• Ever since the king met kim he aint never been the same

    Kim and the rest of the terrible kardashian/Jenner family have destroyed Kanye's creative process and artistic sense. Look I'm happy for Kanye he's a family man and that's great but he made the wrong move. You can't be a husband and a father and still be a great hip hop artist. Ever since Kanye started seeing Kim he has never been the same. RIP Kanye

  • He is a dick but he's talented

    The kardashians are the the most horrific thing to exist - Bruce Jenner will be president next. Kanye should be with Jay Z . Unfortunately he's been sucked into the showbiz celeb show and dragged into the most disgusting family , bred on insecurity and no talent. Sad times ..

  • Partially to blame...

    His sissy attitude and borish music are what will falter his career. Let's be he nest being associated with her will close doors for him. Some people in the entertainment business refuse to be associated with kim k. During his last tour, all his crying on the mic about bring a fashion designer and the fact that at that time he and Kim were dating and planning a wedding(everywhere), it seems like over exposure will hurt his career more than anything else.

  • Kanye West is not ruining the Kardashians.

    The Kardashians came to the spotlight because of Kim Kardashian and their ties to other famous people. Kim Kardashian was a protege of Paris Hilton and just like Paris Hilton, she released a sextape to put herself in the spotlight. Ever since then, they've been doing things to keep themselves in the spotlight because of their now celebrity status. Kanye West is not doing anything to hurt the brand as a matter of fact, Kanye West might be the most normal thing there now and that's saying a lot.

  • Kanye's music is evolving, doesn't mean it's declining

    Although having a serious relationship, and now a child can bring stress; Kanye is doing just fine. Most people who bash Kanye, weren't Kanye fans in the first place. But for those who actually were, all I have to say is musical changes is almost always good, especially in rap. His old stuff would have become stale by now

  • Kanye Ruining Kanye's Career

    I do not believe Kim Kardashian is ruining Kanye's career. I do not believe Kanye has been as successful because he lacks the true talent required to make it in the music industry. He may have some hits, but there's no guarantee for his future. I don't think that has anything to do with Kim Kardashian.

  • I don't think so.

    Kanye West is ruining his own career just fine. Of course that's my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. I don't really care for his works or music that much. Art and music is subjective, to a great degree, of course, so please don't take offense to this.

  • Kanye West's career is fine!

    I believe he is actually more popular now, than in the past. Before Kanye west had some bad populicity, and know most people have forgotten about that instance. By being with Kim Kardashian, he is in her reality show, receiving good free publicity, and is in the news alot more often.

  • Kim Kardashian Helping Kanye West's Career

    Although entering a relationship may make things more stressful as far as managing time properly, it seems that in Kanye West's case that there have been no negative effects in entering a relationship with Kim Kardashian in terms of his career. His success is essentially dependent on his popularity, and if anything his relationship with Kim Kardashian has made him more popular than ever.

  • Kim is not Ruining Kanye's Career

    Kanye West's career is just fine. He is actually more popular now than he has ever been. His relationship with Kim Kardashian has not hurt him at all. If anything, his career with Kim has helped his career. He is in the news more and is getting free promotion. He was also on Kim's realty tv show which was good for him as well. Kanye's career is fine.

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