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  • Before you read this,, i just want you to know im an i 8 month old

    Omg justin is the bestest eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lurveeee his sexy voice it's sooooooooo magestical!!!!!! He is sooo bootifullllll!!!!! Love his aaabbs
    sincerly, the anonymous 8 month old
    p.S: i am a child prodigy ( as you may have figured out )
    p.P.S: gtg... Gotta listen to justins magestical voice while i study for finals! ( omg they are sooooooo tough at yale ... )

  • How is this even a question?

    The fact that Bieber is even being considered the greatest artist ever sickens me. He is a spoiled, vain and phony boy. Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Neil Young, Neil Peart, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley. Any one of those, and more, do something that Justin Bieber never will do. Produce timeless, good music. Given enough time, people will struggle to remember "What Do You Mean" and "Love Yourself". But will Stairway to Heaven, Imagine, or Walk the Line ever be forgotten? Never.

    Posted by: SamC
  • Justin got no skill

    Justin Bieber has not got any talent, and sings like a four year old girl. The guy has been in out of prison and he is a bad singer. God bless Canada if they're all like this. He sings via America! How dare he! Ha ha ha aha ha ha

  • Not at all

    Justin bieber has good songs he was in jail and gets tattoos all over his body which i think is disgusting and he always does his pray hands in what do you mean music video and his songs make no sense like my moma don't like you and she like everyone

  • Not the BEST...BUT

    Look, I mean obviously the kid has talent. He's a pretty good singer and his music isn't half bad. Not to mention he is a good performer live. But I think he's lightyears away from becoming the best artist ever. There's just way too many artists that beat him in that competition.

  • Hell no he's a virus

    He's a fucking parasite that should be sterilized so he can't make more like him he is possibly the worst thing to ever happen to music and I hope he suffers when he gets to hell who even likes him ... That's what I thought no one I'm gone okay just gone.

  • Heck no! He is awful!

    There should be no question that Justin Bieber sucks! The best artists of all time include Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin. Justin Bieber doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as these legends of music. Justin Bieber is a below mediocre "musician" with no musical talent whatsoever. He is awful!

  • No he is not.

    There are so many artists that actually write their songs, don't need autotune, and earn their fame. There are also many artists that don't get recognized for their talent where Bieber is. He is destructive and irresponsible and takes everything for granted. He may be one of the most popular, but he is by no means the best.

  • Justin Bieber is no doubt, not the best artist ever.

    In my opinion Justin Bieber is far from web being considered best artist ever. Maybe we will all start considering it once he writes songs as good as the ones that were written by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, U2, Nirvana, and much more. When I name those artists, I'm just searching the surface of musicians that produced music with better quality and also did it more consistently. If I were to make an estimate, I'd say he's around maybe the 2000th best artist of all time. Though I highly doubt it, there may be a day where he is the best of the best. As of right now, he is nowhere near that accomplishment.

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