• Don't even put them in the same breath

    First of all Kobe has five rings. Lebron has 1 and there is no argument that Kobe is older because by the time Kobe was 28 he had 3 rings. Without Lebrons physique he would be nowhere. Kobe has the footwork along with the basketball IQ and his immense basketball versatility is incredible!

  • Not Even A Comparison (Kobe is better than Lebron will ever be.)

    As Michael Jordan said "I'd pick five to one any day." Kobe has been with the Lakers his entire career, even when they weren't at their best. Lebron on the other hand, left the Cavs and went to a better team because he couldn't do it in Cleveland. Kobe has already proved that he can win the NBA championship by himself (2 times) and for those that want to say he only won because Pau Gasol and Ron Artest, well HELLO Lebron had Mike Bibby, Delonte West, Illgauskas, Anderson Varejao, and Larry Hughes. Do we even need to bring up clutchness of these players, NO COMPARISON! Kobe is better than Lebron in almost every category of Basketball, Dunking- he won the Slam Dunk Competition when he was 17; Shooting- well just look at the numbers, passing- Kobe had to pass it to Shaq somehow for him to score so much, and defense did you watch the nba finals

  • Kobe is a winner.

    Kobe always has been and always will be a winner. Everyone talks about how he had Shaq and how he didn't win after that until he got Gasol and with that being said I present my argument. Lebron with the Cavs for a long time and never won a championship. He goes to the Heat and he wins one (with the help of 2 other stars 1 superstar and one allstar a magnificent game 7 from the supporting cast in their shooting!) Its simple... No matter who it is... One player cant win a championship. Look at all the teams that have won! They all have multiple stars. So my argument isn't going to be "Kobe has 5 rings Lebron has 1" My argument his Kobe is WAY more clutch than lebron... Kobe has hit the most game-winning shots in the history of the NBA. Lebron is an outstanding player. One of the greatest athletes (maybe THE greatest to ever step on a court. Yet, he always seems to disappear in the last 3-5 minutes of the 4th quarter in close games! I'm not saying he has never hit game-winners (Against Orlando in the eastern conference finals with the cavs and here recently against the Celtics) but he isn't consistent enough to be compared to the greatest of all time. MJ was clutc... Kobe was clutch. You have to have that natural killer instinct and have to be able to put the good teams away to be able to be compared to the greatest... Lebron hasn't developed that. Plus... Career wise Kobe has had a better career! At the age lebron is now... Kobe had 3 rings :)

  • Overall

    LeBron is probably better than Kobe right now, but as far as careers go Kobe still dwarfs him. He's accomplished and won way more, if LeBron wants to be considered better at the end of the day he has a lot of work to do. Work that is possible given the disgraceful player built team he is on.

  • Yes, he seems to have won more than LeBron

    I think one of the ways to compare two players is to see who has won more things. Hasn't Kobe won more than LeBron? Then isn't he the greater player? It could be said that it's a team effort, but it seems to me that Kobe has led his team to many a victory while LeBron has not.

  • Yes, Kobe is the better player.

    Kobe Bryant has won multiple National Basketball Association championships in his career while LeBron James has only won one. Kobe has scored many points and can play good defense for his team, the Lakers. I think I also read where Kobe could speak languages other than English which may help with communication with some international players.

  • Kobe Is Better

    Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron James. He has a better game and has more rings than Lebron. Kobe's killer instinct and determination is what sets them apart. Lebron is good be he is too nice and let's insignificant things on and off the court get into his head. Lebron will never be as good as Kobe is.

  • Fuck you guys

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  • It's more like, LeBron has a chance to be better.

    When its all said and done Lebron James will undoubtedly go down in history as top 5 all time, if he could shoot again like he used to then its over, I'm sorry kobe fans, as I am one too. The thing is though is that lebron had to run away to Miami to get his rings, and two of his 3 rings didn't even come down to him, ray Allen and Kyrie Irving saved his career, cuz if they don't hit those clutch shots? Lebron has 1 ring, I gurantee it. But James has about 7-8 years left to keep making an impact in the league, He COULD go down as a better player than Kobe Bryant, but its too soon to say anything, but if Lebron wins against the 2017 GSW? Lebron will go down in history as not only better than Kobe, but better than Michael Jordan... But until I see him step up in clutch moments, Lebron can't hold Kobe.

