• He super gay

    One day he tell me come backstage with him. Me being dumb 10 year old go with him. He tell me take off pants so I take off pants. He put strap on on because he have no dick. Then he proceeds to put it in my bum hole. I really like. He also really like. That why he gay.

  • He very gay

    I see him hug guitar man. Very homo. He very go no doubt. Suck penis he did so many dicks have be suck. So no more debate 100 percent confirm Marilyn Manson gay. He hug guitar man in front of crowd. So 300 percent confirm. Gay gay gay homo yeah

  • Marilyn Manson is bi

    Marilyn Manson has had a history of previous heterosexual relationships, but judging from the fact that he wears makeup and cross dresses I would say he is bisexual, or at least it looks that way. I can't prove anything, but this is just my opinion as this is how I see it.

  • Marilyn is gay !

    Marilyn is gay ! He wears make up and woman's clothing and other things but nearly all other websites say he is gay and when he was on a show on live television he addmmitted he was gay ! So boom
    And I'm a true Manson fan for those who think I'm hating I'm not !!!

  • Marilyn Manson is a homosexual.

    Marilyn Manson is known to be a homosexual. He performed oral sex on a man in public at a concert. Also, he constantly dresses in women's clothing and wears makeup. Although he has also dated women in the past, it is clear that this man has homosexual or bisexual tendencies.

  • He has never stated a sexual identity .

    He isnt homosexual ( clearly ) hes had numerous girl affairs . To all of oyu saying hes homosexual because of the way he dresses and the flings with twiggy i can safely say you are bigoted idiots . See theres this magical thing called being PANSEXUAL and BISEXUAL . I realize that this may be new but hes not homosexual . Fucking idiots xD

  • He is not homosexual.

    Marilyn is a cross-dresser, yes. But he has had a history of female love interests. Alice Cooper, Kiss, Black Veil Brides, and several other bands sported makeup and they were all straight. So the negative points are woefully invalid. Marilyn Manson is in fact straight. My point is made, thanks.

  • No he isn't!!

    Marilyn Manson dresses differently but that doesn't mean his gay or homosexual!! He isn't gay just because he wears make-up. He partly dresses this way for the publicity and it makes him seem scary and creepy - the reaction he wants. And I agree, he loves himself and has enough confidence to look the way he wants. The fans love it - that's all he wants!!

  • No he has been married

    Marilyn Manson is not a homosexual. His character is very unique and different and can be very off putting to many people. As far as his sexual preference is concerned though he has dated and married very attractive women so he is not homosexual. He is just putting on a character to get famous.

  • We already know he's a hetero.

    Oh look, some good old-fashioned stereotyping and homophobia. The idea that Marilyn Manson is a "homosexual" likely stems directly from the asker's fear of anything different. And a guy who wears outrageous makeup and the occasional dress probably scares the asker to death. But Manson's high profile marriage and relationships with women prove he isn't.

  • It's his business

    Marilyn Manson has made some interesting choices over the years, but he has always been photographed with women as potential dates. I can't speak to his sexual orientation, but I think that it is his business and no one eases. He seems to enjoy the company of women, but who really knows.

  • No, he is not.

    Marilyn Manson is not a homosexual. He does not like men in a sexual way. Marilyn Manson is actually in love with himself. He loves his image and how he is portrayed by the general public. He does not need a man or a woman to be happy. He only needs himself.

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