• Katie Ledecky is winning the admiration of Olympic fans

    Katie Ledecky is proving her athleticism and heart at the Olympic games. She has eclipsed her competitors thus far, beating her own world record by more than a second. Her performance is especially incredible considering she is only 19. The pressure of being in the Olympics is difficult for seasoned athletes to contend with, but she has handled the stress with maturity beyond her years.

  • Yes, she is.

    She has already gained the hearts and minds of a large number of people who are watching the Olympics. She stands out among the rest, and has become a favorite to win. She has also won a few events. She will be remembered for years because of her performance in the Olympics this year.

  • No, I do not beleive that Katie Ledecky is the darling of the Olympics

    No, I do not believe that Katie Ledecky is the darling of the Olympics. I believe that this honor will go to one of the gymnasts if she wins the All-Around competition. I also think it depends on what sport you prefer because a track athlete can take this title as well.

  • There are other Olympic darlings besides Katie Ledecky

    Katie Ledecky has represented the U.S. well and proudly throughout the Olympics and during interviews. While there are a small number of contestants that are not as likable or doing as well, there are many other Olympic athletes representing the U.S. who are equally deserving of the title "darling of the Olympics."

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