• The greatest film that is or ever will be.

    Perfect cast, perfect score, flawless editing. It shifts effortlessly between horror flick and adventure movie. The perfect context scenes that would never make it into a film today, like Brody's son mimicking his facial expressions without a word said for like 4 minutes. The way Quint and Hooper are pitched against each other to bring out each others' backstory and motivations-- the way Brody's own motivation is revealed in his silent observation of their scar stories exchange.

  • Define best movie.

    It's the best shark movie I've seen. It grossed about $260,000,000. More than the other blockbusters of 1975. It had one of the best casts. It did great if you consider the setbacks Spielberg faced. The currents. And the weather were against him. The mechanical shark kept breaking down, one of the ships sank during production losing film, and sound equipment.

  • It is not

    It is the movie that made Spielberg`s career blossom although I would not go as far to say it was his best. Like the guy above me mentioned, his best movie was probably Saving Private Ryan. The directing in that movie was unreal and it is my favorite movie to this day. Jurassic Park as well had a really good feel to it in my opinion.

  • Not even Spielberg's best.

    It's kind of funny because me and my wife were just having this debate today on what was Spielberg's best movie. To start off with, I love Jaws and consider it one of the scariest movies ever made (I can't even get into a swimming pool without checking for sharks first). But I believe that Saving Private Ryan is Spielberg's best. So with that said, no Jaws is not the best movie.

  • One of the best but not THE best.

    Jaws is in the top 30 films I've ever seen! I love it! However, there are a few movies which must be placed higher. Godfather, Titanic, Passion of the Christ, and Lion King to name a few. For Spielberg, I think Schindler's List is a masterpiece and is Spielberg's best film! However, Jaws is right behind it at number 2.

  • Jaws is not Really the Best Movie Ever..

    Jaws is not really the best movie ever because some people have their own opinions. They might like movies such as: Frozen, Cloudy and the Chance of Meatball, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Now You See Me, etc. I really liked the movie, Frozen and Now You See Me. Those were the best movies ever. You should watch it!!!!

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