• It Would Be Great If It Was

    Just imagine waking up from this life into another world. Where everyone is equal and free. Where there is no more war, conflict or anger. Just imagine another world where there is no poverty. Where no one is homeless, and no one dies due to hunger or thirst. Everyone has a home, money, a family and friends.

  • I'd like to say yes.

    Imagine our whole life being a dream. One day, when our dream is over, (which means our death), we just wake up from it all. We'd get the chance to open our eyes to a new world. It would change, practically everything. Therefore, I hope life actually does turn out to be one big dream, when it comes to certain things. I wouldn't like it if one day you wake up and realize your loved ones were never real.

  • Life is a dream

    I believe life is a dream because anything can happen in a dream whether it be expected or unexpected and the same could be said for real life and bothe real life and dreams can end up turning into a horrible nightmare in an instant. Life is not exactly what it appears to be...

  • Family and love ones

    No, I do not want to believe that life is just one big dream, simply because I don't want to wake up and be depressed releasing that my family and love ones, my hobby and all the fun things and experiences in life never really existed. And plus they say you only dream about things you've seen before, so life is not possibly a dream

  • No for a few, simple reasons

    Rules exist which govern our world. Laws of nature and change. These rules do not alter over time and are real. These laws still exist even for someone with no knowledge of them, proving that they are unchanging, even based on ones knowledge / experience. Lucid dreaming is a very cool thing. I love to be able to use my mind to fly, solve a real problem in my sleep via trial and error in my dreams, and just general creativity. Life is not lucid dreaming, however, and is reality.

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