Is left-wing (liberal) better overall than right-wing (conservative)?

  • And thats not saying much as the left sucks too

    At least left leaning people tend to be nicer than right leaning people. Sure, not everyone right leaning is bad. But the whole right wing ideology just outright sucks. Their whole values lie on giving privilege to the stronger people. Plus at its core, right wing is just outright authoritarian for the sake of being authoritarian.

  • Liberalism is better, not because conservatism is an inferior ideology, but because liberalism has led and will continue to change the world for the better.

    Conservatism as an ideology is justified in certain situations; I can see the desire for stability and a set of values that are unchangeable. However, the only true constants are those of physics and mathematics. Conservatives themselves "bend" their own values quite a lot. George W. Bush, a Christian, abides by the Bible, and therefore the Ten Commandments, one of the principal tenets of which is "thou shalt not kill." Interesting for a man who started two wars, killing millions indirectly. I am well aware that liberals have started wars as well; that is beside the point. The point is that customs and ideals ARE social constructs. One of the opposing arguments states that one of the "ancient ideals" is the institution of marriage (I assume this refers to heterosexual marriage). Yet liberty is another one of these ideals. So what happens when two supposedly unchangeable ideas conflict? Say, the liberty to marry whoever one wants to, which is in accordance with liberty but not traditional marriage?
    What about slavery? Considered acceptable to many in the early days of the United States, an argument was used against abolition: the false "curse of Ham." This is yet another Biblical "proof" for the inferiority of a group, in this case, Afro-americans. The more liberal of the two parties at that time was the Republican Party, and had they not abolished slavery, the black community in America would be even more disadvantaged than they already are.
    I am not passing judgement on the individuals who are believers in conservatism. I know many conservatives personally. I am not saying everything left is good. Look at Cuba. But liberalism, I believe, is the best way forward into the future, and that's where I want to be.

  • Left wing is better.

    Liberal, left wing views are better because they focus on the needs of all people and strive to make the country equal in every aspect. While conservatives and right ringed people do everything with only themselves in mind, and do not strive for equality between races, sex, and many other things. Another important difference that makes Left winged views better is that it leaves religious based decisions out and focuses on the greater good rather than one religion (freedom of religion is a country amendment, politics shouldn't try to push one religion on to everyone).

  • My Day as a Liberal.

    After numerous debates with people on different “hot issues;” many of which have been around for decades, I decided to spend a day looking at life through the eyes of a Liberal American. Walk a mile in their shoes per se. Here is my story:
    The very first thing I felt was this huge understanding for the “less fortunate.” Why do I deserve the job I have? I mean, I went to college and spent years working up in my company; but why do I deserve this job more than an uneducated minority? Hiring shouldn’t be based on ability or education, race should be considered first. We should also all invest our money into minority programs to help pay for college and job training; because it isn’t like the ten minute process it took me to get student loans is enough.
    This thought lead to me realizing how much extra money I have laying around the house. Seriously, I shouldn’t be saving this for my family when there are so many people out there that don’t want to work. We should all share our wealth, no one should be allowed advance themselves when there are people that won’t. It’s not like we should expect people to become self-reliant. Forget personal responsibility, social responsibility is where it’s at!
    Speaking of social responsibility; it is so hard to legally immigrate in the U.S. these days! We should welcome anyone with open arms, whether they sneak here or go through the simple and legal process we should be providing them with homes, jobs, and healthcare. We don’t need to focus on the people that are already here when there are so many foreigners in need. Joe doesn’t need that job as much as Jose!

  • Conservatism is a doctrine of preservation of ideals which sees anything created after these ideals as an artificial construct, including things like government.

    Liberalism argues that progress towards the new trumps ancient ideals. It regards the ancient ideals as social constructs while acknowledging 'new' creations as the true ideals to strive for. These ancient ideals I speak of include things like the institute of marriage, the family, and rights to privacy and private property. Atheists tend to lean left because their lack of belief in God naturally necessitates that these things are unimportant as well.
    So-called gifts of liberalism, such as democracy and capitalism are actually simply the fruits of the ancient ideal of liberty. Classical liberals were not truly liberals at all but rather paleocons revolting against the neocons. Current conservatism is dominated by neocons. True conservatism is paleoconservatism.
    Leftism inevitably results in rubbish economics and multiculturalism. Neoconservatism exists solely for the leftist aims of watering down the conservative movement. Neocons go out of their way to trash the economy so that people look towards leftism to 'free' them from this. I have seen this in Britain, where "conservative" David Cameron is acting as advertisement for the Labour Party and against Ukip. I see it Canada, where people have voted out necon Stephen Harper for hyper liberal Justin Trudeau. And college students of America eagerly hope to vote for Bernie Sanders here in America, but will most likely accept Hillary if she wins the nomination (because anything would be better than the Republican neocons).

  • Have you ever had a disagreement with a liberal.

    I find it hard to agree with people that blatantly ignore facts. Liberals are the masters of misinformation, disinformation and ignorance. They run up and down the street screaming for change as if their pant are on fire yet often times when asked for their plan on how to change things you get a blank stare. It would appear to me that liberals lack the ability to plan intelligently or perhaps they cant figure it out because their original thought process makes no sense in the first place. Case in point "our borders should be open to all" when asked how we will support this influx of people liberals get angry and call you a racist to divert the attention away from the fact that they have no plan and no clue.

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