• Joe Biden has earned his reputation of being a friendly politician

    Vice President Joe Biden gave a moving speech at the Democratic National Convention that was merely more evidence of his kindness. He spoke warmly about his wife and family and about his friendship with President Obama. These words are additional support for icalling Joe Biden the nicest person in politics.

  • I like him

    Joe Biden is one of the nicest people in politics today, not to mention the fact that he is one of the handsomest older men in government. He has been in government for decades yet has managed to remain down to earth and genuine. It seems to be so easy for him.

  • I think so

    He's kind of like your favorite uncle. He means well, he's enthusiastic and he speaks from his heart. I appreciate his support of the Stanford rape victim and of other women who have been raped. I think he's mostly sincere, which is pretty rare for a politician. His relationship with President Obama is one of mutual affection and respect, so yes, I think he's pretty nice.

  • Joe Biden is a smart politician, not a nice guy

    Joe Biden has made a career out of presenting himself as a down-to-earth guy. This despite separating out himself and other politicians from the health care system he forced on American citizens. The fact that he protects the special interest who contribute to his party and reserves the best health care for him and other politicians shows that he is good at putting up a front, not really being a nice guy.

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