• Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is not simply just the memorization of random facts; it is also the ability to perform skills that require the knowledge to do, therefore making knowledge of ruling a kingdom, how to make a nuclear bomb, or how to perform a certain technique in a sport a key to having power.

  • Yes knowledge is power

    The reason is because knowledge makes you smarter because you know more things, so you have more job opportunities so you get more money which can give you more power. Also people will trust you more because they know that you know what you're doing and that also gives you more self confidence. This is probably my first post online on any website

  • Knowledge is power

    If you have knowledge, you can make more weapons, helping you win any war. If you have power, you can make tactics to conquer your enemies helping you win anything! If you have power, you can know when you are unfairly overpowered, so you can forfeit without costing too many lives. If you have knowledge, you can win! :)

  • Yes it is

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  • Knowledge gives you a special kind of power.

    When you know something someone else does not, you can use it like a joker card in a game. You can do whatever you want with it: use it for your benefit, against the other player etc.
    Also, it shows the truth in life and allows you to see beyond the manipulation of the government.

  • Yes knowledge is power

    Knowledge is power because it gives you the ability to see further than what media, people or even the government will allow you to see or discover.Knowledge helps you to make your own conclusion and judgements not only what other people say or do. Knowledge is considered power because it gives you the power to know more and discover more than other people that aren't Knowledgeable.

  • It is true!

    I think that knowledge is power since the smarter you are, the more you can do, the more powerful you are. I need to do this for a school project so I will now use the rest of this to take up space. Enjoy the rest of this and have a nice day!

  • Es it is a big power in the world

    If knowledge will not be in the world so there will be darkness in the world . Knowledge is the important part of our life .Knowledge person can understand everything but without knowledge , man is just like a empty mind.So there should be proper knowledge in the world not wrong knowledge

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Knowledge is not power.

    It is perceived as a type of power in this world however it is not true power. True power comes from the heart. The source of true power is the hearts of all people. Without love and a resolve then people couldn't experience that true power.

    Knowledge is power, yes, but not the power we really need. You could now everything in the world but that doesn't make you truly powerful, someone who never gives up, that is someone who is powerful.

  • No, but it also depends on the type of power

    In today's day and age, knowledge does not necessarily mean power. Take for example modern celebrities. They might not be the sharpest tools in the shed but they have enormous power. Brute strength is power. Looking pretty is power. Neither of these have anything to do with knowledge. While knowledge can give you power over yourself, it does not mean you have power over others.

  • To an extent, knowledge can feel a lot like power.

    As humans, we're perpetual thinkers. Asking questions, inquiring. We want to know about the world in which we live, the universe, the people whom we surround ourselves with, why human beings do the things they do. Teachers praise a student who dedicates their time to their class, and classmates look up to the number one pupil. Just like animal competition and natural selection, mankind typically chooses to allow people who are the 'smartest' to have power over them, but that doesn't necessarily make them the most INTELLIGENT.

    Having so much knowledge isn't always beneficial for a person or a general society. Imagine knowing everything, about everything, about everyone, about every single event that has ever occurred on the face of this earth and off of it. There would be nothing to learn, there would be no purpose in life, no real progress in the productivity of mankind simply because every idea ever possible of conjuring up would have already been thought of. Imagine knowing everything. You would go insane.

    It isn't the knowledge that gives us power, it is the experience that we have in the process of gaining this knowledge that empowers us. It inspires us to learn more, to experiment, to gain strength from our flaws and mistakes. The path of life would be a dead end if it was predetermined by us.

  • Not by itself

    A person can know every technical thing about a skill and still be terrible at that skill. I am a computer programmer and have found, after more than twenty years of experience, that those who study the minutia and can regurgitate it on command are some of the worst programmers I have ever seen. Knowledge coupled with true understanding and skill can be powerful. That usually means throwing away most of the 'newest an coolest' which is sacrilege to minutia -man. I assume this is true in other technical fields as well. The old proverb 'those who can do, those who can't teach' sums it up pretty well.

  • Fake Jews, Jesus is a Brown skin man with hair like wool. The First Black President was John Hansen or First President.

    Knowledge is not power because you can LIE about knowledge. The knowledge that people know in todays world is a LIE and was manipulated and changed to keep people weak and stupid. God is power know don't you forget it. All knowledge comes from God. God is power don't forget.

  • Knowledge is only powerful if you use it.

    To know something doesn't mean that you are powerful. To use that knowledge to make more educated decisions. Then THAT is the real power. Nothing is achieved if you know so much about everything unless you actually act upon it and then only does this knowledge become power. Reading just made me realise that I have a minimum word limit to post this, argument example!

  • No, knowledge is not power.

    How can you say that knowledge is power? Maybe you live in a developed country or you just say some authors concepts about knowledge. You can see Iraq a an example, people do not care about knowledge they just care about money if there is a rich person everyone respects him but if he is an expert no one cares and they don't even know him. I think they are right because money can do everything you want but what is the advantage of knowledge?

  • Knowledge is not power

    Our power comes from who we are and it has nothing to do with how much we know. As far as having knowledge getting you somewhere in life or having control over another person then id have to ask were is it that your going and no one is ahead of anyone..We are one .

  • What do you do with it?

    Having the knowledge is one thing but what you do with it is what really matters - the practical application of that knowledge or the implementation is what concerns us. If we do not have the ability to put the knowledge into motion then we need to develop our information further

  • Knowledge without power is incomplete.

    Knowledge is a gift and makes us aware of what persists around us but it is power which makes us distinct from others. It is power which increases our calibre and capacity to withstand any brutal consequence. Today is the age of knowledge put into an action of power. A man may have immense knowledge but can't present it to the world due to lack of confidence. This is because he does not have the power or the courage. Knowledge is useful when it has the power, power to enlighten, energise and create.

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