• Karma is real

    CD can only replay what is already recorded in it. If that needs to be changed , the person should know how to change it or he should approach the appropriate technician.

    If anyone wants to come out of this karma cycle , he has to go through Meditation process. There is no other options.

  • Karma is not a magical force!

    Of course karma exists.Kamma/Karma is another way of saying cause and effect.

    The repercussions might not always be visible.In fact,they could be emotional,situational or otherwise.They do occur but they are often to complex for most people to notice and we often don't see it for what it is.

    For example,being rich could be seen as a positive thing.If you truly speak to those who are rich and examine their lives,it begins to look more like a curse.

    So kamma does exist and is even scientifically proven.Its not magical and it isn't sentient.Its cause and effect.

  • Like Matter and Anti-Matter

    Just like how Matter and Anti-matter exists in the Universe, there also exists negative and positive energy. I have a theory; a person or a soul consists of negative and positive energy (kind of like yin and yang) that for a normal person, is balanced out. When we do "bad" things, we release our negative energy, which leads to a buildup of excess positive energy. Sometimes the wrong act may make us feel "good" and thus add up to the positive energy. Due to this build-up, of something akin to 'Matter' , an equal and opposing force, say 'Anti-Matter' will most likely be attracted to the previous. And Consequently, "bad" things happen as a result, i.e. in order to maintain equilibrium, negative energy flows in. Hence, what comes around goes around.

  • Karma is not that which happens in the same life...

    Many people think that most of the bad people or criminals just escape from punishment. But they are not. They will be punished in their next life. Good people may face problems because of karma from their past lives. But in next life, they will be well treated and rewarded.

  • Yes, Karma is not what everyone thinks it is.

    First of all, what everyone thinks about karma is wrong. According to Buddhism, Karma is the urge we have of doing something based on our previous actions or behavior. We can choose whether to listen and act upon this urge or ignore it. Karma does not predetermine our future, it is basically the reason why things happen to us based on the actions we have done. For example, I might be having weight problems but that does not mean i have them because I did something wrong to someone who's fat. It means that i have does problems because i had the urge (karma) to eat greasy and unhealthy foods and i acted upon that urge. Karma is not based on a single action but the accumulation of our behavior and actions.

  • No doubt its real

    We pay for everything in life, We pay for food, if its tastes good its usually unhealthy. We pay for electricity, and the pollution it causes to create it. When we treat someone poorly we create an enemy. With every action there is a reaction.
    We are all connected and constantly create a ripple effect from the energy we posses whether we like it or not. Just think about it my opinion is based on religion or philosophy but honest observation.

  • Karma is a b

    One girl ruined my life in high school and now she has limes disease. She made me go through the worst of the worst and she ruined a lot of lives by breaking up families and making many of teens go to therapy for years. Karma is real beaches bad behavior can't go unpunished.

  • Life experiences say so

    First of all I'd like to tip off the thing about criminals getting away, assholes getting rich, and why children get raped. Maybe the hell these people put out in their lives is being payed by them in their next life? I have no proof for the existence of past lives, but I've heard many people talk about it.

    Now for my personal experience... Every time I smoke someone out I get the same thing back very shortly after. I have had instances where I have lost certain objects and gotten the same thing back later. When I lost an expensive pair of sunglasses, I found some ray bans in the pool not too long after. I lose a bottle of R.W. Knudsens cranberry juice, then randomly find a full bottle of R.W. Knudsens yumberry juice. I lose a pack of Maya matches then find another. I've seen people who mistreat me catch hell on different instances too. I strongly believe in it.

  • Have experienced few things in life.

    Its very hard to say about Karma. Whether its real or not, but we all wish it to be true so that everyone gets justice in his life. I have gone certain experiences in my life which has forced me to belief it.
    1. There is friend of mine , who is very much criticizing. He is the same now. While we were unmarried, he made fun of so many married people that they are unhappy because they haven't got beautiful wives. We have arrange marriages in India. Recently he was married to girl who is not good looking, and he was in trauma for few months.
    2. My relatives were not happy with my love marriage. Even my parents were not happy as they had to hear so many things about me , by our relatives. The relative who was most complaining and against love marriages, his own son has recently tied a knot with a girl he loved. Now he has no complaints.
    3. A colleague of mine, was constantly irritating me as at my work place. I was just ignoring his comments made at me, but internally I was not feeling good. After few months , I saw his behavior changed and he looked a bit upset. After inquiring , he told me some other colleague of our office is irritating him by passing unnecessary comments.
    4. After college I was first to get job. I was very proud of that. The circumstances changed, after six months and I had to quit the job and remain jobless for few months.

