Is limiting the amount of screen time preschoolers have important for their future health?

  • I agree that preschoolers should have limits set for the television, because too much TV time, or the wrong types of programs, can have a negative effect on their health and brain development.

    It is reported in many different scientific studies that television is not good for preschoolers. They need parental interaction and time to investigate their environment and play. This is very important for their brain development. The more that preschoolers watch TV, the more likely they are to do poorly, academically, later on. Too much TV might also overstimulate them, causing short attention and hyperactivity. You also need to monitor what they watch when they do watch it, so they are not being influenced by the wrong things.

    Posted by: UnadvisedLeif
  • Yes, limiting the amount of screen time preschoolers have is important for their future health, because there are other activities that they should be involved in.

    I grew up to the echoes of "get away from that screen before you go blind", so I suspect that screen time, video game time, and Internet time should be limited. Preschoolers need to take time to play with blocks, trucks, dolls, and other toys, in order to develop into healthy children and adults.

    Posted by: SuccinctDerek96
  • Watching too much TV is bad for little kids, because it causes them to be less active.

    Kids that watch too much TV are less active than those who don't watch TV. There are a few ways that this affects their future health. First, it has been shown that the more sedentary a person is, the more likely it is that they are obese. Obesity causes many health problems. Another way that too much TV affects preschoolers is in their physical development. Kids of that age are learning how to run, jump and general coordination. Less practice means less development.

    Posted by: babiekanga
  • Yes, because humankind did not evolve to become couch potatoes.

    Making young children couch potatoes robs them of the exercise they desperately need and the motor skill development they should be developing. Teaching young children to gain entertainment by sitting in front of a screen, whether it's a computer or TV, also makes them focus on an artificial world, instead of the real world for gratification, while also exposing their brain to the fast paced digital presentations, likely a factor in the shorter public attention span and rise of Attention Deficit Disorder. Limiting screen time allows them to develop healthy activity patterns that reduce obesity and encourage normal brain development.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • The amount of screen time preschoolers have should be limited because it's important for their future health.

    I believe so much more can be gained by not watching a lot of television, especially for those with developing minds. A simple activity such as playing outside can benefit a preschooler. The child will be socially engaged and form bonds with others. His/her mind will be stimulated and the creativity will blossom. When you watch television, you're sort of cut off from people.

    Posted by: NervousThomas92
  • I definitely agree that we need to limit screen time for preschoolers, because they need to have more social experience at that age.

    Preschoolers these days are not going to know a world that will exist without the use of a computer. Let's face it, even at restaurants these days, everyone is on the phone, rather than enjoying the meal or conversing. Preschoolers need to be exposed to everything, as they get older, while making informative decisions. If we plant a good foundation early, it will benefit them. If they spend too much time in front of the screen, then they become less active and more unsociable.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • The amount of screen time preschoolers have should be limited, because they should be encouraged to do physical activities instead.

    The question is one of importance, as many preschoolers are watching too much television. There has been research done that shows children's vitamin D levels are very low. One reason could be that they are not outside enough, because they are too busy watching television or playing video games. This is not a healthy lifestyle.

    Posted by: PerfectBenton
  • Limiting the amount of screen time for children is important, because they learn a lot of vital skills from interaction with peers.

    While there are many games and television shows made to be educational or beneficial for small children, their time in front of the screen still needs to be limited. Studies show that children are happier and better adjusted when they have been able to interact with other children, and can socialize relatively freely.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • I believe limiting television and video games is important to a child's well-being, because the longer they spend on these activities, the longer they spend away from other activities with proven positive benefits.

    There have been numerous studies that cite TV as the cause for sleep problems, poor grades, and weight problems in children. Other studies have shown a link between exposure to media violence and future violent behavior. Less television ensures that kids have the opportunity to engage in more positive activities, such as spending time with family, engaging in extracurricular sports, and reading.

    Posted by: GapingAdalberto
  • Limiting the amount of screen time preschoolers have really makes no difference, because what matters is what you do with the rest of the time.

    Many parents think that limiting the amount of screen time will make a preschooler healthy. However, even if you limit the screen time, it will not mean that the child will get the exercise that he or she needs. If the parents make sure that children take part in plenty of well-rounded activities, then the child will be healthy.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I disagree that limiting screen time for preschoolers is important for their future health, because there are plenty of beneficial programs to watch.

    I don't think that limiting screen time for preschoolers actually affects their health, as long as what they are watching is child-appropriate, and they are sitting at a safe distance from the television. Television programs for children are now incorporating physical activities into their shows. Children tend to jump up and down with the program. This occurs more often with the parents encouraging it. There are many things that a child can watch. It's not the screen time that affects the child, but what they are watching.

    Posted by: 5hinySve

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