• Maths is very Easy.

    Maths is very easy because it is interesting too. It is easy to multiply and add and solve quadratics etc. If you say Maths is hard you will not be sure when it comes to the future, where you are going to pay for your mortgage bills food etc. Please Understand.

  • Maths is easy!!!!

    Maths is really easy!!
    If someone would have told me that 2 months ago even i wouldn't have believed him!!
    But maths is really easy. Maths being easy or difficult depends on how much you practice, if you practice it a lot it is the easiest thing in the world, if don't practice than it is more difficult than cracking the matrix!

  • Maths is easy!!

    Maths is really easy !
    2 months ago even i wouldn't have believed that myself!
    But after sometime i realized math being easy or difficult depends how much you practice. In the start it would be irritating but after you have got your hold on it it might become your favorite subject!!

  • If you think math is easy, why don't you have a fields medal?

    Math is far more than addition and quadratics and calculus. I blame the stupid modern education system for this. There is discrete mathematics, REAL PARAGRAPH proofs, abstract algebra, and so much more. Discrete mathematics and proofs must be taught in schools. And they are not a trivial matter.

    If you think math is easy, why don't you have a fields medal?

  • It all depends

    It all depends on how you think, and what you make of different concepts. Often people can also be better at certain areas of math. Personally, I am pretty average at maths, I don't suck, I'm not freak'in Einstein, but I do get by. Although it is an interesting subject when applied to reality.

  • Maths is a difficult subject.

    There are many kinds of Maths exercise. Therefore, if you just study like a robot, you will not get high scores. Practicing at school is not enough. Besides of that, you have to explore more Mathematics exercises, especially some kinds which are very difficult. Studying maths needs a patient volition and hard-working. Also, it needs a good brainstorming, an open mind and a good memory. That's why there are almost always some issues when you are studying Maths.

  • Some people just don't think mathematically.

    And others don't want to put in the work required to make up for their inability to think in abstract mathematical ways. I used to think math was pretty easy until i tried to teach it to others. Some people "get it" others do not. I've always found math to be easy until i got to the surface integrals and flux sections of my multivariable calculus class. It was very challenging. I haven't met anyone that "breezed through" surface integrals, they requires a lot of practice. I'm currently doing differential equations and it is not to hard, for me. But again, other people in my class find it more difficult than i do. Also, it depends on what level of understanding you are talking about. I understand differential equations, to a point. But there are layers of meaning that i can't yet visualize. I'm not a mathematics major so i'm not trying to understand it on that level; i'm a physics major so i just need to know how to solve the equations. But if i was a math major i would definitely be having trouble understanding the math on the level required for a degree in that field.

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