• Good Thing we Have Education

    Man is evil in nature. But good thing we have education because education makes man civilized and enables him to see the good in society. A man with no education will likely become a criminal because he has not learned about the standards society expects him to uphold. This is why prisoners should spend more time on getting an education while serving their time!

  • Human nature disregards immorality

    'Evil' is often misunderstood and its meaning is frequently twisted. I will define evil as "profound immorality" for my opinion.

    I believe that humans are evil in nature because they are naturally self-interested. Criminals commit crimes because they believe the rewards outweigh the risks - laws work because of punishment and enforcement, not because of an inherent drive to do "good". This mindset is universal (tribesmen get along for their well-being, "altruists" "altruize" because the brain rewards altruistic behaviors, and the common man follows his laws for his safety), therefore self-interest is natural, and humans are evil in nature because self-interest can naturally become "profoundly immoral".

  • Mankind Is GOOD

    We see that in today's society that there is a sysytem of morals. Without these morals and rules, society could not survive. Society is needed to have protection and the ablility to reproduce. Essentially man is affected by their enviroment and society. If there is no society, then how is man affected?
    People have the free will to choose their actions and depict them as good or bad. The chemical oxytocin is released when a person is showing empathy and sympathy. In, conclusion morals will dominate our society.

  • Ancestry and human greed

    Humans are 99% related to chimpanzees and bonobos. The tendencies of a chimpanzee have been proven violent. Many of that's in the wild have torn ears and cuts as a result of mating, or territorial greed. Furthermore, humans are drawn to wealth and power. We cannot draw away from the thought of a so called "better life" provided with money, or a future controlled by men like us. For example, World War II, the Civil War, and many others were begun as a disagreement between different men holding wealth and power.

  • Man is definitely evil

    My contribution is taken from the religious point of view, according to the Scripture. The Bible tells in Genesis 6:5 that there is nothing in the kind of man but evil continually. For this reason God decided to destroy the world with water. In the early chapter of Genesis, it is written that Cain also killed his brother Abel. That was the first murder noted in the Bible and thereafter there were many offences committed by mankind. There are many atrocities committed by man for their own selfish reasons. The most excuses given is that it is easy to do evil than good. For those who support this view definitely are in of a deliverance. We need God to help us to change from our evil ways. May the Almighty Jehovah God help us all.

  • Man is evil by nature

    Man is evil; By nature, I believe we are the most cruel animal that exists, shown by our ability to exploit our environment due to our higher intelligence. Whatever act of morality we might portray, is just a suppression of our inherent nature to be evil, some people may suppress it better than others, but evil by nature will always be imprinted upon us.

  • Nature itself is cruel

    Humans are the most advanced form of nature. Intelligence combined with a selfish desire to survive and reproduce makes for a being that is capable of supreme evil. Deceit, duplicity, lies etc. are all human characteristics. Other predatory animals, in spite of their wild, competitive behaviour cannot match humans in terms of our ability to destroy others for our own gains.

    This tendency is not learned it is inborn. Only the behaviours in which evil is manifested are learned; the aggressive, predatory instincts are there from childhood. We have evolved as a highly successful product of nature, nature is cruel therefore we are very successful because of our cruelty.

    Sociopaths, machiavellians and narcissists are usually the most successful, the average person gets by ok with a mixture of traits and those who are good die without any reward, having made sacrifices for others.

  • Nature itself is cruel

    Humans are the most advanced form of nature. Intelligence combined with a selfish desire to survive and reproduce makes for a being that is capable of supreme evil. Deceit, duplicity, lies etc. are all human characteristics. Other predatory animals, in spite of their wild, competitive behaviour cannot match humans in terms of our ability to destroy others for our own gains.

    This tendency is not learned per se. Only the behaviours in which evil is

  • Yes man is evil by nature

    The nature of man is evil; his goodness is the result of his activity. Now, man's inborn nature is to seek for gain. If this tendency is followed, strife and rapacity result and deference and compliance disappear. By inborn nature one is envious and hates others. If these tendencies are followed, injury and destruction result and loyalty and faithfulness disppear. By inborn nature one possesses the desires of ear and eye and likes sound and beauty. If these tendencies are followed, lewdness and licentiousness result, and the pattern and order of propriety and righteousness disappear. Therefore to follow man's nature and his feelings will inevitably result in strife and rapacity, combine with rebellion and disorder, and end in violence. Therefore there must be the civilizing influence of teachers and laws and the guidance of propriety and righteousness, and then it will result in deference and compliance, combine with pattern and order, and end in discipline. From this point of view, it is clear that the nature of man is evil and that his goodness is the result of activit

    Posted by: fdo
  • Mankind takes and takes

    Leaving religion, philosophy and any type of "ism" beside, man is naturally evil. Unlike other beings on this earth, we continue to move forward, so we think. All we have done is make things easier for ourselves, and completely diminish our bond between the us and the earth. We have no meaning to life! All we do is make false assumptions on how we should live instead of working together, we turn on each other. This is why man is evil.

