• Men do have it far worse than women today.

    All one has to do is look at how many times a woman has ended a mans career over calms of gender harassment without there being any proof that shows it really happened. In today's world the man is assumed to be always guilty no matter what the evidence or circumstances. We have come full circle in today's world and now white males are decremented against more often than not. When is last time anybody called into question a woman or minority clamming harassment ?????

  • Oh yes, most definetely.

    Even of men within the younger age range, life has really started to become extremely difficult, what with all the greyscale and hateful society and all that. Whatever happened to the peace and simplicity that we once had? Some day, some day, I will help bring it back...Paint the whole world red with love instead of blind hate in the world again.

  • Its just nature

    Men are da experimental sex,and dey are disposable for men its glory or death,and very few have glory,if you are short or poor your life is hell.Men cant express dere emotions have more fragile bodies and are judged much much more dan females.A good looking female has everything handed on a platter.

  • Women live on a different planet than men do

    It's hilarious to read women's viewpoints on why life is harder for them. Some gems include:

    "Women have to give birth" - no they dont, most births are purposeful
    "A bra hurts" - really?? Is someone beating you with the strap? Because if not chances are you're delusional
    "We get raped" - please it almost never happens
    "We are called sluts" - then don't be one - problem solved

    What it's like for a man:

    You're basically invisible to the opposite sex unless you fall within the top 10% of attractiveness (looks money status power). If you're not good luck finding even an average woman to be with, as you watch your exes marry up and have children while you can't even remember the last time you were even intimate with a woman. Men must acquire aesthetics, assets, intelligence, a sense of humor and other resources in order to be attractive to women. Women must acquire lipstick and mascara

    There is almost no positive reaffirmation for your efforts

    You are always viewed as being in the wrong in every circumstance. He cheated on his wife - he's an asshole. She cheated on her husband - well he wasn't making her happy

    The child custody laws are blatantly discriminatory against men, and no one seems to do anything about it

    The divorce laws are blatantly discriminatory against men, and no one seems to do anything about it

    Men who fight overseas do so to protect the liberties of people (I.E. Women) who do not respect them at home to begin with

    Every male portrayal on television reaks of feminazi denigration and humiliation.

    Masculinity is being bred out of men thanks to the emasculation tactics imposed upon by women. Each generation possesses a greater proponderance of beta men - to which most women don't respect to begin with. If you act upon your alpha instincts as a man you're viewed as insensitive, controlling, aggressive etc. - unless of course you're in the top 10% of men

  • Feminism destroys society

    Men are Men and Women are Women. There shouldn't be any in between. Some women these days are so convinced that we should have equal rights as men. We demean men's role in society. If you think about it, women deserve rights such as opening the door for them and such. But women have trouble humbling themselves to let the men protect them or help them out. Our society is struggling in that area but I have hope that it will get better.

  • Obviously men have it easy

    Women have bras, don't get equal treatment as men and have to push a baby out of them. Men, they just sit and say she's a beauty. Women also have to fight to get treatment like men do. Plus, most women feel like if they don't look nice then People won't like them or will talk bad about them. Also with fights, boys get punched and it's over but with women you get shamed, ignored, made fun of, and anyone that hangs out with you gets shunned too. That can go on for weeks and no one wants to be that person that still hangs out with the loser. See, men have it easy.

  • Men are hardworking

    Women are not they just whine so that just makes a man want to die faster that is why men die before women do. I don't have a problem with women they just think the world around them and dent always work like that. This is posted by a man.

  • Statistics paint a grim picture

    Men are far more likely to commit suicide, develop drug or alcohol addiction, commit a crime, die on the job, get injured in an accident. Men must pay their own way in the world; no one is going to take care of them in the way that a woman may be supported financially by a man.

  • I'm going to focus on school statistics, the missing foundation to the future decline of prosperous men

    Young boys are constantly passed over in favor of girls in the classroom. More "one on one" time is spent with the girls, more accolades are bestowed upon them, and there is little incentive for our future men to achieve in the realm of scholastics. Dropping out of schools, falling behind, few general scholarships designated for boys only. Young girls are being given far more attention which has lead to a devastating outcome. Equal attention is required, nay, demanded.

  • Depends but in western society ...Men have it harder

    Many parts of the world women are lower class citizens and have a terrible time.. But in the western world women have an easier time than men in every aspect of life. Men have to work so hard at everything to even have a fraction of what women get for almost nothing. Getting work, relationships, dating, keeping in shape, making money... You name it, its easier for a women especially if you have good looks to go with it. And on top of that many men have to deal with hair loss, which may sound petty but if women went bald they might understand the effect it has on sex appeal and the way others perceive you

  • Of course NOT

    Women definitely have it harder because you have to act, look and do things to make yourself look good. Men don't necessarily have to do those. Men don't give birth or hear someone say,"you're pretty good for a girl" or anything like that. No one says," you're pretty good for a boy". Also, if girls weren't used to being around things that they haven't done, like some sports or doing things that are new, they'll be afraid! And so will guys if they were grew up like that.

