• Life is Worth Living.

    There is a reason why everyone is here. There is a reason why you are here and not someone else instead of you. Make the most of this life - the things that can make you smile. Learn and love; learn to love. You may think you aren't worth it, but life is worth it. The world is vast and big, there are many things to discover and search for. Open your eyes and your mind and you will see that there is a whole world before you. Before your own eyes.

  • Shouldn't even have to be discussed

    Life is a luxury given to us and should not be taken granted of. It is evident the majority of individuals on this website are evidently "luckier" than most of the population of the world and those who disagree that life is worth living are expressing their selfish and ungrateful nature.

  • I said yes, but yet, I'm not quite shore.

    Is it really worth living? I mean, if you believe in heaven, than why don't you just skip this life that makes you hurt and cry more times than it makes you smile and laugh? But if you don't believe in God than why do you think you are doing all this for? What do you tell yourself everyday to make yourself carry on? What do you hold on to? Because it's kind of worthless, a life. You live, you die, you're forgotten. 200 hundred years from now nobody will even know you were here. You are nothing to the world. Kind of ridiculous right? But yet, I said yes and I'm not shore why. Maybe the question is..Why not live it? Try to make the most of it? Hurt sometimes, but hold on to all the little things that make you smile. I believe that if it is worth living, love is the only thing that makes it like that. People I love are the reason I keep living every day even though I don't know my place in this world or the reason I'm here. Maybe it's not worth living, but I'm always gonna keep living it because of my loved ones.

  • Life sucks, But I want to live until the end.

    Life may be a blessing to some people but for me and many people, it is a curse. I'm a merely 17 years old boy who were born with ADHD and a very short memory, which hinders my ability to learn. Life is hard since you always have to live up to people's expectation. You have to go to school, you have to get good grades, you have to grow up, you have to go to university, you have to work and if you don't...?

    You will die

    I hate my life. I can't do what I really wanted to do. I always escape to the world of video games and anime because it always take my mind off things. The world as it present in video games and anime is much more beautiful than real world. When bad things happens, some people always stands up for the right thing. While in real world I watch as about 5 people slip in front of me in my lunch queue. Some guy did say something to them but all he get was a laugh from everyone around him. Life is indeed a dark and nasty place.

    Life sucks

    So why don't I just kill myself ? I've been asking the same question again and again. Surely a strike to a carotid artery in your neck with sharp object will probably kill me quicker than someone could save me.

    I still have hope.

    Every cloud has a silver lining. Thousands of people may die from lightning trying to search for it but I'm willing to take that risk. I can kill myself any time if I ever became tired of my life. But once I stab myself in the neck there's no turning back. I wanted to continue living until I can't live anymore. I wanted to risk everything I had to see all the good that may come in the unforeseeable future. Life may be the worst thing that ever happened to me but that doesn't mean there's nothing good in it. It may sounded childish wishing for a 'happy ending'. But I will never know unless I tried

    Perhaps... I will have a girlfriend one day :)

  • It is hard but it is amazing.

    I would love for this life to be all happy times, but if I couldn't make it past hard times then what gives me the right to complain. There people far less fortunate than me smiling right now. To them my problems are small and yet they smile. I believe life can be hard, but there are moments that are precious the first love, first child, true friends who will be with you till the end, and just those moments of wow. Those moments when you see something and you think wow that was amazing. That moment can be anything someone helping someone they don't know, something beautiful and amazing, or just the fact that we are even alive. Throughout you're life you'll make mistakes and people will be cruel but you can make it better. YOU have the ability to make life enjoyable. That is the true beauty of life, we can make it better.

  • Linger a little while longer in this world maybe you'll find something of value

    I said yes only because I feel it's the right thing to say, definitely not because I truly believe it myself. Personally I think everything in life, in this cursed world is pointless. Life is only good or great depending upon what country you're born in, what race you are and what gender you are. However, with all that being said one does not know what is to come after death and just about all religions agree that suicide is horribly wrong so I suppose rather than hastening getting to the end it's better to linger around living because there always the possibility of finding something worthwhile.

  • Life is beautiful.

    I think life has a lot of nice things, such as many fun things to experience and see and also to have many relationships with people. Lots of learning from life such as how to make friends and how to be independent and what fun and nice things to do.

  • Yes and No.

    Life is full of joy, laughter, pain, suffering, love, anger, hate, and pretty much every other emotion out there. It differs on what life you live, and if you are happy with it. I understand there are people born slaves, poor, or abused, and they deserve to be happy. But there is always a silver lining to something, and that includes life.

  • Are you serious? Of course it is.

