• Yes, iced tea is more refreshing than lemonade.

    While most people prefer to drink sweet tea, it's just as good without, unlike lemonade. In addition, although it doesn't have as much vitamin C as lemonade, brewed tea contains many antioxidants and some, like tea brewed from raspberries, has omega fatty acids as well. Because teas is much less acidic, it doesn't aggravate medical conditions such as gout, and it doesn't inflame the stomach lining or hurt tooth enamel.

  • Lemonade has bite

    The great thing about lemonade is the strong bite at the end of it. Iced tea can be ruined by having too much sugar, not enough sugar, bad flavoring, and half a dozen other ways. Lemonade is pretty much always the same, and is what I drink on hot summer days.

  • Yes, lemonade is more refreshing than iced tea.

    Yes, lemonade is more refreshing than iced tea because it is made from lemons, one of nature's greatest fruits. There is nothing better to drink on a hot day than an iced cold glass of lemonade. Iced tea is too dehydrating and should be avoided when trying to feel refreshed.

  • Screw lemonade it sucks

    I'm from Texas and if you think lemonade is good your a flaming homo. Hitler drank lemonade. If i had option the choice of drinking lemonade or lemonade i would drink iced bleach. There is no reason why anyone would enjoy lemonade for the good of the better good for the good of the goodest good good. Also, the KKK drank lemonade.

  • No it is not.

    They are equally refreshing. So much so that the most refreshing drink is half lemonade half iced tea. This drink, often called an Arnold Palmer is one of the best tasting summer drinks know on to man. It can also be mixed with vodka to a fun and tasty adult beverage.

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