• Yes. LSD is a harmful drug.

    Yes, I would say LSD is a harmful drug and should not be used by anyone. It causes hallucinations, which are not normal nor should they be experienced by anyone. The drug LSD could lead to serious abuse and influence the user to seek out other hard drugs that will ultimately ruin their lives.

  • It makes people trip out.

    I can't get into a medical debate on the actual side effects of LSD, but I do know that, as with any psychedelic drugs, there is the danger of hurting oneself or others while in the drugged state. LSD makes people unaware of there actions and behavior oftentimes, and can create dangerous situations.

  • Any illegal drug is harmful

    LSD is a very harmful drug. It causes you to hallucinate and trip. You can use it one time, but it can come back to haunt you thirty years later. It messes with your mind and it can ruin your life. A person can have such a bad "trip," that they can think they are flying and jump off a building.

  • Yes, LSD is a harmful drug.

    LSD is an extremely harmful drug. First, just having it can land you in prison even if you never use it. Secondly, it can kill you if you consume to much. Finally, LSD can put you in a paranormal state that may cause you to commit multiple crimes which will lead you to jail.

  • LSD makes people trip out and see things that are not there.

    LSD is a very harmful drug, most drugs are, just depends to what level or extent the harm actually is. LSD makes people trip out and see things that are not there. This could easily cause all sorts of problems for that person, and anyone around them. While on it they have the potential of being a danger to themselves and others.

  • Just do a little research

    The people that claim LSD will "Fry your brain" or cause some mental conditions are repeating the claims Harry Anslinger worked so hard to get into our sphere of information, despite these being false resports. Literally googling LSD and its side effects will disprove that. The only people who should be scared of LSD are those who have something to lose from the population thinking differently.

  • A safe environment is key

    Your so called "trip" is going to be determined on your environment including people you are with. Moderation is the key. Taking a several hits will obviously increase your intensity and create stronger chemical reactions in the body. A level-headed person taking a dose of the "drug" in a controlled environment with good intentions will most likely have a good experience. There are many variables to take into account with all drugs, illegal or not.

  • Lsd is safe

    There are no physical risks of consuming lsd. Some people with underlying mental health issues run a risk of having a bad trip. Thats it. Its not addictive. It doesn't make you unaware of your actions. It can be taken responsibly like most any other drug. Tolerance is immediate so daily use becomes pointless. It fights depression and helps people understand each other. Every rare instance where somebody has gotten hurt during that is just that, rare. Alcohol is far more harmful. Lsd simply expands your mind.

  • No, actually, it's not

    LSD is non-habit forming, non-carcinogenic, does not impair one's coordination or speech, does not disrupt sleep patterns, it doesn't erode tissue of the brain, impair kidney function, nor is it known to make people violent or to inspire abuse and murder, and it doesn't result in sickness (hangover) following use. You know what does cause all of these things, however?: Booze. And yet we've no problem flaunting alcohol in the public square while simultaneously condemning acid at every turn. The entire system is backwards.

  • Simple It just isn't a bad drug...

    There has been only one overdose, and the only way you are going to be able to overdose is if you have access to pure LSD in a lab, then you might me able to do it, but you still have to take a lot. No, it will NOT make you think you can fly or see a purple elephant or whatever else you heard from your pastor or 7th grade friend -_-, Actually no one had died from accidental self harm on the drug, no one has jumped from there balcony or ran in front of a car because they though they were super man, that just doesn't happen. There is no actual reason to keep this drug illegal, I honestly haven't seen one good reason to keep this drug illegal.

  • Generally beneficial to mental health

    Many modern studies are showing that people who use psychedelics including LSD, mushrooms, and mescaline actually show improved cognitive function. Also, they eliminate depression and can even help people break addiction from substances such as alcohol. Also, it is extremely hard to overdose on LSD. A person could literally drop sheets of acid and be fine, of course they'd trip superballs, but they would be fine in the end.

  • Lsd should be completely understood

    If you are going to take Lsd you should know that it is literally impossible to overdose on and should be used if you are completely sure you want to take it.And there is a way tripping out of control can be controlled: you trip with a friend you trust that isn't on the drug and he/she can stop you from doing anything stupid and dangerous.Lsd isn't a harmful drug if you can control your impulses to take really bad drugs.

  • LSD is far safer than Alcohol or Tobacco

    If the only concern by the busy-bodies who want to ban substances was saving lives and preventing needless deaths then they would immediately move to ban alcohol and tobacco. The combined death total of alcohol and tobacco is somewhere north of 500,000 people [dead] per year, from those two substances. Reports of people thinking they can fly while on LSD and then throwing themselves off of buildings are pure Dragnet propaganda.

  • Everything in moderation!

    Even in pregnancy the FDA lists lsd in the same category as marijuana and even ultrasounds in terms of how harmful it is to the baby. Which they say is not likely to cause any harm at all. Which is sad since doctors everywhere gave pregnant women zophran to find out last year (2013) is now know to cause birth defects such as cleft pallet. People who "think they are flying" and jump off a building may have suffered from psychosis which can be a rare but potential side effect of LSD and many other LEGAL drugs that are prescribed everyday. With that being said anything can be harmful if you have too much. Thus the saying "everything in moderation" You can overdose on water too which can even cause death, does that make it horrible for you? People always hear about the 1 in a million situations and forget about the other 999999 that were fine. Most of the horror stories you hear are in fact about people who took far too much and for too long of a period of time. Just like drinking a glass of wine is good for the heart but drinking the whole bottle is bad for everything. Get your facts straight, do some real research and remember, mom and dad are not always right.

  • Doesn't actually make you see things that aren't there

    Obviously the people writing Hoffman's LSD-25 is harmful have never experienced it or are even knowledgeable about it. When used in the correct way LSD-25 can actually be a very unique tool. It has had high success in clinical trial to cure alcoholism, depression, and other drug usage. It allows the user to see the world with an entirely new perception. No LSD-25 does not make you see thing that are not there, it allows you to see the world as it really is. Allowing the brain to comprehend more frames per second ie.(tracers) and sometimes allowing the eyes to see the electromagnetic field the human body and all other life forms emit. You don't see little green men or spaceships. The misconception about LSD-25 is very unfortunate, kids in high school and college these days are doing drugs like MDMD, hereon, oxycotin, methamphetamine, xanax, and a big favorite among your college students to help the study is Aderal (a synthetic from of meth for kids with "ADHA"). Where as these drugs dull the minds and actually in are very harmful, addictive, and toxic. LSD-25 however brightens your brain, helps with depression, is non addictive, and non toxic. In my opinion I would much rather see young adults experimenting with substances such as LSD-25 and its cousin psilocybin.

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