    “Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.” Its better to have a chance to enjoy life, then to never exist at all. As a human there is nothing else we know besides living, one cannot comprehend not existing. Set goals, take chances, and never give up. Honestly, its not about the end but about what you experience. Rather than saying, "woe is me" change how you live or how you face this world. It's all up to you.

  • Yes AND no

    Life is an opportunity, it's a chance forced upon you to do something with your 'life'. You can enjoy it and have fun, do all kinds of cool stuff, have dreams and ambitions, do whatever you please, it is YOUR life. It's worth living if you have something to live FOR.

    But don't forget that if you have nothing worth living for and that if you're certain that no day will be better than the memories you already have, it becomes optional. Life isn't a gift, it's nature, it's something that gets forced upon you wether you like it or not. So you have every right to do with it what you want, be it continuing a long, boring life in hope for better days, or stopping it entirely.

    It's your life, your choice.

  • The question is: Is it better to be alive or dead?

    Is it nobler to put up with all the nasty things that luck throws your way, or to fight against all those troubles by simply putting an end to them once and for all? Dying, sleeping—that’s all dying is—a sleep that ends all the heartache and shocks that life on earth gives us—that’s an achievement to wish for. To die, to sleep—to sleep, maybe to dream. Ah, but there’s the catch: in death’s sleep who knows what kind of dreams might come, after we’ve put the noise and commotion of life behind us. That’s certainly something to worry about. That’s the consideration that makes us stretch out our sufferings so long. After all, who would put up with all life’s humiliations—the abuse from superiors, the insults of arrogant men, the pangs of unrequited love, the inefficiency of the legal system, the rudeness of people in office, and the mistreatment good people have to take from bad—when you could simply take out your knife and call it quits? Who would choose to grunt and sweat through an exhausting life, unless they were afraid of something dreadful after death, the undiscovered country from which no visitor returns, which we wonder about without getting any answers from and which makes us stick to the evils we know rather than rush off to seek the ones we don’t? Fear of death makes us all cowards, and our natural boldness becomes weak with too much thinking. Actions that should be carried out at once get misdirected, and stop being actions at all.

  • Pointless, ever-frustrating and boring... So god damn boring !

    Laughing at people having dreams "I wanna do this, I wanna become that, how could you even live life without a dream ? I couldn't live like that, life would be pointless." Or would it ? That's what most people believe, too bad they can't see over their 80 years of life.. Oh you have to become a manager, you have to become the president... You might as well become the absolute king of the universe ... And it would still be pointless, why would anything that you ever did here matter after you die ? What's the point of even finding the cure for cancer after you stop existing ? They'll just laugh at you in 1000 years if humanity still exists "oh, took him 50 years of his life to find it, we could have done it in 2 days", just how you probably don't care who did what years ago and even if you did, well he/she probably also doesn't care that much... Cause there's no he or she anymore. Just as somebody said here, you'll never do anything memorable, want to waste time and energy ? Fine, have it your way, but it seems to be pointless, you might as well have fun, but what is this fun we're talking about ? I hope I'm not the only one who finds life utterly boring, you can't really do many things that bring you pleasure, but, boy, there are a lot of things that can bring you frustration, from being raped to having some nasty disease, unlike good things, bad things seem to be more than enough. So, what keeps you guys alive ? To me there is nothing in this world worth the effort, good thing there are lots of places where the mind can go, interesting places, far away from this disappointing reality, of course there are risks and the government will hate you for it, you might even go to jail depending on how you do it so you can be "rehabed" by stupid people, cause remember: governments care more about maintaining today's society's balance where people are still "productive" than for people's actual freedom.

  • It's all work with small rewards

    We work so hard at our careers, our families, our love lives and our friendships. We live in a world plaques with instability, lies and constant ups and downs. Am I to be grateful for the opportunity to suffer more than I enjoy. Pleasurable moments are fleeing. People say they live you but are so drained by life that they can barely express it. People can be mean and selfish and make you feel like a failure, or worthless, disposable or like a burden. When things go well, it's a matter of time before yet another travesty strikes. So why do we work so hard at all of this for all of that?

  • Hurts to say but...

    Life is not worth the trouble. Now, this isn't true for everyone or many successful people. But for many of us, it's painfully accurate. We're born into a life which we never had any say in, forced to live in boxes until we're 18, and then we either flourish or crash hard. If you flourish in life, then you should be proud because its not easy to master. Which is the really sad part about it, is that ultimately it is a game. If you fail the game, there's no "game over" button. You have 50-70 years of eternity to think about the mistakes you've made. For many people, that's not worth the hassle. Moreover, when everyone demands perfection, the farther away you are the worse off your life will be. Maybe for some of us this world will eventually make sense, but for many of us we won't make it out in the end..

