• A study says it IS inherited

    A recent study has found a genetic sequence to be strongly related to having leadership characteristics. The study have observed twins in job environments and found that relation between the gene sequence and being a leader or in a supervisory position. However, without proper nurturing, a leader won't be a leader

  • Yes

    Leadership is a trait that needs to progress over time and build as time goes on. If you are raised in a family that has dominate leadership, naturally over time the trait would be inherited by the youngest because leadership is all they have known. In comparison with someone who was raised in a environment where leadership was not clear and apparent, they would not have it in them to be a appropriate leader.

  • Yes, but it must be cultivated.

    Leadership is a trait that can be passed down to a child by his parents or family members. However, the trait has to be developed in the child by allowing him to make his own choices and teach others when appropriate. Leadership must be practiced, even if it comes naturally. If a child isn't taught how to properly be a leader, he may become too bossy or selfish.

  • No, it is born.

    No, leadership is not an inherited trait, because it is largely a trait that a person is born with. A person's personality is usually something they are born with. Very little of it can be changed by the time a person is grown up. Leadership is not inherited, because it is not something that can be taught.

  • No, education and experience are keys to leadership, not inherited traits.

    I do not think leadership traits are inherited. Leadership comes from being involved in situtations where critical thinking comes into play. People must then be motivated to perform the necessary tasks in order to accomplish the mission. You need education and lots of experience to become an effective leader in today's world.

  • No, leadership is not something that is inherited; it is something that is acquired through experience.

    You may be able to learn leadership traits from a parent, but it is not something determined by linage. It’s not the same thing as having a certain color eyes, or facial features. To say leadership is inherited is like saying someone has speaking English in there genes, this would sound ridiculous to most. All skill comes with practice and a disposition to stick with things.

  • That is a foolish assumption.

    Solely learned. There is not a single, distinct personality which defines a leader. But a leader is the one which may step beyond societal bounds to better the state of that society (preferably). This requires reflection, but no inheretence. The leadership comes when one can confront that time reflected and put it to the task.

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