Is learning through computers more efficient than learning from books?

  • When used correctly

    Computers have great speeds and they can provide more information then books. They also get updated more often so it is more reliable then a book that is very old. Computers can also help kids with their social skills and it helps them learn more trusted information. They are fun to use if used correctly.

  • Computers are better than books

    I think that computers are the better way to go when it comes to learning over books. When using a computer with an Internet connection it gives students more opportunities to explore the world out there through various websites and applications. Books can do only small things and have no Internet access.

  • Yes, learning through computers is much more efficient than from books.

    Yes, I believe that learning through computers is much more efficient than from books. In this day and age, we have blazing fast internet speeds and literally billions of sources to learn information from. Although the conventional method of using books to teach is still prevalent in middle and high schools here in the United States today, it is outdated. In time, books will be completely replaced by e-readers, tablet PCs and computers that students can access in each classroom. A good example of how much better computers are for learning is if you ask a student one specific question of any topic they don't know. Give them both a laptop, and access to the library, and you can see how much more efficient using a computer is for learning new material.

  • Yes, Learning through computers is more efficient

    Yes, I believe that learning through computers is more efficient. With computers, you have access to countless articles, books, magazines and blogs right at your fingertips.This saves time when you compare it to getting these resources at a library, for example. It is much quicker to type your topic into a search engine.

  • Interactivity is the Key

    Computers allow for learning in ways books can't. Computers have audio and visual stimulation aside from reading material that enhances learning. Humans, children especially, learn by watching and listening. Computers are perfect to stimulate the senses and enhance retention using all styles of learning at once. Some kids listen better. Others watch. Still more read, yet computers provide a well-rounded educational experience.

  • Technology Can Be Good A Learning Tool

    Yes, learning through computers is more efficient than learning from books because you are not locked into the "read the book then take the test" mode. Learning through computers can be interactive. Interactive exercises can be set up at several points to break the monotony and reinforce what the student has already learned. The student can also proceed at their own pace usually.

  • As long as they are used properly.

    Computers are much more efficient at handling information than books; pages can be accessed almost instantly, keywords can be searched, hyperlinking allows moving from one topic to another, and so on. As such, they are far more efficient tools for learning. On the other hand, there are ample distractions on a computer, too, so they must be used properly-- idly browsing the web or playing computer games won't lead to much learning, after all!

  • Books Increase mental Health

    Books have been around for millenniums from scrolls to other parchments they were there. I want go on and on about the history of books but I will talk about how I believe they are more proficient. Reading is known to make an impact on the health of your brain, it can help you go to sleep by reading a chapter of a book. While computers decreases the amount melatonin your body produces causing restless nights. Technology is a greatly increasing part of our modern world and can be used to benefit education but I am arguing
    that it is used way to much in place of what could be done in a book.
    In schools students are starting to use online textbooks in place of normal ones, online e-books instead of real ones many students are even taking entire classes online. Sitting down and reading a book puts less strain on your mind and allows you to calm down. Watching a screen to long can cause depression and studies show that books have an optimistic impact on maturing minds. Anyway that is just my opinion.

  • NO it is not

    It all depends on the student. If students are conditioned to learning off a screen- what will happen to books? To classrooms? To tradition? Already, I can't help my younger sister with multiplication because computers have taught it to her in a complately different manner than my teachers did. And we are only 5 years apart! What does this say to you?

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