• He was always a hero and will always be.

    It takes courage to stand up and fight for your rights. He faced many dangers and risks but he still chose to stand up and fight for what was right. Not only did he fight for his rights, he fought peacefully. He always took the peaceful route, he learned and took from the many teachings of Ghandi. He cared about peace and he cared about African Americans being able to receive the same rights and opportunities as whites. His speech "I Have a Dream" is one of the most influential pieces ever. It really makes us think about the future. The dream that one day we will all be equal. The dream that one day we can all hold hands, together and spread love and not hate. Spread happiness and kindness and respect. I think it's about time. Its been time. It is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would have wanted.

    Posted by: MDC
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  • He is a hero among heroes. Martin Luther King, Jr

    He is a hero among heroes. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is indeed a hero, even among heroes, for his courage to stand up to injustice and lead a nation forward. We should be grateful to MLK for advancing this nation and attempting to abolish shameful, disgusting practices toward our fellow men. To take a dangerous, unpopular stance and be prepared for the circumstances in the name of doing what is right, is truly the definition (one of them) of a hero.

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  • He was good influence on the media. No hero though

    There are so much more to learn from African American history than people get in school. I honestly never cared at the time but learned they just teach you partial truths and usually stick with the winning side (civil war). But King Jr was quick to be put into of that pedastle. I think it may have kept others ignorant on much more inspiring African Americans at there that I think if people would gain great perspective if they take a look into their stories and their poise. That being said here is a list of people I've either read something brief and inspiring, that I got to read from their books or i read their autobiographies. Federick Douglas, James Baldwin, Jesse Owens, Mary Bethune, Charles Hamilton, freaking Booker T. (What the hell people), or King Sr., and so many more people I personally consider valiant and foster hope and resilience. James Baldwin is a good read by the way. But no I don't believe King Jr. Is a hero. I like his father more. He had a really freaking good dad that's for sure.

  • Martin Luther King is a hero.

    Martin Luther King Jr. Is a hero because he stood up for he believed in. A hero is a person who has determination, bravery, strength, and someone who is inspirational. Martin Luther King Jr has all the characteristics of a hero. People should be treated the same no matter what color skin they have.

  • Martin Luther King

    Yes , he is a hero and a role model for the hole ( Afro ) American nation because of his peaceful demonstrations, monumental speeches and his fight without violence for the equal rights of the black Americans and against the corrupt and racist government. Hes one of the greates leders in ther (Afro)american history.

  • Martin Luther King

    Yes , he is a hero and a role model for the hole ( Afro ) American nation because of his peaceful demonstrations, monumental speeches and his fight without violence for the equal rights of the black Americans and against the corrupt and racist government. Hes one of the greates leders in ther (Afro)american history.

  • I believe so:

    Martin Luther King Jr. Is a hero because he helped stop slavery. He stood up for what he thought was right and he was right, slavery was the worst thing someone could do. Don't be lazy and do your own work, it's not that hard. DON'T MAKE OTHER PEOPLE DO YOUR OWN WORK!!!

  • Not in my book. Not even close.

    Michael King is not the man your high school teacher or the media claims him to be. Michael King was a very evil man with a dangerous communist agenda. In fact, there are FBI reports on MLK that prove his connections with the most notorious communist leaders in America.

    Not only was MLK a communist, he was a dirty liar and Plagiarizer as well. The academic committee at Boston University discovered that he plagiarized over half of his work while attending the University. Unfortunately, they discovered this after his death. He also completely stole the "I have a dream" speech form a famous black preacher named Archibald Carey.

    MLK was also well known for his infatuation with white prostitutes. King would often use funds from his own church to fund drunken sex parties where he would usually hire two- three white prostitutes, occasionally beating them brutally. This was also reported by FBI officials.

    I am truly ashamed to have a holiday that honors this person. MLK day is the only holiday that honors a specific person. Of all the great leaders this country has seen, it had to be this loser. I say we change MLK day to Thomas Jefferson day or better yet, Strom Thurmond day.

  • He Is The Devil

    Martin Luther King Jr. Was not only a racist, homophobe, transphobe, and communist pinko, but he was also a transgender, homosexual, capitalist pig. Although he preached the word of God, he followed the bible of the Devil. Martin Luther King Jr. Hated blacks and only supported them for his own political and economical advancement. He wasn't even black himself. The filthy cracker hated women, blacks, whites, asians, men, homosexuals, queers, lesbians, gays, transgenders, indians, native americans, eskimos, dogs, and even fags. He was not a hero. He was the ANTICHRIST!

  • Oh black people can sit on the front of the bus big deal

    Schools made him out to be 10 x more heroic than he really was. We got guys who were in Vietnam risking their lives. He hasn't done as much for blacks as Roosevelt did. He stopped slavery. Yes MLK Lead to it but he didn't lead it. Last word... PIZZA

  • I thought Lincoln stopped slavery

    Lincoln wrote his emancipation proclamation in 1863. That ended slavery not Martin Luther King. Almost everyone on the "Yes" side of this issue admits that he was 'just a man, and a flawed man at that'. (Communist-womanizer-drunkard) Have we lowered our standards so low that someone like MLK Jr is hero qualified? God help us.

  • History is doomed to repeat itself.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Is not the national hero that everyone makes him out to be. What educators and politicians teach is a fabricated and debatable lie based on the presumption that the civil rights movement was arguable the most prominent movement in African-American history. The little known facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. Include communist party connections, plagiarizing many great works and college catalogs, investigated by the FBI, gave SCLC money for sex, and never changed his name legally. He even abused women, how is this arrogant figure seen as a shining example of nonviolence? His associates and friends organized his events, marches, and speeches secretly. Congress ultimately decided that he seen as fit as a political idealist and hero to forward a secret agenda which remains anonymous to this day. Besides most of black history has been written by white promoters anyway, this is why Black History Month is just as ubiquitous as slavery. All of this looks more like psychological warfare to dumb down people from learning true history. Ignorance is called bliss for a reason.

  • He is a disbeliever

    He is a disbeliever: He played the game of being a servant, while he was devil. Rejecting believe and using his rheotics to manipulate the people. Some view him as the complete man, but he is far from being a man, nor he is complete? In my mind, just a tool

  • Not the man that academics have made him out to be.

    If you follow true history it often tells a different story. Communist, and socialist views drove his idology. The movement that he lead along with other black America leaders resolted in several great advancements in laws on equality. That said the end doesn't justify the means. He often condoned violent, anti capitalist, and often dangerous actions to "further" his race. In many ways some of the tactics used actually prolonged the race war into many things we see occurring today. MalcomX, MLK, and James Farmers actions were dwarfed by the meaning of one little old lady on a bus, and her name was Rosa Parks. Her actions were a true by definition protest as described in our bill of rights. More truly peaceful protests would have resulted in more meaningful humanization of the cause. Humanization is what these discussions usually lack. It is a much harder up hill battle when the people trying to further them selves do not conform to the norms and values of the society they are trying to change. By conforming to those values, by being polite, passively confrontational, and carrying her self in a manner deserving of the respect of a culture Rosa Parks truly made a difference without using means that would ever be considered damming or controversial. That is true Heroism showing that the only difference between two people is the color of their skin. People today fighting the same fight lack that poise and confidence. Running and screaming and flaying about as if we are primal doesn't solve any issue or bring light to the actually cause.

  • What did he do

    He said what he think is right and didn't change anything I think people need to get to know about someone who has done something not someone who has say something and not change anything .He is a great men but we the people needs to pay attention to peole who change slavery for the better

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