  • No no no

    Men don't have harder lives than women, women don't have harder lives than men. Individuals have different experiences. A woman that's had an abusive life has had a harder life than the man who hasn't had to endure any kind of real trauma. A man that's lived his life on the streets has had a harder life than a woman who has lived comfortably.
    We can't just say men have it harder/women have it harder because we all have different experiences. It's not fair to make a generalization like that.

  • You are all dickheads.

    Dont you see? Women have to push a fat ass baby out of their vagina, they have a horrible, sticky, bloody mess every month, most of the time the woman has the kids to look after, women get raped, women ahve to faff about with makeup, women are self concious about their looks because every women is, sometimes two people fool around and the girl has her baby and the husband leaves her. You men are stupid soooooo stupid. Pay some respect for us you dirty bags,

  • No. Just no. This world was not meant to be fair.

    Im a woman myself, and being a man actually looks like a normal human being. Girls are treated like animals, "Im so lonely, better get a girlfriend soon.. Hmm where to find them?" its like how humans hunted animals, and yes, they get raped often, which is like a benefit for men to feel good. Women= benefit for the world. Increasing the human population, pleasing the men. Who says being a man is tougher when women has to get a job and not depend on their men?
    Guys can just leave their ladies when they have a child, so the lady has to take cares of their child and work, plus we were judged by our face, also, men loves boobs in these days, which makes women having an extremely chance of husbands that only wants to have sex with them, disturbing. Also, does men have breasts,weak physical appearance, making them easy to be raped and low self defense? No. They dont have the body parts for the " OOH SEXY" Hey, women likes polite men that is gorgeous, not sexy and has large chests. Plus we get called sluts, whore etc with no reason.

  • Woman have it harder

    Woman have to give birth. So we have to go through so much pain. And men don't. Life is so unfair. So stop acting like your life is so tough. Ours is so toucher. Ok. That's what I thought. Woman for sure have it harder in the day to day life style

  • Harassment is actually a thing

    Okay, in terms of sexual harassment, girl have it 1000000000000000x worse. Only men can rape women, not the other way around. And even if some woman frame people for rape, a lot of raped victims are also hiding the fact from fear. Also, men are not the only hard workers. Although it is a general stereotype that men have to do all the work in the family and women are just housewives, women can also bring a decent amount of money to the family. And without some women, the house wouldn't survive. Boys are very sexist to girls too. Such Phrases as "girls can't run" and "girls are dumb" are heard a lot. Women are also judged too much. If a man has sex with a women, their friends say "SCOREEEEEE", in the meantime, girls get called sluts and whores. So women have it harder.

  • N.O. Women have it harder!

    Do you men have cramps every month, no. When u men have a headache its the end of the world. Well guess what thats every month to us girls. Women get paid less then men by either a small difference or a big difference depending on the job. Which means it is unfair and not equal. Lets say that was the same for punishment. Lets say a boy pulled the fire alarm and a girl pulled the fire alarm after. The punishment would be that the boy gets suspended for a weed but the girl gets suspended for 2 weeks. Thats basically the same as the money gap. So no it is not harder for men. You don't have to give birth, you don't have to deal with sexism. Have you ever had a parent tell you that you can't go outside or to your friends cuz u can get raped. No you haven't. That is my point exactly.

  • No equal pay

    Woman haven't had equal pay in forever. To top it off there's cat calling and harassment. We wouldn't have this problem if guys treated us as equal human beings and not objects. Woman are not these delicate flowers society wants us to be. We are strong, but recently people feel the need to comment on our body. It's not your body

  • No no no

    Women have periods, boobs, give birth. They get treated like animals. They get raped and can get pregnant and that doesn't happen to a man. Women Have to shave and go through more emotions then men. And most of us have more hair to take care of then men and are always supposed to look "perfect" all the time

  • Women still have it much worse than men

    Women have to deal with the constant pressure of being seen as the weaker, inferior gender. Women have higher chances of being raped or abused. Plus we have to deal with the miracle of childbirth, where they basically have a melon come out of a quarter size hole that could be cut opened or ripped. The pain is astonishing and many things can go wrong. Women in many countries are still treated as nothing less than sex objects with no rights. So do men still have it harder than women? No, they never did.

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