• Yes hes good

    Yes hes good Lucifer is the real god. The one in the bible called Jesus is tricking you to believe in him. Lucifer is the true creator. Jesus is the Illuminati don't believe in him hes evil. Don't believe in those brainwash Jesus followers Lucifer needs your help from this.

  • In the King James version, (KJV), of Christianity Lucifer is considered evil.

    The name Lucifer is only mentioned once in the Old Testament in Isaiah 14:12 which was actually translated from the name Heylel, meaning the morning star, shinning one and for the planet Venus. This Heylel, also known as Attar, was a lesser god in Canaanite mythology who tried to usurp the throne of the dead god Baal, or El, who lived on a mountain to the north and fell short of being adequate enough to hold the position and then took control of the underworld.

    Isaiah in 14:12 is using the Canaanite mythology of the Morning Star to represent the King of Babylon, who is oppressing the Israelites, as trying to take control of Gods throne and rule all nations. He then uses the inadequate attempt of Heylels attempt of taking control of the throne and states that the King will be brought down to Sheol or underworld as punishment.

    Lucifer, Heylel, morning star or what ever he is called was derived from the Canaanite beliefs of two gods fighting over a throne on a mountain top. So to actually call one or the other bad or good only comes down to which one, one choses to worship. Lucifer only becomes evil when the KJV substitutes Lucifer as a fallen angel instead of a god, for Satan which was known as the obstructer or one who opposes.

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