Is Malik Obama, Barack Obama's half brother, in the wrong voting for Donald Trump?

  • Yes, I feel that he is mistaken in his choice, but he does have a right to vote for whomever he wants.

    Yes, I believe that Malik Obama is choosing the wrong candidate. He, like everyone, would like to see the United States move in a better direction, but Trump is not the person to do that. I'm afraid he'll run our country into the ground, the way he does with his own businesses (when things get tough, he just declares bankruptcy).

  • He can vote for whoever he wants to.

    In this country we have the right to vote for whoever we want to. There is no wrong or right way to do it. Only time will tell in that matter. But when you cast your vote because you either think they are the best candidate or you just hate the other person running and you want to vote. Nobody really knows how shitty Trump is going to be, we can only speculate on the shittiness.

  • People are capable of forming their own opinions.

    Just because Malik shares the same blood as Barack doesn't mean they share the same opinions or ideas. These are people. People have brains. Brains create opinions, ideas, differences, similarities and more within the entire population. It creates diversity. You don't have to follow what your bloodline follows, like religion, or an heirloom. It's all you in this world and what you wanna do.

  • No, he is not in the wrong for voting for Donald Trump.

    President Obama's half brother, Malik Obama, is not in the wrong for supporting Donald Trump for president. Malik has the right to support any candidate he wants for the presidency. Just because Malik is the half-brother of the president, it does not mean that he has to agree with the president on every issue and political candidate.

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