• Yes it could be possible for same-sex people to reproduce

    Recently research has provide a evidence that we can reprogram skin cells into egg cells or sperm cells. It has been effectively work only in mice but in the far future it might be possible to be tested in human. However human anatomy is much more complex than a mice.
    If this could work on human then babies can be born from single parents or same sex parents.

  • What kind of question is that? Of course not.

    Not only would the world be a really shitty place if all women disappeared (yes, even shittier than now). We'd probably be plenty of years behind in technological advancement. But also, obviously, there cannot be life with only 1 gender. Were all the women to be gone, humanity would last until all of the men died off and then there's nothing. This question is silly since while women can't create life by themselves, men cannot either. We need each other to survive as a species, deal with it.

  • Not to my knowledge.

    Theoretically, we could clone people using an artificial womb, but to the best of my knowledge, we have not developed it yet. The big issue is the genetic time clock. Over time, the ends of our DNA called telomeres get shorter. Once they are gone, our cells have issues with reproducing. That means if they use cells from an adult for cloning, part of the cells life has already expired so that the age of the donor would be subtracted from the the age the clone will live to. For instance, if a person was 50 when they donated cells but died of old age at 90, the cloned baby would likely die at 40 because it's cells could not reproduce properly.
    Thing is, I can't say that this technology doesn't exist. For all I know, other countries, or even this country, may have been secretly doing this for a long time despite it being banned.

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