• Great player, but definitely overrated.

    How well has Messi performed for Argentina where the players there a little bit more reluctant to play his one-twos and the midfield is not as adept as Barcelona at keeping the ball? Messi is the point of a very sharp spearhead but that spear was wielded by the definitive soccer team of the late 2000's.

  • Definetly the most overrated player ever.

    He is not even at the level of Zidane or Iniesta. CR7 is on completely on another chart, faster than messi, with bigger peace, complete player, better defender, better mind on the pitch. Is like comparing borriello with ibrahimovic.
    Simply uefa and platini and all the fifa is simply in love with this kid, described as perfect boy with good soul, while cr7 the arrogant rich swagger, while actually is the opposite

  • Great player ruined by fake fans and media.

    WC 2014 was supposed to be THE test in putting to rest the eternal argument of Messi v Maradona. Argentina struggled in every single match, despite having arguably the easiest road to the final: O.G. Against Bosnia and last-minute goal, last-minute goal against Iran, not decent match they had was against Nigeria. Messi is a product of the Barca system and he struggles outside of it. This is shown by his lack of silverware in international competitions. He used to be the greatest player on the planet, but teams have figured him out. Add in the fact that Neuer had more completed passes than Messi and his constant stubborn refusal to run when the ball is not at his feet not only takes away from his performances but also his status as a professional soccer team player.

    Great player but should never be compared to the likes of Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo.

  • HGH and Selfishness

    Messi is an amazing dribbler who didn't have to deal with the difficulties in maintaining childhood athletic talent through puberty due to his HGH prescriptions funded by Barcelona. He knows how to score goals but also just walks around the pitch and is one of these players who has been given preferential treatment his entire career. He is impressive at the club level and in champions league, but his decision to wing the ball into the stands at the last free kick during the world cup has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. You really need to lob that into the box and give your team a chance to win (anything can happen in these situations). Good player but 100% overrated and I've been saying it since day one.

  • Messi not there when it really matters

    The greatness of a player is directly related to how he performs when it matters the most. Argentina vs. Germany FIFA World Cup 2014. Unremarkable performance in the most crucial moment of his career...Need I say more? No conviction in his eyes, no passion in his game no fire in his delivery....No heart no goals nada Pura paja.....

  • Messi not there when it really matters

    The greatness of a player is directly related to how he performs when it matters the most. Argentina vs. Germany FIFA World Cup 2014. Unremarkable performance in the most crucial moment of his career...Need I say more? No conviction in his eyes, no passion in his game no fire in his delivery....No heart no goals nada Pura paja.....

  • Highly overrated player

    Here's a funny stat the neur had more completed passes than messi this world cup. He shines against the minnows I'll give him that but in he's Casper the friendly ghost in big games both in club level and international. His fan base is made up largely of band waggoners, it's gonna be funny to see what's gonna happen when these mindless sheep will find another player to call "the greatest ever".

  • He is overrated.

    He is a pretty boss player... But not the greatest of all time. He just lost the World Cup against Germany, and looked extremely tired. Nevertheless , he will continued to be overrated by coaches and other people. Yet, he is my favoriite player. But he is definitely overrated, no doubt.

  • He is overrated

    He's an incredible player but he is definitely overrated. Like many greats across many categories, he is overrated by his fans but he is also overrated by pundits, coaches etc. He's just over half way through his career, if that, and people are already calling him the greatest of all time. Hold the phone, we're talking about a player who has 1 World Cup goal, NO international silverware and no experience outside of Barcelona let alone La Liga. He quite literally grew up with the greatest midfield duo of the last 30 years and has been in a team constantly stacked with world-class talent. Hell yeah he is overrated.

  • Is he really the best?

    Well I think that Lio Messi is a exceptional player. Somewhat similar to Yaya Toure. But all his talent Is coming from the world class passers at Barca. Barca passers wait for Lio Messi to get in a position that enables them to get a counter attack.This superstar (supposedly) takes advantage of the weaker teams in La Liga to get the goals that he is praised for. However in big matches like Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid or teams of a high calibre he fails to produce.In 2 world cups he left with no silverware and 1 goal.With rather easy opponents. He is no where near the greats of all time or the greats of the last 4 years. Messi should thank the media for 4 balon dor. I think messi has a mainly fake fan bass which gives him a leg.

  • No he is not.

    Messi is not overrated in the least! Messi is god. He beats Renaldo any day of the week. He has the record for the most goals in a year which he will break again when the World Cup comes around and he and Argentina win. I'm so excited to see my god play more soccer!

  • Messi is one of the best of all time

    Messi has achieved all there is in world football. The greats he is always being compared to were amazing but also over rated. Maradona was amazing but his career was shorter than messi's.Club football is also at a higher level than international football. Messi has proved in club football that he is the best there is and by a large margin. During the 2014 world cup he showed he was a world class player worthy of being crowned the best there is and was. He created 21 goal scoreing chances, more than anyone else in the world cup, he also had a total of 46 successful dribbles compared to Arjen Robbens 29. The legends of the past are fantastic but to be fair to messi the game has gotten better and more competitive, human beings have a tendency to romanticise the past aswell.

  • Not overrated, incredible.

    What he does for barca and Argentina is incredible. It has never been done not dublicated by any player ever. The GOAT. I think that watching him play is an absolute privilege that we all should be extremely thankful for. I'm just in awe of everything he does in soccer.

  • He is not overrated

    He broke so many records and and he is still breaking records and will continue braking them he is the best player in the history with his great finish and accurate passing and shooting and he got a great strength compared to other players his size take the opinion of a lot legends and great players and football personalities like zanietti and maldini and wenger who all said he is the best footballer ever

  • Listen to the opinions of the experts

    The ones saying 'yes he is overrated' are just fans who watch football on tv and are as good as any other critic. Believe in what the greats of the game have themselves said about Messi. Pirlo, Pele, Maradona, Ribery, Zlatan.....All of them are world class players and have played the game at the highest level, and their understanding is way more than the goons on the other side of this column barking that "Messi is overated". Your choice, believe the ones to have played alongside Leo or the ones who have just seen him on tv.

  • Lionel Messi is not overrated

    Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the World. He is a player who makes his team better. He also has lead his teams to victories in many different leagues. He has had some decent World Cup experience helping to lead his team past the initial round of pool play.

  • One just need to look at the stats

    Messi cant be underrated there is no player in the world of futbol that he can be compared. Yes not even ronaldo. One must watch the games were he plays and not the highlights to see how different messi plays. Messi . Does more with less. Every time he touch the ball makes a difference

  • Messi is god

    He is the greatest of all time remember maradona winning th UCL or pele playing at Europe no. He had a ok world cup don't you think its hard to play 60 games in a season and turn out for a world cup and perform at his best.I believe he is the best there is.

  • Hugh Janus !

    Tbf he does have height on his side- at 5'6 he is one of the tallest footballers around and really, he has a mass of bulk muscle on his side too. Even if messi isn't the best ability, he clearly is the biggest. Overall I believe in what I just said!

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