    There are many more experiences. I believe that if we do bad to other, same things may happen to us in near future.

  • Karma is real

    In life we must realize that the way we treat others and the decisions that we make can come back to haunt us. If someone does something bad, they will be punished. I am not talking about a mythical cycle that travels around and punishes people. I am talking about humans being punished by their own selfish desires. The concept of Karma goes back to treat others how you want to be treated. If you mistreat others, prepare to be disrespected in the process. The main punishment that will be given to someone who did something bad however, is determined to get what is coming to them.

  • Bad things happen to absolutely everyone, regardless of what acts they have committed.

    By committing unethical acts, however, you increase the likelihood of bad things happening to you, as these acts often evoke legal ramifications and ill will from others. There is no scientific evidence of karma. Humans have unrealistic goals and expectations of perfect joy in their lives. We live in an imperfect world, and we should accept the fact that bad circumstances are inevitable.

  • It is not real at all!

    To me karma sounds like a rumour that has developed over time like the earth was flat? It honestly doesn't sound true?! I mean sometimes it could be good to believe in it but it doesn't and hasn't had any affect on my life! Fair enough there are quotes or karma etc but some people don't even think some religions exist even though there are their "holy books". There isn't any proof....It's what people think is true? Doesn't mean it is real?

  • A Factious concept

    The origin of concept of karma is vedas . But many philosophers in hinduism call karma , a factious concept , it is just introduced to maintain morality in the society . That if you frighten somebody who is about to commit a crime, that he will suffer in future he will not do it.

  • Definitely not real.

    What happens, happens. Things like butterflies causing hurricanes on the other side of the world can be backed up by science. Karma cannot. While I'm at it, I will Saturday this. Karma and religion are things which were created purely to satisfy those who want answers to everything including unanswerable questions. These days we have science. Tested and proven facts. Listen to science, not Mr 'I don't know sir, here's a random guess ' at the bottom of the class.

  • Karma is not real.

    People get away with crimes all the time, and do bad things happen all the time to these criminals? No, they could their entire life with getting "paid back".And if Karma is real why do bad things happen to good people. Look at Roberto Clemente, he wanted to help people, and was a great man. Yet he died for his actions, was helping people wrong?
    Karma isnt real

  • No, it's not.

    I don't believe that there is any evidence to suggest that karma is real. I think that people just want to believe that what goes around comes around because we hate the feeling that there is no cosmic justice in the world, or that someone wouldn't get what they deserved, either good or bad.

  • Because some crimes go unpunished

    I don't believe in karma because there are some crimes that go unpunished. Think of all the unresolved crimes in the world and the people who went to their graves never being convicted. Or think of the person who was convicted wrongly and spent years of their life in jail - how does karma "give" that person back 20 years of their life? It can't.

    What about children who are born to abusive parents? And also where is the line drawn? If I hit someone is that my bad behaviour or THEIR karma being returned to them for hitting someone else? How do we know which actions start the karma-chain?

    Finally - who is keeping score? And in what context? A friend of mine had a drink problem and did some bad things but that was because of the alcohol and not his own behaviour so should he really be punished? It is all too subjective and undefined. Live your own life well and be as good as you can.

  • Evil people still live their lives normally

    Hitler killed millions of people. He did not get equal punishment. See people who are corrupt, who lies, who stole things...These people are still living their lives normally, maybe even better than good people who did good things.

    If Karma really is real, George Bush must be bombed right now and tortured so much for the evil he brought into Afghanistan , Iraq etc etc.

  • Karma is not real

    We only need look at childhood to see Karma is not real. Does a child, who has done nothing but been born, deserve to be raped? It happens daily in Africa. What about Crack babies? Children born in oppressive countries? It is impossible for them to have "bad Karma" before they were born. Unless you are saying it is Karma against the parents but even then it is not fair to the child. There are no Karma swings. The ruthless thrive and the meek parish. No one will inherit this earth.

  • Religion in another form...

    It supposes someone or something is keeping score of the good and bad you do.... Kinda like God... Or Santa Claus.
    Is it the kind of Karma that is attached to reincarnation? Well, that brings us back to religion. Is it the kind that means, "What goes 'round, comes 'round"? That can be explained by either luck, coincidence, or striving towards a goal. Smiling to people will result in people smiling back. Same with kindness or meanness. Is that Karma? I don't think it should be called Karma since that takes it out of the range of reasonable, identifiable cause and effect and puts it back into a mystical, spiritual mode - of religion.

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