• Love is a kind word.

    Love is definitely a kind word because any time somebody uses the word love it always means they feel positive about that thing, even if the thing may not be truly positive they still have a positive opinion about the thing. Therefore love is definitely a very positive word in the English Language.

  • People take the word Love too easily.

    That is actually quite true. Think about it. Almost every day, you hear your classmates say "Oh my gosh!! I love this singer!!" or probably when they get a gift they will hug the other and say "I love you!". For others, love can also be pressurising. Some people can say "If you love me, then steal this for me." It's like peer pressure. The word, love, itself is already taken for granted. Everyone around you says that almost all the time, but do they actually mean what they are saying? In families, your parents tell you to say I love you to your siblings or themselves. Because they are your parents and you are supposed to respect them, you listen to them, of course. But then it becomes an everyday routine, where you say to everyone in your family "Bye, I love you!" or "Love you, good night". So this is why I stand to the fact that love is not a positive word.

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