• Jeremy Lin is a good asset for the Nets

    Jeremy Lin is a good asset for the Nets Because, while he is not the most talented Guard in the national basketball Association, he has enough skill and value to fit in the system that the New Jersey Nets playing. Sometimes it's not about the best player, but the player that works best with those around him.

  • Yes, he's a pretty good player.

    Jeremy Lin has proven himself to be a solid NBA player. He's a talented scorer and a pretty good passer. He could have been named Sixth Man of the Year for Charlotte last season. Having said that, if the Nets are expecting him to be a star, they are making a mistake. He is a good role player, but never has been and never will be a star.

  • Yes, Jeremy Lin is a solid point guard.

    Jeremy Lin has not hit the same heights that he reached with the New York Knicks, but he is a solid distributor with the basketball and can knock down clutch shots. The Nets have needed a viable option at the point since Deron Williams went to Dallas, and Lin is younger and has a higher upside than the aging Williams.

  • No, Jeremy Lin is not a good asset for the Nets.

    The Nets are absolute garbage, so I would say they were desperate to sign him. However, Jeremy Lin is nothing more than bench fodder. The guy is a bust. Linsanity was one of the dumbest things to ever happen in the NBA, literally! I do not understand how this bum is still getting chances from teams.

  • Jeremy Lin isn't a good asset.

    Jeremy Lin isn't a good asset for the nets. First off he is over paid like the vast majority of NBA players in the game today. Secondly, his skill level is far below the pay he is receiving. The Nets could of signed many players for less who would be better for them then Lin.

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