• Life is Worth Living.

    There is a reason why everyone is here. There is a reason why you are here and not someone else instead of you. Make the most of this life - the things that can make you smile. Learn and love; learn to love. You may think you aren't worth it, but life is worth it. The world is vast and big, there are many things to discover and search for. Open your eyes and your mind and you will see that there is a whole world before you. Before your own eyes.

  • Shouldn't even have to be discussed

    Life is a luxury given to us and should not be taken granted of. It is evident the majority of individuals on this website are evidently "luckier" than most of the population of the world and those who disagree that life is worth living are expressing their selfish and ungrateful nature.

  • I consider life worth living.

    Life allows for opportunity and meaning, whereas the opposite, which I'm assuming is non existence, allows for nothing. Some days- hell, some years- I would rather not be alive for. I would rather skip them altogether. Life doesn't work like that. Life always changes, gets better or worse, even if it takes a while to seem it. I may sound naïve, but depression is cruel in that life seems unchanging and a constant dredge of crap being thrown at you every day, so much that it's not even worth resisting anymore. You don't have any good days. However, change always happens. If the alternative is non-existence, then I will live life every day, be it good or bad, because emotion is what makes life worth living.

  • Change Your Heart

    Life might give you lemons, but read all of these articles, and it will change your heart. Live life. It's always full of surprises. Dont kill yourself because of a stupid reason. If you would kill yourself, your sick. In fact, dont kill yourself for any reason!!! Live your life!!!

  • Find your reason.

    I have asked myself this question over and over and found no answer. But the thing is, if life is not worth it then why am i here, why am i not something else, somewhere else? Why am i a human full of capabilities and knowledge? Why do i get second chances to make things right? I think all of this is some kind of message or a sign from god telling me that there is a reason to my existence, even if i don't see it yet and this reason makes my life worth living because no one can fulfill this reason except for me. Live your life and try your best to find the reason for your existence because i know that's what i am doing.

  • Spend the day fishing!

    All you need to do is see the mist rise off the lake as the sun rises over the tops of white peaked mountain and if you don't see the beauty of life then you are blind. Too many times people looK at themselves and the expectations that mainly come from comparison to a repeating media drenched episode of keeping up with the jones! God can show a much simpler joy and peace with this life which is a trial and not the best it's gonna get! I plead will all you who said no face the challenges off life with contentment in any situation because God loves you so much that he even gave you the choice don't fall for this worlds lies and get out into the tangible and real wonder that spans our globe.

  • There isn't much of a point to live, but even less of a point to not live, so let's live.

    Whether you live or not will not make much of a difference in this universe, or even on Earth (if you are a normal person. Some people really change things). We all started from tiny microscopic chemical bubbles that became single-cellular organisms that then evolved into multi-cellular organisms. Our world is petty, the little human system we created. Look at the vast universe. What is the point of anything existing? None! If it wasn't there, there will simply be nothing. There's nothing else to judge our universe for not existing/ existing, and even if there is, what if they didn't exist? What if there's nothing, then what would it matter if there was something? Only to the being confined in that something, but for all the other nothing, IT DOESN'T MATTER!
    On that note, what is the point of anything NOT existing? You can argue the point of the WHOLE UNIVERSE EXISTING, I guess, but there is no way to argue the point of the whole universe NOT existing. Same way there is not much reason to not live, so since you and me are alive (hopefully), why don't we just stay alive?

  • Life is worth it.

    Some people said life was useless and that there is no purpose. I believe that there is a purpose to live. I sometimes think : there is no point of life I am nothing this world is useless , but then I think there must be a purpose to life or why would there be life? Fun, love, hope, I know it sounds lame but it surrounds everything we do we go t school so we can go to work so we can make money so we can LIVE. W hat do you think makes everyone else tick? They all have a goal to strive for.

  • Yes. Life is a cruel but gratifiying game.

    There have been times in my life where I have quesioned the morality of the world and how so many bad things could happen to so many good people? But whenever I ask this question I find myself relaying back to the notion that life isn't fair and that not everyone has the equal oppurtunities that other people have, and in reflecting upon this fact I find myself more gratified at the prospect of life and all the immense oppurtunities that it presents. While other people's lives may be better or worse than your own, you still have the power in a limited but large way to help those who are less fortunate. This is what truly drives me to the notion that this game that we call life is worth living.