  • Lebron had to switch teams to get a ring

    Kobe has 5 rings sticking with the same team through the ups and downs lebron had to link up with 2 other allstars and when he finally did get there he disapeared against Dallas; then he should really only have one ring if it wasnt for ray allen saving them and that leads me to my next arguement is that lebron freezes under pressure and would rather give the big shot to someone else, Kobe has the instinct to kill the opponent and did it with no fear. Kobe has a far superior skill set, was more cerebral and also made 1st team all defense 9 times in his career. That is pretty amazing from someone who is also 3rd all time in scoring. Holding 5 rings

  • Wow, this is a debate?

    Sorry but right now Lebron is waaaay better than Kobe or anyone else. Sure, Kobe has more titles- its a team game. Sure its important but Kobe wasnt even the best player on his team for the first two. Lebron has more mvps. Right now this discussion should be who is going to be better when its all said and done, Lebron or Michael Jordan.

  • Lebron is the best player in the NBA right now he has made it to the Finals 6 consecutive times and won three.

    More MVP's...Better stats...More athletic...And more consistent, LeBron is coming for you warriors! Come on now dub nation cavs ... Till the end and dont sleep on kyrie dont forget about are stacked line up we were born ready 52 year trout ended last year wake up if you haven't already.

  • Much better player than KOBE

    The only thing that I see Kobe being better at than Lebron is scoring, that's giving props, cause if LeBron focused primarily on scoring like Kobe does he'd easily lead the league in scoring every year, but playing like that doesn't always translate to wins, LeBron plays to win getting his teammates involved and boosting their morale by being the leader is part of that.

  • Fuck no. Kobe not even top 10

    Kobe has 4 things over Lebron.Overall shooting, and rings.Theirs clutch than theirs being an asshole.Kobe is a volume chucker not shooter.He did not deserve that award in 2008 but other years he did.Lebron annihilates Kobe in every aspect of the game besides shooting foot work and accolades (more years)but he is a bit of a lousy ft shooter at times.

  • LeBron's career accomplishments will be better

    1. After his Game 4 Winner, LeBron is now tied with Michael Jordan in game-winning shots (3).

    2. After his Game 4 Winner, LeBron is now 8-18 with 10 seconds left in the game for the go-ahead/game winner. (Jordan 9-19, Kobe 7-24)

    3. Highest PPG/Statistics in elimination/series clinching games in the Playoffs: 32 ppg, 9 rebounds, 8 assists on 46% shooting. (Jordan: 28 ppg, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 48% shooting Kobe: 26 ppg, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 38% shooting)

    4. Statistics in Game 7's in the Playoffs (4 series): LeBron 31 ppg, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 47% shooting. M. Jordan (6 series): 29 ppg, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 46% shooting. Kobe (5 series): 25 ppg, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 39% shooting.

    5. Fourth highest defensive win shares and +/-'s in the history of the league (+4.8). Higher than MJ (+4.1) and Kobe (+2.3).

    6. Only player to average 30-10-8 in the Finals on better than 48% shooting (.501).

    7. Only player to average 28-10-7 in the Finals on better than 55% shooting.

    8. Only player in NBA history to take a team with no previous All-Stars (players must have played more than 10 mins. Per game in the Finals) and less than one All-Star to the Finals before the age of 25.

    9. Has led their respective teams in Points, Rebounds and Assists in the playoffs: LeBron - 33, MJ - 2, Kobe - 0. (LeBron has done it 20 times more than the 2nd place guy who is retired, along with the 3rd, 4th and 5th place)

    10. Has led their teams in Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals and Blocks in the playoffs: LeBron - 14, MJ - 0, Kobe - 0 (2nd on the list has 3)

    11. LeBron as never lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. MJ has lost four times, Kobe four times.

    12. Youngest player to reach several milestones; points, assists, rebounds, win-shares, defensive net.

    13. Lowest amount of All-Stars on his team during playoff tenure (former/current): LeBron - 7, Michael Jordan - 9, Kobe - 10.

    14. Has now led his team to 7 of the last 9 ECF appearances, including 4 straight Finals (possibly 5 this year). NEVER been done since the 50's/60's. Only Bill's Celtics had done it before.

    15. When LeBron left both teams, Cleveland and Miami did not make the playoffs and were sub .500 in a weak conference. When MJ left for baseball, his Bulls with the same roster in tact still made the ECF with 55 wins, as well as being +9 games above .500 when he returned the following year.

    LeBron is already a Top 5 player of all time and will go down in the top 3. Haters can argue all they want but for some reason do not realize he JUST turned 30. To put that into perspective, MJ won 4 of his 6 titles after 30.

  • Lebron is the best player in the world, bar none.

