• Men do have it far worse than women today.

    All one has to do is look at how many times a woman has ended a mans career over calms of gender harassment without there being any proof that shows it really happened. In today's world the man is assumed to be always guilty no matter what the evidence or circumstances. We have come full circle in today's world and now white males are decremented against more often than not. When is last time anybody called into question a woman or minority clamming harassment ?????

  • Oh yes, most definetely.

    Even of men within the younger age range, life has really started to become extremely difficult, what with all the greyscale and hateful society and all that. Whatever happened to the peace and simplicity that we once had? Some day, some day, I will help bring it back...Paint the whole world red with love instead of blind hate in the world again.

  • Feminism destroys society

    Men are Men and Women are Women. There shouldn't be any in between. Some women these days are so convinced that we should have equal rights as men. We demean men's role in society. If you think about it, women deserve rights such as opening the door for them and such. But women have trouble humbling themselves to let the men protect them or help them out. Our society is struggling in that area but I have hope that it will get better.

  • Kinda, if you think about it

    Because men are more aware of periods, the pain of childbirth, plus women do feel emotions more intensely, women intend to use these as a reason to value women more than men, out of guilt that women go through more pain, plus the idea of childbirth make men feel less important, putting them in a debt, that makes men go through more stress, anxiety guilt. Because of these reasons, it's suppose to be normal for men to not care about their problems and to make more sacrifices, this isn't new, throughout history women's lives come before men. This puts more burden and anxiety on the man, plus mothers are way more appreciated than fathers, because of the obvious reason. But I don't think it's fair to men to not get a chance to prove they love their children as much as mom because of their bodies aren't made as women are, so they haft to work harder to prove their worthy as much as women, because let's be honest, it's easy to answer "Do we women?" and way harder to answer "Do we need men?". I just want it equal, were the man tries to go through as much pain as women, so they can be just as important.

  • Men definitely have it harder.

    Men are the victims of homicide and other violent crimes more then women. Men are raped more than women (if you count prison.) Men are just as likely to be victims of domestic abuse yet they receive 0 support. Gender bias in court is 6 times as strong as racial bias and that gender bias is against men ( 90% of all prison inmates are male.) 63% of media portrayals of men are negative. Mose suicides are male. Most combat deaths are male. Most workplace fatalities are male. Most homicide victims are male. Not only this but women have MORE rights then women. Firstly there's the draft ( do I even have to say anything else in it). A women has the choice to opt out of parenting, a man does not. Welp, that was just a bunch of random ways men have it worse. I probs forgot some.

  • Yes men have life harder than women

    Not only do women get beat by there man , but men also get beat and the women use the excuse that they cant hit women and that it is illegal and they can go to jail and most men are gullible and do what ever there women say and dont hit them back

  • Without a doubt.

    It's not even debatable. When women want to talk about male privilege, please send them this link > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < <

  • They keep reminding us about birthpains, and they forget that it gets easier and easier.

    Ladies night, free drinks? In my country its ridiculous cause alcohol is expensive. A pretty woman can expect help and opportunities everywhere. A handsome man gets hated on because well, the competition can't let him have everything yea? Women have it all when they are young and pretty, men have can only rely on ability regardless of looks. Once a woman gets married, its pretty much end game, cushy life, and the males stuck in slavery providing. Childbirth gets easier the more you do it btw. And sex is more pleasurable for women, so that unfair bit is invalid.

  • Yes I Agree

    More men are raped if you count the ones in prison, men get basically no support when they're victims of domestic violence, mem lose custody of their children more than 80% of the time and when a man accuses a woman of raping him he is not taken seriously but women are

  • In Developed Western Countries

    Men now have it much harder. This is a fairly recent shift from the old days when men were respected by society in recognition of their sacfrices in the military, on the battlefield, giving up bachelorhood to start a family (despite being driven by evolution to spread his seed far and wide, not settle down), as well as being required(as sole breadwinner) to support that family financially. Society had in those days a means of partially repaying men who settled down with money called dowrys. This was a recognition of their sacrifice. In these times we still do something but the exact inverse: we pay women to marry men, have children, and then leave them penniless. This payment is called either child support, alimony, or divorce settlement. In summary, we used to pay men to start families, and we now pay women to destroy them. That's how powerful women have become legally, financially and socially in developed Western countries.

  • Of course NOT

    Women definitely have it harder because you have to act, look and do things to make yourself look good. Men don't necessarily have to do those. Men don't give birth or hear someone say,"you're pretty good for a girl" or anything like that. No one says," you're pretty good for a boy". Also, if girls weren't used to being around things that they haven't done, like some sports or doing things that are new, they'll be afraid! And so will guys if they were grew up like that.