  • When you were born...

    When you were born, gravity pulled you down every time you stood up. When life didn't give you lemons, you cried. When everyone left you, you were alone. But what did you do? You stood. You laughed. You loved. Life might not mean anything to you now, but it meant a hell of a lot to that child who worked hard to get you were you are now. They grew up believing , they had dreams. Reality let the little you down, but that doesn't mean you have to. When you were born you had nothing but beliefs. So believe.

  • The question is: Is it better to be alive or dead?

    Is it nobler to put up with all the nasty things that luck throws your way, or to fight against all those troubles by simply putting an end to them once and for all? Dying, sleeping—that’s all dying is—a sleep that ends all the heartache and shocks that life on earth gives us—that’s an achievement to wish for. To die, to sleep—to sleep, maybe to dream. Ah, but there’s the catch: in death’s sleep who knows what kind of dreams might come, after we’ve put the noise and commotion of life behind us. That’s certainly something to worry about. That’s the consideration that makes us stretch out our sufferings so long. After all, who would put up with all life’s humiliations—the abuse from superiors, the insults of arrogant men, the pangs of unrequited love, the inefficiency of the legal system, the rudeness of people in office, and the mistreatment good people have to take from bad—when you could simply take out your knife and call it quits? Who would choose to grunt and sweat through an exhausting life, unless they were afraid of something dreadful after death, the undiscovered country from which no visitor returns, which we wonder about without getting any answers from and which makes us stick to the evils we know rather than rush off to seek the ones we don’t? Fear of death makes us all cowards, and our natural boldness becomes weak with too much thinking. Actions that should be carried out at once get misdirected, and stop being actions at all.

  • Mostly selfish. Yes. Let's not fool ourselves, you can only help yourself.

    Seem like people, who clicked NO know life more, than majority of this humanity nowadays. What does it says to you, that you are here, putting a 'no' and making a perfect sense? To me sometimes, these moments are worth staying for awhile. It'll be over soon enough anyway. I just want to understand and to be entertained. Especially, if there are still people like you, the NOers making sense of it all for the sake of, well, simply making sense of it all.

    Why would I give a damn about my responsibility to humanity? I happen to live in one of largest meat grinders of the world - London, UK. What I see is ugliness and not the greatness of this city. It's a rat race even when it's a holiday, hurry up to have a good time and drink yourself to death. Pathetic picture of a modern world. No no no, I really don't give a damn about this "humanity". I really hope this breed will eradicate themselves soon.
    But I want to be there to watch it!
    I am the humble audience, I don't want to be a part of it, but I want to be, at least entertained.

  • No it's not

    I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have done a lot of thinking about the meaning of life which is that besides survival of the fittest, it has no meaning, everything we want to do is human gene or something society has created. There is no point to living, we won't accomplish anything, we won't live forever, we are constantly under stress which causes even more suffering. Even the happiest people ignore this fact that life has no meaning but they fake it acting like there is whether it's love, family, money, helping others, etc. in the end it doesn't matter because there was no point in our actions or in the long run...

  • To Live is eviL

    The purpose of your life is to merge with the opposite half of yourself, you have disguised them as someone else, someone you would never believe could actually be you. You lie to yourself so that you will fall for the illusion you create. Nothing does exist but only for the lone observer; for which the sheer volume of nothingness is deafening. We choose to consume our own essence just to experience something rather than nothing. For you to live, something must die. The something that died was once part of your very being, alive today. It was a pure and harmonious entity however it was unlived, unloved, untested and as yet unexplained.

    There is nothing we can do, the decision has already been made, we are already dead. We are witness, victim and perpetrator of the most beautiful yet most terrifying dream of death, convinced that it is reality. Our only salvation is the love we have for ourselves, if you cannot love yourself for the things you do, the things you say, the goodness you can give, then your life is not worth living, you will continue to suffer at the will of your own doing. We are yet to be born into reality, instead we have created an illusion which we could never attribute to our own making, nor reap reward or punishment for, keeping God as scapegoat. We are afraid that if we stop dreaming then life will end but it wont, it will actually begin for real!

