• Yes, Joakim Noah is overpaid.

    Americans pay professional athletes way too much. In our capitalist society we place way too much value on a product simply because it is desirable. He spends only a small portion of his time working, and gets a great deal of money and perks for that limited amount of time.

  • Joakim Noah is overpaid.

    In my opinion, the professional basketball player Joakim Noah is overpaid. His salary is 13.4 million USD per year, and in my opinion they should not pay that amount for simply playing a sport. While he is a skilled basketball player, and does create revenue for his industry, the amount of money he makes does not even out fairly.

  • Yes, even for a basketball player

    Yes, he's overpaid when compared to real people with real salaries, but he's not a real person. Joakim Noah is a basketball star, and even compared to those, he's overpaid. He's pretty consistently listed as one of the most overpaid NBA players. Chicago itself concedes the same. Is he worth $14 million a year? He's injury prone and becoming less productive, probably because of that. NBA salaries are based on what the market will bear, but in this case, it's pretty extreme.

  • Yes, Joakim Noah is overpaid.

    Yes, Joakim Noah is overpaid. In general, people who play sports professionally are overpaid. A lot of people work a lot harder and get paid much less doing things that make the world a better place and help people. A lot of people even make the world a better place for free. But, yes, Noah is overpaid, because while I agree that basketball players train hard, many others get paid a lot less.

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