• There must be a god protecting the jews

    For the past 2500 years dozens of times people tried to kill the jews some how they're still around. The latest example the holocaust, Hitler killed 6,000,000 of them and some how they still survived. The few refuges that survived or escaped europ somehow managed to build a nation that was able to fight of armies 10 times the size, just 19 years after the nation was born there is just to much miricals not to believe judiesim is true.

  • 4 rational approaches to judaism that even a skeptic can't deny!!!

    In the YouTube video from Rabbi Keleman, he lists 4 rational approaches that destroy atheists, and every religion. Then he rebuilds so to speak Judaism.
    This video will change what you believe, but not how you live the rest of your life:
    (Don't watch if you like your religion, it will get crumbled)

  • Judaism a religion that is fair and caters for all!

    It is Monotheistic, the more rational approach to divinity, many gods would simply argue and compete. There is no Devil figure as defined by Christianity ( a power opposite to God). There is no Hell as defined by Christianity., e.G endless torture etc.
    There is a place for non Jews if they are decent people, unlike Christianity and Islam, any decent person has a place in the world to come!
    How fairer can a Relgion get?

  • Other Religions Agree

    Christians and Muslims believe God gave the torah to Moses and the Jews. So not only do Jews believe this, so do people who practice other religions. You can't fully believe in Christianity or Islam if you don't believe that happened. And if it happened, it will not magically disappear.

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  • Christianity cannot be true if Judaism is false

    It's very nature of Christianity demands that the claims of Judaism is true. The claim of Judaism stands alone. If anything, Judaism would be more true than Christianity. Any intellectually honest Christians would not assert otherwise. And Christianity is based on mistranslations found in the Greek translation. The original text in Hebrew would not even begin to support the claims of Paul.

  • I believe in God and only one God any other god is fuse. Jesus is a high-bred pagan religion and he is a fuse prophet.

    Christianity is a statement of twisted mythes and false teachings - just do the research... The truth is in the ancient Hebrew scriptures - G-d abhors human sacrifice (Torah), blood was NEVER a requirement for forgiveness (Johah), G-d is not and cannot be a man (Torah), Christianity is a high-bred pagan religion whose roots are found in Zoroastrianism (ancient Persia [Iran] passed on to Rome during Persian empire - Septuagint (Christian old testament) was false and gorpy translation of authentic Hebrew scriptures - Christianity is a myth and many have been lied to. Learn Hebrew, it becomes very easy to see the truth.

  • If Judaism isn't still true, G-d made some bad planning...

    The Bible clearly states that the "Torah" (Old Testament) given to the Jews at Sinai would never be changed or removed from the Jewish people. Since none of the other religions that claim to believe in Judaism until their prophet came along (i.E. Christianity and Islam), actually abide by the laws of the Old Testament, their "prophets" surely couldn't have been true messengers of the Lord. Frankly, if G-d writes that prophets who attempt to turn people against observance of his Torah should be 'removed', it would be really bad planning to send your "son" to do just that!

  • The original monotheism

    You don't have to be jewish to be rewarded to heaven. You just have to be a good person. A good Christian will be rewarded under jewish beliefs. Not so with other religions. Seems to me Judaism is the original and least descriminate. Why fix what's not broken. Judaism is a loving elegant religion.

  • I am for the motion.

    Even some Christians believe in ISRAEL then why are Christians saying Judaism is the false religion . If Judaism is fake. They are all fools that"s why they are complain g for it to be false religion the truth is Judaism is the true religion from ancient Israel in old testament.

  • No, Judaism is not the true religion.

    Judaism is not the true religion because it is ignorant of many of its own Scriptures. Judaism does not take into account the Messiah, YESHUA spoken of all through their own Scriptures. Judaism in it's fullest extent is that of true Christianity, not that of the mainstream---but defined according to the Bible.

    Judaism needs to submit to their Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua. He was clearly prophesied to save His people, and without Jesus no man can be saved. This is according to the Scriptures, such as Isaiah 53 and Psalm 2. The Messiah will return, and many Jews will be saved in the end though. They need to repent of trying to follow the Mosaic law which was not meant to give eternal life, and put their faith in Jesus. The Mosaic law was only for a physical covenant of the land, which was broken many times by the Jews. The land was truly given to Abraham, and his Seed--Jesus. The Scriptures in Genesis 13:15 for example say singular "seed"--yet many for some reason do not translate it properly. Jesus is the ONLY way they can inherit the land, since He is the inheritance. There are many more things that could be said but I do not have the time.

  • What is truth?

    I would argue that no religion is "the true" religion. If we suppose there is a god there is only three alternatives.

    #1: Either all religions are true, which they can't be since they all contradict each other.
    #2: Either all of them are false. (My personal opinion)
    #3: Or one religion is true.

    If one religion is "the true" religion, that means people who were unfortunate enough to be born where they had no chance of learning about that religion (People who live in seclusion, indigenous tribes and vice versa) are wrong, ungodly, immoral or even doomed. That seams rather unfair seeing how god put them there in the first place.

    That argument doesn't prove that particular religion isn't true, but even if it is, that is not the kind of god I would like to worship.

  • Judaism is false

    It sounds weird that you aren't allowed to mention your lords name. There must be only one true religion and Judaism cannot be true as other religions have shown alot of evidence that their religion is true. It can be true as it is a monotheistic religion but I think Judaism is false.

    Written by an eight year old.

  • All religion is true to the person that believes in it.

    If you believe in a religion then it is true for you. There's no one true religion, and if you are atheist there are no true religions. However, Judaism itself doesn't claim to be the only true religion. Judaism itself says anyone that follows the basic Noahide laws has a place in the world to come.

  • No Judaism is not the true religion, because there is no one true religion.

    Since religion is always going to be a matter of personal beliefs and values there is no one "true religion" that is everything to everyone! For Judaism, or any other religion, the true one must have a starting point that everyone can accept. It cannot be based upon one particular holy book, such as the Bible. Therefore Judaism, nor any other religion, is the one "true" religion.

  • Judaism is not the true religion.

    Human beings lack any sort of capability to determine which religion, if any, is "true." Simply because a religion is older than others does not make it the right, or proper religion. If that were the case ancient religious that had multiple deities would likely be some of the first religions. If any religion is the true religion we, as humans, have no way of knowing so it is best to maintain a level of religiosity in a denomination that makes sense based on personal beliefs.

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