    Life is not worth living if to do so is to be evil incarnate. Let me put this as easy to read as possible, At one point in time every single force in the known and unknown universe (uni=one + verse=song -onesong) was all contained within one space as it was necessary for its conscious to expand through the experience of indivduality, this single point of everything then literally exploded in all directions from the fear caused by its experience of nothingness. Since then we have continued our charge into the eternal abyss of darkness created by our own desire to be an individual.

    The truth is WE ARE ALL DAMNED TO SUFFER FOR ETERNITY IF WE CANNOT LEARN TO LOVE OUR TRUE SELF. How can I love myself when the atrocities of mankind scar my conscience, knowing that I am part of mankind and just as guilty for wanting to live, for needing to feel loved.

  • It is just worthless

    Whats the meaning of living? It is disturbed and the world is not getting any easier, better and happier. We are getting colder and darker day after day that it makes me wonder what am i lvinIg for? Thankful hearts are all gone. Living is bloodier than a war zone where ends cant be met any more. I seriously believe life is not worth living. Also, why i divorced cos my fiance wanted a child but i rejected giving him this life.

  • We suffer in life more than it's worth it

    Life is suffering. Every day is a struggle. For every happy memory we make there are countless numbers of hours of toil, hardships, and pain we must endure.
    Sentience is the worst aspect of a being human. From the moment we are able to comprehend the suffering and challenges of life most people begin to realize that it's really just not worth it all. Many will try and convince themselves that it's all worth it, that life is what you make it, that you choose your own destiny. But the destiny of 99% of us is a mundane routine of working 5 days a week with only 2 days of rest and relaxation (assuming you're not spending those 2 days running errands and doing chores).
    At the end of working the toil you're rewarded with living out your last 10+ years in pain as your body and mind slowly withers away and everything you once took joy in suddenly begins to offer little pleasure. Food starts tasting bland as your taste buds dissipate, sex and physical intimacy offers little to no pleasure as your sexual hormones are almost non-existent, playing sports and doing physical activity is met with pain and fear of falling, and where once video games was a huge source of entertainment it is now a source of headaches and frustration as your reflexes and fine motor skills no longer respond to the intricate coordination needed to play.

    The best years of our physical and mental capacity is spent slaving away for the corporations in order to make ends meet. It's a depressing cycle that we go through. And if not for my family I would have ended this sad state of affairs long ago.

  • We Will Never Know

    I Think we will never know if life is truly meaningful or meaningless. We do have paths we can take. Religion provides us with justification for our existance and a purpose; science tries to explain life. All we can do is pick a path. Science doesn't provide us with a rasion d'etre for existance. However, religion does but it is not answer questions it just covers them. I decide know because I think death is the ultimate consolation. Life is full of trials, illness, delusion, death, confusion, war,bigotry, uncertainty, jadedness, and our fragility. The worlds we create are small and weak and crumble with time, like all societies. Life has cycles that are repetitive: every living organism must die, all society must prosper and perish which will give rise to a better society that must meet this fall, the young will replace the old; diseases will keep adapting to our medicines; no matter how much we know we will never understand life. As humans we like to add needless intellectual complexity to make it seem like we know what life is all about but in reality we are lost in the whirlwind of life.

  • No it's not.

    The life human beings living is only by chance. Some people are born into horrible lives and will never leave that horrible life. Others are more fortunate than others they are born into wealthy families and will never have to worry about any thing. Life is all by chance anything and everything is chance. If you are popular or the person who could miss a day and nobody would notice. It's all by chance nothing more and nothing less.

  • Everything is broken.

    Human complacency will leave the world unchanged. Life now is sacrificing time to corporations to sustain a house that you are never in. This is not beautiful. Life wasn't meant to be this way. It's not a product of negativity, so much as the realization that all humans care for are material and irrelevant objects. Those who know how doomed We are, are written off as insane. Hating life is not selfish. It's objectively more selfish to expect someone to go on living for vague reasons. Humanity is a failure.

  • Lol of course it isn't, but.....

    Who really has the courage to jump or pull the trigger. Life is only worth it when you have money. Working a part time gig, getting into student loan debt, and etc are the exact reasons why life is worthless. Then religious people make you feel bad for wanting to commit suicide (which is ironic because tougee supposed to be responsible for your own life). Screw it all

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