  • If anything it's equally hard and that's a stretch,

    While I can see clear signs of male opression in society I am also throughly aware that men also have more privlages, better media representation, a higher hand in politics, an all time excuse when it comes to "boys will be boys" and military privlages as well. These priveliges outweigh the downfalls I think. But than the grass is always greener on the other side.

  • No, it's harder for women.

    First off, there exists a pay gap between women and men in many countries, such as the United States, where women earn about $0.95 for every $1.00 a man would make. Women additionally face more discrimination for positions with more power, such as managerial positions. While women are doing much, much better than they were in 1900 or 1950, there is still much room to go.
    Second off, women are still expected to take the brunt of raising children. This can amount to multiple hours of childcare a day if they're lucky enough to get a reasonably inexpensive daycare, which is stressing and tedious, and if they cannot then the job is bye-bye. Men do not take as much time to care for children or for housework, though this is trending (slowly) towards equality.

  • No, it's harder for women then men.

    Today I must argue that life is harder for women then men. Every man that comes into this world must be given birth to by a women and that is incredibly hard but from that moment on life becomes increasingly difficult for men. The question of whether life is harder for men than it is for women is really dumb and I'm glad you didn't ask that.

  • It goes both ways

    While women have to deal with social standards (makeup, shaving, being skinny, etc. in order to be considered "pretty") men aren't aloud to wear makeup or dress feminine in order to be considered "manly". Most social standards can go both ways but as a women, I'll just list some other crap females have to deal with: periods, cramps, mood swings (getting emotional really easily, we honestly can't help it), boobs (they're like genitals for women, getting hit feels like you're being stabbed. That and they're really inconvenient and heavy), cat calling, being seen as the "weaker sex", being sexualized (I know men deal with it too but it's pretty common for women especially in advertising and video games), on average having less muscle then men.

  • Women definitely have it harder

    Whilst I can see how some men have it difficult I really don't think they have it harder than women. Women around the world are still fighting for equality for basic rights such as driving a car in parts of the Middle East. Even in the western society men have it easier. They can be fat and ugly and still succeed. A woman must be thin and beautiful or she'll be teased and cast aside. Not fair at all that women also have the pressure of having to wax or shave all her body hair while men can be completely covered in hair. Abuse happens to both genders yes, but when was the last time you heard of a case of a woman beating her male partner to death?

  • Running for president

    When Hillary Clinton was running for president it was clearly hard for her. Why? Because people really did not want a woman to "rule" over men. That her emotions would inflict on a decision she has to make. They think a woman can not control their emotions in serious situations.

  • Crack Open A History Book

    Supporting Evidence: All of History

    Women are valued only for their aesthetic beauty.
    Women's pants don't have pockets.
    Women change their name when marrying.
    Women change to "mrs" from "ms" when marrying.
    Women can't be single or they've failed thier life's purpose.
    Women can't have a lot of sexual partners or their a slut.
    Women have to spend hours putting on makeup, clothes, and jewelry if they want to look nice.
    Women on average have less muscle mass.
    Women are less likely to hold political office and be seen as a leader in general.
    Women aren't taught to be creative like men are raised to be.
    Women aren't supposed to play in the dirt when they're kids.
    Women have boring dolls when kids. Men have action figures as kids. Movies about women are women movies. Movies about men are movies.
    Video games are for men.
    Comedy is for men.
    Attention is for men.
    Intelligence is for men.
    Career success is for men.
    The world is for men.

    Honestly, if you think men have it harder, there's nothing I can do to help you. The world was made by men and designed by men to work for men.

  • It is equal

    Female have periods and make up to sort out where as males have potential charges of rape and careers that could be ended by it all. This makes it equal and everyone has their own views but overall life as male of female is equally as hard but in different way.

  • Women have it harder from a man.

    Women are caked out of their names but can you think of something to call a man. We aren't talking about birth pains or anything just sexism. Sexism is serious of course men have their problems but do men have to go every day hearing the gender bring called bs and ho&s and slu&s gosh and famous guys are always soaking about women like tops or something. Posting pics of girls buts and everything. In porn you see the dumb titles like slut gets fuc*ed by guy. Really the guy is showing his parts too so y do we get called out of our names. In foreign countries women are treated like toys sold and u say men are treated worser. I'm a man and I say no to that guts need to stop being butt hurt and admit girls are treated worse. How's can a guy same that getting hit in the balls is worse than having a period and giving BIRTH. It's so dumb like go to buzzfeed guys try birth pains and see how the handle it. Goodness this world.

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