• Yes Life is a machine

    We are born into this world, only to become a part of the machine. The machine is how the world works. Grow up, go to school, become good at one job, spend the rest of your life doing that. And if we don't have that part, the machine breaks. America is a machine. A corperate machine. If you catch my drift?

  • Highly Intelligent Machines Can By Created

    Life is no different from a machine because robots that are similar to life can be created.

    It is not theoretically hard to build a human out of the elements that are common on Earth and probably common all throughout the universe. We don't even need all the elements that a person is made out of to create a robot/machine that is comparable to a human.

    It would not be hard for life to be accidentally created out in the universe from random pieces of matter smashing into each other. A machine that tries to stay in existence and can build varied copies of itself is not that unlikely to be created just by chance out in the universe.

    Humans are no different than an advanced machine.

  • A robot doesn't have emotions . Life does .

    All walks of life have emotions . Either is fearful , protection , and etc all life has emotion. Machines have no life at all , they are not genetically unique . They are man-made machines that helps us in our everyday needs . A machine needs a host to tell them what to do , but for us we control our own actions .

  • There is no heart behind a machine

    Even if we could create a machine to carry out human function we could never build one which follows life as we know it. Even though it is unclear whether emotions are real or not we cannot deny they have an affect on the way we live. Life would not be the same without our emotions and feelings and a machine can never be created with these types of limitations.

  • Fallacy of composition.

    A machine is the sum of its parts; anything that lives is necessarily more than the sum of its parts. When we do succeed in building a machine that can mimic all the functions of a living person, and beyond that too; we will still not be able to explain how its processes work; despite having built it from scratch.

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