• Good Thing we Have Education

    Man is evil in nature. But good thing we have education because education makes man civilized and enables him to see the good in society. A man with no education will likely become a criminal because he has not learned about the standards society expects him to uphold. This is why prisoners should spend more time on getting an education while serving their time!

  • Human nature disregards immorality

    'Evil' is often misunderstood and its meaning is frequently twisted. I will define evil as "profound immorality" for my opinion.

    I believe that humans are evil in nature because they are naturally self-interested. Criminals commit crimes because they believe the rewards outweigh the risks - laws work because of punishment and enforcement, not because of an inherent drive to do "good". This mindset is universal (tribesmen get along for their well-being, "altruists" "altruize" because the brain rewards altruistic behaviors, and the common man follows his laws for his safety), therefore self-interest is natural, and humans are evil in nature because self-interest can naturally become "profoundly immoral".

  • Man is a Sinner.

    Look around you. Look at every people. Look beyond what your eyes can see. What can you picture out? Their heart full of greed, full of lies and full of the desires to take revenge. That's how man live. Living life full of sins because man is born a sinner.

  • Mankind is Selfish

    Mankind in this day and age constantly has wars to keep funding themselves. We rape, we kill each other with guns, we are completely selfish. We use human beings as property (sex trafficking), we have the resources necessary to help everyone in the world, but we choose to follow our own selfish needs instead. There is confusion and lies everywhere, especially on the tv to get another fellow human being to think the same way and follow along. Mankind treats mankind like cattle or animals.

  • Yes I agree

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  • I screw your bitch

    I screw your bitch, she was your's, but now shes mine. This shows that she is unfaithful to you, which means Man is evil. N n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • Thick Dick son

    White girls like big black dick, and that is why people are evil. Nick Saban didn't smile till he won the National Championship. God thought we were bad that is why jesus died for OUR sins. Starbucks kills off other coffee chains and now coffee is $4.00. Donald Trump Nigeria

  • Most of humanity is evil.

    That is evident. Look around. So many sins I cannot count. At every turn there is murder and rape. Lies and dishonesty. Hurt and pain to animals and children. Pure hate everywhere. Stealing, cheating. Ignoring any kind of GOD.
    Torture, deviant behavior disguised as trendy. Taking advantage of anything and everything. Mistreatment of the animals everywhere.
    GREED is the ultimate sin of man. It encompasses all sin.

  • Men are evil

    “The devil can cite scriptures of his purpose.”- Antonio. This quote permits the reader to forecast that there is something suspicious about shylock. Although he says the bond is just a joke between them, this quote proves him wrong. Shylock and all other Jews were brought up suffering because of their religion. Because of the nature of man is evil, the moment that a door opens up to Shylock which will allow him to revenge upon his rival, he will take that step and go through with the deal.

  • Mostly selfish and indifferent

    Mankind has to be selfish in order to survive. He also is indifferent. It just comes so naturally. He may not even be aware of it sometimes. You can witness this everyday in public. He/she can be good or polite , but mostly in own interest and he wants praise. Probably takes to much effort. Not to say that people can't act good but it is more rare.

  • No, because evil doesn't exist

    Their is no objective standard that can be validated to determine absolute morality. Evil as such, does not exist. There is only "socially acceptable" and "anti-social" behavior. People cannot be "bad or good", but can only make rational or poor decisions. Some of those decisions may be morally unacceptable. In light of that, motivation for behavior is another key factor to consider when judging anti-social behavior as either criminal or negligent.

  • Would evil enjoy good? NO!

    Though there are many people in this world who regularly choose to do evil, I do not believe that the basic nature of man is to be evil. People have a basic desire to do good and have good done to them. People feel good when they choose to do the right thing and treat others well. If the base of our nature was evil, we would instead feel good about ourselves when evil is everywhere and that is simply not the case.

  • No, people are actually good in nature.

    If we were evil in nature we would not be able to live in harmony with each other, as mostly we do. We cooperate quite well with each other and manage to accomplish an awful lot of progress by working together. Most of our social discourse revolves around what the right thing to do would be in any situation. Our history of the arts, and literature, all seek to find the best of our characteristics and not the worst. We may have a dark side that needs to be kept in check, but most of us do it quite well.

  • Man is not evil

    While people can become indeed quite evil, that is not how they start off. People know the difference between right and wrong, people know what hurts others and what doesn't. Most people stay on the right side of these things, and while they may have evil thoughts at time they know that they cannot act upon them.

  • Man is Not Evil

    I do not think that man is evil in nature. Man becomes evil when he cannot deal with temptations that are happening in his or her particular environment. I believe that all people are basically good. Evil becomes a factor when someone is doing something outside of their basic element and giving into those temptations.

  • We have a choice.

    When we are born into this world, we are born neutral. We are mostly influenced by parents and peers (people around us). This is why there are people who live for hatred, violence and destruction and others who live for charity and helping others. However,from another perspective,there is actually another question-the definition of "good"and"bad". Regarded in the traditional sense, good is seen as helping others while bad as making use of others or putting them in disadvantage. There is an old Taoist saying which goes "there is good in every evil, and evil in every good. The "evil may be putting others at a disadvantage, but may actually be helping others.

  • Oh god no.

    Men are good- it's just the society around them that makes them evil. People make them evil. Not themselves. Not everyone is evil. Just people that choose to be evil are evil. Yes, men are greedy, but selfishness does mean good in certain situations. Man is good, not evil. :)

  • well, no, but yes?

    Man in itself is born neither good nor evil, nurture and circumstance is what drives someone to swing either way. Sure, some of it may be down to your DNA, some people may be more likely to become evil than good, but in honesty, it's mainly down to the live that person has lived.

  • Man is Good

    Man does what he assumes to be good. All things which have the ability to choose must choose on the basis of, at least, what is thought to be good, or right, or completing.
    Consiquentially, when our flow of logic is flawed, and when we find selfish or evil tasks to be necessary for the sake of something else, we do said evil because we fail to understand the merit of a higher good, which is almost utilitarian in nature so far as it is societal or communal.
    Creation is the principle good that we all strive for. In the absence of what would make someone's heart whole, one tends to reconcile this and try to create an artificiamity to restore order to themselves. To create to maintain order in our souls is happiness.
    The only thing I think would effectively argue against this is that in creation, we instinctively consume recourses and goods in order to reconstruct the means of production, and in doing so, tarnish the natural order of the world around us.
    But I don't believe the natural state to be the best state, either, because it is the nature of life itself to affect change on the environment, and in redefining the environment, we effect creation, which is good.

    In summation, the creation of a thing- any thing from the creation of life from life, to a fire that burns- is sacred in its conception, regardless of the nature of its utility. And if the created thing is able to accumulate love- a uniquely reasoned state of affection- then it truly is, in its nature, good.
    Man creates for the good of the creation, and man creates in all actions, from moving, to eating, to building. Therefore, man must be good, with the capacity for evil- or the debilitating affects of actions or creations whose utility is negative, consiquentially. Evil is only achieved in misconception, or unloved creation which affects negativity. Since this is not intrinsic to the metaphysical nature of creation, and since man lives to create, man is not evil.

  • Man is not born evil

    Man is influenced by the environment and people around him. Man is not born good or evil. It is a choice to become good or evil.. If man was born to be good or evil, I wouldn't be typing this right now. There would be no argument on whether this is true or not.

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