• JFK remain key target for terrorism

    JFK, as a New York regional airport, will remain a key terrorist target because of its symbolism and size. It is a symbol of American capitalism because New York City is a major world financial center. Its size, as one of the busiest U.S. airports, provides crowds and, hence, the increased opportunity for security errors.

  • Yes, JFK is a target for terrorists.

    Any gathering place in the United States where there are large numbers of Americans that could be killed is a target for terrorists. The JFK airport is a very visible target that would garner alot of attention if it were attacked, and terrorists are always looking for the most effective way to gain notoriety for their causes.

  • JFK is possibly a series target

    Not only is JFK a target that, if attacked, would send a clear message that terrorist groups mean business, the location is also one that many would not expect due to the extreme security precautions now in effect. Some may argue that terrorist groups would not attempt such a feat due to the high possibility of failure, but these groups have proved time and time again that the difficulty of carrying out an attack does not dissuade them in any way.

  • No, it is not a target for terrorists.

    The JFK series is not a target for terrorists. Yes, there are plenty of crazy people that can claim that they are provoked by certain things in pop culture (television, film, music). However, society can not blame a television series for the potential actions of some lone wolf nut case. Instead, society should be promoting provocative shows like JFK to further free speech rights for creative types.

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