• It is very obvious that she is:

    There have been many people prosecuted for far less than what Hillary Clinton did. She is protecting her because likely because she will gain something out of it maybe another term as AG. The absolute worst part about it is that it shows those in the Washington Elite are subject to a different set of laws than the rest of us. Had this been anyone else you would have seen an indictment and charges. But Lynch was appointed by Obama who has endorsed Hillary for president. Please note that every time you bring this up the Hillary crowd immediately attempts to change the subject and move it over to Trump somehow.

  • Loretta Lynch is doing whatever she can in favor of Hillary Clinton

    The only reason that Loretta Lynch has not charged Hillary Clinton is either because she is liberal or Bill Clinton had a nice talk with her. Lynch knows that what she's doing is immoral, and she knows that Clinton should be prosecuted. It is unfortunate that people in such a position of power can be tainted like this.

  • Lynch will not step aside to investigate Clinton

    There is no close relationship between Lynch and Clinton. It turns out that the is nothing to prosecute Clinton for regarding the private email server Clinton used in her time as Secretary of State. There has been a media frenzy revolving around this issue. Yet, it doesn't seem worth the effort. It's unlikely that Lynch will investigate further, especially since it was Bill Clinton who appointed Lynch as state attorney in the first place. It is he who should get out of the way. To protect the integrity of the Justice Department, Lynch will not answer the slew of questions being addressed to her by Congress.

  • Hillary Clinton has legal protection from Loretta Lynch

    The Attorney General Loretta Lynch was meeting secretly with Bill Clinton before the hearings that covered his wife Hillary's email scandal. When the FBI decided not to investigate Hillary further, this leads me to believe that Lynch got involved to protect Hillary from legal consequences as a result of Bill's influence.

  • No, she is not protecting Hillary.

    Lorretta Lynch is a human being with relationships that are not limited to the time she spends working. She is a close personal friend of the Clintons, and likely is just giving them advice during this difficult and stressful time. While the timing might be misguided I do not believe she is hiding anything.

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