  • No, because evil doesn't exist

    Their is no objective standard that can be validated to determine absolute morality. Evil as such, does not exist. There is only "socially acceptable" and "anti-social" behavior. People cannot be "bad or good", but can only make rational or poor decisions. Some of those decisions may be morally unacceptable. In light of that, motivation for behavior is another key factor to consider when judging anti-social behavior as either criminal or negligent.

  • Would evil enjoy good? NO!

    Though there are many people in this world who regularly choose to do evil, I do not believe that the basic nature of man is to be evil. People have a basic desire to do good and have good done to them. People feel good when they choose to do the right thing and treat others well. If the base of our nature was evil, we would instead feel good about ourselves when evil is everywhere and that is simply not the case.

  • No, people are actually good in nature.

    If we were evil in nature we would not be able to live in harmony with each other, as mostly we do. We cooperate quite well with each other and manage to accomplish an awful lot of progress by working together. Most of our social discourse revolves around what the right thing to do would be in any situation. Our history of the arts, and literature, all seek to find the best of our characteristics and not the worst. We may have a dark side that needs to be kept in check, but most of us do it quite well.

  • Man is not evil

    While people can become indeed quite evil, that is not how they start off. People know the difference between right and wrong, people know what hurts others and what doesn't. Most people stay on the right side of these things, and while they may have evil thoughts at time they know that they cannot act upon them.

  • Man is Not Evil

    I do not think that man is evil in nature. Man becomes evil when he cannot deal with temptations that are happening in his or her particular environment. I believe that all people are basically good. Evil becomes a factor when someone is doing something outside of their basic element and giving into those temptations.

  • We have a choice.

    When we are born into this world, we are born neutral. We are mostly influenced by parents and peers (people around us). This is why there are people who live for hatred, violence and destruction and others who live for charity and helping others. However,from another perspective,there is actually another question-the definition of "good"and"bad". Regarded in the traditional sense, good is seen as helping others while bad as making use of others or putting them in disadvantage. There is an old Taoist saying which goes "there is good in every evil, and evil in every good. The "evil may be putting others at a disadvantage, but may actually be helping others.

  • Oh god no.

    Men are good- it's just the society around them that makes them evil. People make them evil. Not themselves. Not everyone is evil. Just people that choose to be evil are evil. Yes, men are greedy, but selfishness does mean good in certain situations. Man is good, not evil. :)

  • well, no, but yes?

    Man in itself is born neither good nor evil, nurture and circumstance is what drives someone to swing either way. Sure, some of it may be down to your DNA, some people may be more likely to become evil than good, but in honesty, it's mainly down to the live that person has lived.

  • If man is by nature Evil, how can he judge himself to be not evil?

    With the knowledge of Good and Evil and the differentiation into one category or the other, if man were inherently Evil, then there could be no support for an argument that he is NOT Evil. If man were inherently Evil, where would the definition of Good come from for the Evil that he is by Nature would just be what he was. In order to describe himself as Evil or Good, man must have developed a division between the two, at which point, we ask ourselves, if one is better than the other, why would he ever describe himself as the other. He would not, logically, because such a proposition would be to put himself in the worst light, unless of course he considered "Evil" to be better than "Good", which would be subjective. In order to create a division of Good vs Evil, man must be either capable, inherently of both, or such a division must be enforced externally. Thus, by negating the possibility that an inherently Evil being could describe or have reason to describe themselves as not Evil, without an external force and the overwhelming votes of the Good people describing the majority as Evil, we see that man is either prone to being inherently Good or inherently neither.

  • Man cannot be evil

    If man were evil, then society would not worship and idolize good people. Men like Hitler and Stalin are condemned and villified while men like Martin Luther King Jr. And the Pope are put on a pedestal and are praised heavily. Even in our media, evil is always portrayed as wrong. Good and morally upstanding heroes like Superman, Luke Skywalker, and Harry Potter are the ones the audience roots for and who children wish to be. Even in shows like Breaking Bad, where the villain is the protagonist, his life is seen as a tragedy as his once good nature was gradually corrupted. His life of crime and evil is not portrayed as glamorous and he pays for his mistakes in awful ways.

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