ailments that have no cure or means of relief. If an ailment is fatal or if the quality of their life can not possibly be raised to a bearable level, then I believe ending ones life at a desired period, and in a desired painless way, should be an acceptable option.

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