• Meaningless traditional gesture that people go through the motions because they feel like the are "supposed" to do at some point in their lives

    People get married without thinking about their motivations to do so. If marriage is about commitment (forget for a second divorce rates) why is it necessary to be married to make such a commitment? Couldn't two individuals commit to one another without involving the government in such a pledge to one another? I think that many get married because this is what society and their families expect from them, not because of love or any other ideal. Because if two people wanted to be together for the rest of their lives, then they certainly don't need a marriage certificate to do this.

  • Absolutely outdated now

    The benefits sited are easily achieved by countless modern measures making it a very steep commitment compared to its disadvantages. I am married and my husband is a good one. However, I would not wish marriage on our children. I am in quite a pickle and reversing my situation will require careful planning and will need to be executed maybe 15 to 20 yrs from now so as not to upset the current balance as my husband is an old school believer of marriage.

  • Absolutely outdated today

    The benefits of marriage (reproduction, repoductive health, economics, healthy relationships, companionship, legal protection of property and inheritance, etc.) albeit not 100% guaranteed by the institution, can be gained by countless different alternatives. Only the disadvantages remain. I am married unfortunately and it is quite a pickle reversing my status as my husband is not at all a bad one and is staunch about it. I have kids which make it more complicated. But honestly if my children will decide not to marry in the future, I will give my full support. I do plan to get divorced when the kids grow up.

  • Absolutely outdated today

    The benefits of marriage (reproduction, repoductive health, economics, healthy relationships, companionship, legal protection of property and inheritance, etc.) albeit not 100% guaranteed by the institution, can be gained by countless different alternatives. Only the disadvantages remain. I am married unfortunately and it is quite a pickle reversing my status as my husband is not at all a bad one and is staunch about it. I have kids which make it more complicated. But honestly if my children will decide not to marry in the future, I will give my full support. I do plan to get divorced when the kids grow up.

  • Marriage is an outdated concept.

    The idea of marriage in the modern world is nothing more than an outdated religious concept that serves no purpose in today's society. Straight marriage, gay marriage, polygomy, bigamy; it doesn't matter-it's all just wrong! Only married couples with children get a tax break! Married couples without children at home (either no kids or kids all grown up) get taxed higher than unmarried couples cohabitating. Marriage is totally & completely unnecessary in these days & should be outlawed!

  • I totally agree with the above comments

    Ten months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me because I refused to marry her. This is someone I really loved, admired, spent seven years with, and shared a house with for three years. We made a frickin' beautiful dinning room table out of walnut together. We planted a garden and a lawn together. We went on vacations together. Reading the above lines, I can not believe I chose to lose her rather than marry her. But, here is the thing: she had been pressuring me for marriage from year numero dos. I spent five years with anxiety and stress because when every "we need to be engaged by this point in time" deadline came I thought she would break up with me. It turns out, she eventually did.

    It was difficult for me to understand why I didn't want to get married. However, I know now. Every time I was pressured to marry it felt as though she cared about me more for obtaining the title of "wife" than anything else. Yes, she wanted to be with me for the rest of her life. That is wonderful and I felt very lucky that she did. But, based on the constant nagging about marriage and the way she sometimes treated me in day-to-day life, I felt like she didn't truly love the person who I was. She loved the idea of marriage and having kids, not me. I felt like a vessel for sperm instead of a living, breathing being with an intellect.

    If she had done one of two things:
    1.) Asked me to marry her.

    2.) Said, I want to be with you no matter what (regardless of married or unmarried state)

    ......I actually would have married her!

    She just needed to prove to me that she loved me as her equal. She did not, and so here I am thoroughly convinced marriage is not only an outdated institution, but a toxic one.

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  • A source of nothingness.

    Marriage in most cases, is a game of cat and mouse. It has become a societal premise of who can make their partner submissive first. Who makes the most money? Who pays the bills? Who manages the house the best? These are all the types of things that make marriage more of a business transaction...Rather than a source of comfort and love. The truth is...Is that in a capitalistic society such as America; comfort and love is at the bottom of the laundry list; relative to money , power, and control. It defies the modern concept of running in the rat race. Marriages are failing more than ever, because simply put it, we are too busy trying to survive to know what is truly going on . That is the truth, because than again, you can't definitely police your spouse 24/7/365.

  • It Is Somewhat Outdated

    I believe many people still decide to get married in very traditional ways and continue to have traditional weddings and marriages. For me, however, I see that actually marriage is nothing more than a paper held in a filing cabinet for the government. Honestly, that piece of paper doesn't mean much to me and neither does the officials signature.

  • Shuns sexual equality.

    Marriage is an outdated institution as it defies the modern idea of equality, specifically, sexual equality. Traditionally in a relationship, and marriage is primarily about tradition, the male in the couple instigates the relationship, then the engagement - with the exception of February 29th - then the wedding. Where does this sexist institution have a place in our culture?