  • It is best to never be born in first place

    This has nothing to do with suicide. Plenty people wish they did not exist yet cannot do it. It is not proof of lack of conviction. " I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” ― Mark Twain The only reason I can see that this debate persists is the influence of religious beliefs and an ingrained human propensity to rationalize what we are powerless to improve. Life is brigaded with toil, worry, disappointment, envy, frustration, war, poverty, injustice, genocide, bigotry, natural and unpredictable calamities, crime, persons who greatly irritate us everywhere and all the time no matter what our beliefs are, illnesses, conscription, violations of our rights no matter how differently we may define them, human trafficking, hypocrisy - you get the point. It inevitably ends on a death bed with sickness, hopelessness, dread, fear and then non existence. When that comes it will not comfort you that you have family; nor that you have possessions that seemed indispensable when you acquired them nor that 30 years before you went on a sumptuous, dream like, opulent, decadent vacation in a tropical paradise. You will want to not die and will rage against it. Within two generations no one will remain who recalls your name or profession as if you never existed. Eventually your grave may be disturbed by archaeologists who poke at your bones as if you were never human. Return to the Twain quote.

  • Yes, it is.

    Only because it's the universe experiencing itself, might as well right, and things might get better, we might realize more through science in the future. Cognitive neuroscience and quantum physics might help us understand things we would've never known if we all killed ourselves or just had fun and didn't do anything productive

  • Pointless and disappointing

    All we ever do on earth is have accomplishments, get praised for them, die, be forgotten forever. That is the cycle that every person will go through, no one will remember you until the end of time. You live and make an impact in someway ( not always good either) then die. There's no other way. Everybody will die and that's that. The amount of time it will take varies obviously for every individual. Also when i consider the fact that mental illness has affected me (depression) for a good portion of my life is most of the reason for my answer. Obviously i'm going to die eventually but as soon as i start thinking about taking my own life, it just opens my mind up and shows me that life for me has been disappointing and pointless as any contributions i make now in my time will never be praised or remembered by others, let alone my existence.

  • No it isn't

    We are nothing more than stardust formed through years upon years and now we begin and end. In time, the search for why and the answers deemed worthy become default by design. There are no reasons to why for anything. Fundamentally, it's a choice. A choice reached through experiences to answer this question in front of us now. I will say, anyone with a brain will say no. Because we have no reasons shown to us in evidence and data that leads us to believe we had a significant reason to why we were born. Even our birth is a choice. The act of two people to decide to have sexual relations. As was those two peoples reasons they came two be was a choice others made for them. So how can free will truly exist for anyone if our lives began with out our own consent? It doesn't. We are formed by other peoples choices. Our identity is fundamentally based in that aspect, too. Sure, we have a choice to be happy or not, loved or hurt by others choices, but we individually did not choose their choice to cause us to choose for ourselves. There is no point in life with out free will to live it. And there is absolutely no free will here.

  • You will do nothing memorable so have fun

    Simply whoever you are, whatever you do or want to do you will not be remembered and you are completely pointless because in a million years (a relatively small space of time for the universe) no-one will have known you'll have even lived whatever you do whoever you are and you will have no legacy. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF AFTER READING THIS, LIFE IS ABOUT HAVING FUN AND YOU SHOULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANT

  • Why Even Bother

    This is my day. I wake up, tired at 7:00. I got to school, tired all day and then have basketball practice. Go home, do homework, and on some days I have basketball again. Then I go to sleep. There is no fun in that day. The obvious awnser is no. I am 12, so popularity sucks. You can't be yourself or you will be judged.
    Anyways, no. Life is not worth living. Why do people slave all day, some get minimum wage, just to get by. Some people live in huge mansions, literally swimming in money, while others are rotting on the streets, begging, with people laughing at them. Also, you are born, go through school, then you have to get a job and work every day. There is no room for fun. How are kids fun. They are just an extra mouth to feed, more money and what do they give you in return. Nothing.
    My point is, everyone is going to die, you are going to see everyone you love and care about die, and you could go to hell. G-d is cruel for trapping us on Earth, with not enough water and other resources. Everyone puts in so much, but what do we really get out? From what I can tell it is pain and suffering, stress and sadness. No one will remember us, or ever appreciate us. Most people work every day, and come home tired. The people that we remember are the ones that put in no effort at all, and have so much more money than us.
    I mean, life is like a sick game. You see the light, or the end, but then you have to move you piece back. That happens for a while, but you keep on trying. Then you get to the end, the light at the end of a tunnel. Turns out that the light is just the beginning of a new chapter called death. I really don't want to play this game.
    What is this really for anyways. I mean it is like you are a football player. You have been working hard on your whole life, to get a shot at the pros. You get your shot for one game. You do okay, not completely satisfied. Then, coach releases is you. You work you whole life, and then you get a sliver of happiness an then you die.

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