• Yes, the Japanese Emperor should abdicate

    The role of the Japanese Emperor is mostly symbolic and due to his age of 82 and poor health, he is less able to fill this role. The recent health problems have meant that he is considering abdication in the next couple of years. It is best to make this decision before his death and prepare the country.

  • Emperor Akihito should be allowed to decide his own future.

    Emperor Akihito has indicated he will abdicate the throne, something that is very unusual for Japan. But our free will as humans should not be crushed by tradition. The emperor should be able to decide his own future, especially since his decision is based on doing what is best for Japan.

  • Yes, Abdication is the right thing to do for Japanese emperor Akihito.

    Yes, it is right for Japanese Empereor Akihito to abdicate the throne. He is 82 years old and is in failing health. He has said he will abdicate his throne if his health issues force him to be unable to participate in his duties. That seems to be an admirable position for him to take.

  • The time has come for royalist figures of power to step down

    The maintenance of a royal family or figure and all the luxuries that such a role necessitates is a needless luxury, especially in the face of austerity. Even though the emperor will likely be succeeded by his son, the act of abdication may serve as food for thought for society as a whole. Perhaps this choice, without recent precedent in recent Japanese history, might encourage other royal figures across the world to consider a similar move.

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