• Not exactly outstanding

    I may be too old to enjoy such things of course, but this latest offering from Logic doesn't seem a great deal different from most of the other stuff of its type available today - unless you discount the first track which appears to be spoken backwards! I think "over-hyped" is probably an understatement judging by the amount of publicity which surrounds the release.

  • Yes, it is overhyped.

    Mix tapes are always overhyped as a rule. Very few mixtapes and albums are as life changing and earth shattering as the hype crew says they are. But if they weren't no one would buy them. So while this mixtape is overhyped, it is still good and fans of Logic will still enjoy it.

  • Logic has released a new mixtape and it's worth the media coverage

    The musician Logic released a new mixtape called "Bobby Tarantino" recently - a total surprise to both critics and fans alike, since its release was only casually mentioned on Twitter. Some may think this mixtape is overhyped, but I think justifiably so: it demonstrates a new sophistication that other musicians would do well to learn from.

  • Logic's musical style is different, but still good nonetheless.

    Logic's albums have been under-hyped if anything. His first album was overshadowed by the likes of Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, but his talent matches up with them. His second album was a stroke of genius, and yet was still overshadowed. I believe, if anything, he deserves more credit and hype for the work he does.

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