    Of course marriage can change and yes, there are many woman proposing to their boyfriends and living a happy life but the numbers are still minuscule compared to the reverse. This shows still that marriage, in it's traditional and 'usual' form is living in an outdated and ancient culture where such ways were acceptable.

    If the same concept were to be duplicated in another feature of life, would the people of the modern world be just as accepting? Suppose, in the most part, only men were allowed to sell cars...What if it was only socially acceptable to turn on the television if you are a woman? Unfair, unacceptable and frankly sexist - this is the problem we face with marriage in a recent era.

  • Marriage is not a dead system.

    The way I'm looking at is there's no such as a perfect system. Marriage is one of those systems. It doesn't work for everybody. Especially, for the ones that believe in "we are just mammals." I don't think it's overrated. It's beautiful to see a married couple making it last, learning about each other, arguing with each other, and unconditional love for one and another. I think the reason why it's "overrated" because of what we see across all media platforms. Celebrities divorcing after a few months, multiple marriages, film and TV glorifying the single life.

    I was engaged, she broke up with me after a year of being engaged. Luckily for me I wasn't bitter. Learned that some people don't value marriage as much as others. I look at marriage differently now. I don't take it as a joke. What's worse is I think people truly don't understand how to make it work. That's why we have such high divorce rates. People think they know what they want or fantasy of what they want. That usually leads to a divorce when they don't see the whole picture. For myself she wasn't ready and it took her a year to figure it out. So I think marriage is still out there and you can make it work with the right person but I could definitely say it's harder to know for sure from the other person side. This does not mean it's overrated. Just no one is ready when they're ready. But what makes marriage great is knowing that there's someone there with you to be there with you for the rest of your life. There's no definition or perfect marriage it's just your marriage. And I think that's what makes it even more special.

  • No its not

    The first marriage is recorded in the book of Genesis, at the creation of the first two human beings, Adam and Eve.
    “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This [is] now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man” (Gen. 2:21-23).
    Verses 24-25 further reveal that God also created sex: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife [not common-law or live-in partner]: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”
    God saw everything that He had created and said it was “good”—including marriage and sex, which was created for the sole purpose of the marriage relationship between man and woman—to unite them as “one flesh” and to allow them to show love toward one another.

  • God given institution

    We try to change and deny the institutions of marriage, the family, and the Church...But if you look at this sensibly, and if people are committed and really willing to work at it, marriage is best for everyone. As humans, we desire relationships. This is the best model to maintain and grow in relationships.

  • I would disagree

    Many people rush into marriage and dont have the job to support their needs. People should receive a good income and be happy with the place they are living before they consider getting married. If people would wait a few more years before marriage they may be more likely to stay with their signifiant other.

  • No. The benefits of marriage are well documented.

    Cross culturally, marriage is a universal human institution and in every known society brings together men and women into a public, not private union.

    Marriage provides definite health and financial benefits to couples and their children. Married individuals are generally more happy than their cohabitant or single counterparts.

    Marriage is our most basic social institution for protecting children. It is the relationship that every known human society depends on for raising the next generation and insuring the future well-being of the society.

    What needs to happen is for the social sciences to bring into the main stream their findings on benefits and path to successful marriages. Marriages can evolve with urbanization, gender equality, partner selection, and alternate support structures.

  • Still a dream

    Even if a lot of marriages ends in divorce, it is still a little girl's dream to have a beautiful wedding, and later in life they still want a big wedding, but also the comfort of knowing that they will stay together forever. I hope people don't give up on marriage, despite the bad statistics.

  • Show your love

    Marriage is all about showing your love for each other in front of friends, family and the Church. It is not outdated and should be kept as part of our culture! People argue about divorce, but that's not a reason not to get married, just a reason to get married to the right person.

  • No, marriage is a part of our culture.

    No, marriage is not becoming outdated in the United States. I think that it will always be around but given the nature of humans it is going to evolve with society. More statistics have people giving up on the idea of marriage, but it doesn't have to be for everyone.

  • No, it's not

    No, I would have to disagree with the notion that marriage is outdated. The institution of marriage is timeless and is never outdated. And, additionally, we are constantly debating the definition of marriage in society and trying to redefine and reshape it. Because of all of this, I'd have to disagree that marriage is outdated.

  • No, marriage is not outdated

    Marriage is a vital part of our culture that we should not just discard. Marriage is one of the last remnants of sanity in our ever-changing world; it binds families together. How much worse would anyone's life be if no one made marital vows? The children would not have a stable home life and the parents would not build up any long-lasting relationships. No more "Till death do us part," more "I'll stick with you until I get bored and move on".

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