    Lebron is more clutch (statistically), plays better defense, and is a way better distributor. His FG% is way higher (not a shot-chucker/volume scorer like Kobe) and is overall more of a force. Lebron was the centerpiece of every team he played on... Meanwhile Kobe was the sidekick to Shaq. Lebron has made the playoffs every season he has been in the league, but the Shaq-less Lakers went below .500 and missed the playoffs a few years back.

  • 5 rings vs 2?

    Kobe has 5 rings. 3 due to playing with a top 5 greatest center of all time, SHAQ. Shaq wins all 3 finals MVPs, while Kobe's numbers were 'eh' in the three finals series, especially his efficiency.

    After 3, Kobe wants the attention. Wants to be the guy for his legacy. 2004 nba finals, Kobe averages 23 PPG on a poor 38% shooting. Shaq averages 27 PPG on an incredible 63%. Kobe didn't want to run the offense through Shaq anymore. Took 30 more shots than Shaq. Lost in 5 games.

    Kobe gives Lakers an ultimatum, SHAQ OR ME. Choose Kobe (mostly likely age). Shaq goes to Miami, wins another ring with star DWade. Kobe wins 2 more rings, with top 3 PF in the league Pau Gasol (averaged roughly 19-11 in both 09+10 playoffs), Odom, Ariza, Bynum. They had a lot of pieces. Don't tell me he did it alone because nobody has ever done it alone.

    Kobe has played with the 3 greatest centers in the past 15 years (Shaq, Bynum, Howard) and none of them have a good word to say about Kobe.

    LeBron. Drafted by an awful Cavs team. In his 3rd year, leads them to the ECF. In his 4th year, leads them to the NBA Finals. Cavs 06-07 Roster, tell me they would go anywhere without LeBron. Second Guy? Mo Williams? Who is a better second? Williams or Gasol?

    Wins 66 games in 08-09, 61 in 09-10. Once again, go look at their roster.

    Takes his talents to South Beach. Teams up with DWade and Bosh, wins 2/3 years. Leads the team both years, takes home both NBA Finals MVPs. DWade and Bosh are not scrubs, once again, nobody has ever won an NBA finals alone. LeBron was the main guy in both finals, while Shaq was 'Batman' and Kobe was Shaq's 'Robin', as Skip Bayless would say.

    'LeBron is only good because he is athletic... He can't shoot... He falls apart in the 4th... He isn't clutch...' Watch him play, then tell me if these are true or not. Also you can just look at the numbers. Numbers Never Lie.
    My favorite is 'He Can't Shoot'. 3pt% in 2013 was 40.6% on 250+ attempts. Kobe's highest 3pt% was 37.5% his rookie year, only attempting 136.

    LeBron has 4 MVPS to Kobe's 1. Career PER, LeBron 27.71 (.20 behind the great MJ), Kobe 23.37. LeBron averages more Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, and Blocks than Kobe in both his Regular Season and Playoff Career, while shooting at a higher FG% than Kobe in both as well. Other things such as All NBA Team awards, All Defensive Team Awards, etc are all due to "time". And as time goes on, LeBron will pass Kobe in all of these. The main one to notice is the MVP awards.

    So for all of you that state "Kobe has more championships, so he's better". Answer me this... Who is a better PF? HOF Charles Barkley, or ..... BRIAN SCALABRINE.

  • No, LeBron plays better both ways.

    No, Kobe is not better than LeBron, because LeBron's skills are more versatile. LeBron plays two-way basketball. That means he can play both offense and defense. Kobe has more show, but LeBron's basic skills are better. LeBron has better ball-handling skills, and is generally a more versatile palyer than Kobe. But they are both exceptional players.

  • Lebron isn't even done yet!

    Look at Lebron James' first 10 years and look at Kobe's first 10; there's no comparison. Lebron makes his teams better while Kobe doesn't. Just look at how many shots Kobe takes compared to Lebron and the look how much more efficient Lebron James is. Plus, Lebron is a much more versatile defender.

  • You kidding me?

    Seriously? Okay great Kobe has more rings, could Kobe carry Cleveland to the finals? Not really. Now that LeBron is on another team with good players it's actually possible to win a championship. Kobe scores a lot of points in games? It's easy to score a lot of points WHEN YOU TAKE A MAJORITY OF THE TEAMS SHOTS. LeBron hasn't even hit his maximum ability yet and he won't for a while. Kobe on the other hand? He's over and done with; defense is terrible; shots are terribly off; too cocky; doesn't play well with others.

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Humanities says2015-06-15T17:13:01.333
I think Kobe is better over his career because he had more rings. But I think Lebron is a better overall player because of his height and strength.