• He is overrated

    He singing is amateurish and soulless. He is average looking American teen. As stated by other users, his songs sound the same and are crap. He may be on the roll now but wont last long. His recent Purpose tour was all crap and purposeless. His followers (Belibers, pardon my spelling if its wrong) are biggest fools on this planet.

  • He is TOO overrated

    Justin is too overrated. I mean, yeah, the bloke's got a decent voice, but his music is honestly shit and his songs have no passion and the lyrics make no sense. He doesn't deserve his fame. His fans are aggressive. He doesn't care for his fans. Now, if you talk about hits like One Direction and Taylor Swift, they DESERVE the success and fame. Justin doesn't. One Direction and Taylor honestly put so much passion into their songs, it makes me weak to the knees. Justin is just an overrated, bitchy, applied, heartless brat.

  • Obviously he is

    Justin is just TOO overrated. I mean, yeah, his songs are good and all, but he sings without passion, and his voice is too..Girl-like. Also, his fans are aggressive and rude af. They don't want anyone to over-succeed Beiber. If you talk about hits like One Direction and Taylor Swift, they DESERVE the success and fame. Beiber is just a bitchy, applied, heartless brat

  • O v e r r a t e d

    All his music sounds the same and has no soul. He's possibly the most overrated idol in the world. His entire career is held together by good looks and basic preppy teenage girls (im a teen girl too) . Okay so he does have a pretty decent voice but not enough talent for the level of fame he has.

  • Totally overrated to a point where is just annoying

    He is totally overrated, like when he was first found out and girls were obsessing over him was okay-Ish cause that usually happens with most new stars. But girls still continue to obsess over him and it's getting old. I don't think he has charm anymore cause of all the tattoos and earrings. Men shouldn't wear that stuff and tattoos are ugly in my opinion especially when people get older. Also his music isn't the best either. There's a meaning but now it just feels like it's the same thing over and over again. He's been In jail and has a bad attitude also. I can't see what's so great about this boy. He is way to overrated.

  • Way Too overrated

    People are now even calling him the prince of pop.. Seriously? The boy can sing, he has charm, but his music though, I wouldn't go that far to say prince of pop, media is the only reason he is so popular! This boy isn't what everyone make him out to be

  • I think he is.

    I don't personally like Justin Beiber's music at all and I think that he's annoying, but I know that there are people of a certain age group and particularly young girls who love him. It seems that every generation has it's own Justin Beiber. That being said, I still think he is over rated.

  • Yes, He Is.

    I had a friend once who,thought too much about Bieber. He literally even wore a shirt to school that had a bunch of photos of him ironed all over the front. He's also a bad role model, especially for guys. He sings like a girl. His songs are meant for girls. He's a big, girly, Canadian wimp. He may as well actually be a girl. He's also a bad role model for monotheists because he hangs out with half-naked females. Monotheism is very common in this world.

  • Just getting weird.

    He has never really set the world on fire with his music, now he seems to acting like a diva and that the world should stop for him. He is getting past it and is trying to hold onto what he had by re inventing himself . Not working. Give it up!

  • Girls overrate him.

    Girls just think he's cute. But he is stupid, sounds like a girl, and "Beiber Fever" girls get on my nerves easily and he really just tries too hard for fame that he does not deserve. His music sounds like crap and girls probably have low standards as he sucks big time just like one direction.

  • No

    He is just a little teen who makes the little girls swoon and scream and faint. He is not overrated or underrated or anything else just the newest hype to come along. A long time ago in a galaxie far far away the choices for music were limited to slightly different versions of the top 40 that were burned into the brain. If you can’t find something else to listen to now then Bieber’s fame is not your problem.

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