• She's still an A-list start

    Jennifer Anniston is definitely still relevant. She is still a box office draw and has very entertaining movies. To even top that off she has several commercials selling beauty products. She recently got married to another hot actor, giving her even more star power. So, she is not only relevant, she is actually at the top of her game.

  • Yes, every human being is relevant, including Jennifer Aniston.

    As a person, of course, she is still relevant. As an actress, her popularity in Hollywood may be suffering due to the industry type casting her, particularly after having played such a recognizable character early in her career. This is not to say that she hasn't evolved in her acting and couldn't play a role better suited to her current age, but Hollywood or an independent film house would have to see her value in doing so and she would have to see the value of the role.

  • Jennifer Aniston is still relevant

    Jennifer Aniston was the famed and accomplished actress from the television show "Friends". But her name quickly became iconic in American homes, everybody knows who Jennifer Aniston is, and she still has millions of fans. Even though she does not make as many movie appearances as she used to, she is still widely known as a celebrity.

  • No, Aniston is not relevant.

    No, Jennifer Aniston is not still relevant. She is very little-known in modern society. The rumors of pregnancy should not be a big deal to the American public as they will be not be affected by whether or not the pregnancy rumors are true. Privacy is necessary, even for celebrities.

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