• They are not that bad...

    McDonald's. You cannot actually decide about McDonald's, really. It depends on which side you think is bigger. I would say McDonald's is good because McDonald's have good service, and little kids have space to play in so the adults can go and have their meal freely. In my opinion, I personally think that service is bigger than food. Even the food doesn't taste that bad.

  • Best chips in the universe!!!

    No other restaurant can compare to McDonald's chips. They are by far superior to any other fast food restaurant's. They are nice, and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. They're just right. In fact they're so good that I have kind of been put off from eating home made fries because they are nothing compared to McDonald's fries. If you want great fries. Go to McDonald's!!!

  • McDonald's is delicious!

    I understand that vegans and vegetarians will not like McDonald's as their food is not vegan/vegetarian friendly but I love McDonald's! I think their Big Mac is delicious and just perfect! The tangy sauce, topped with cheese, and perfect lettuce and onions, and a delicious patty! Yum! McDonald's makes the BEST fries and their shakes and smoothies are so good! I also love the nice little McDonald's bags as they are designed perfectly! I will ALWAYS love McDonald's!

  • Yes it is

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  • Fast, affordable, and never disappointing (but then again, never exceeding either)

    Wells...From a customer's perspective of it functioning as a restaurant, McDonald's is a very good restaurant; the service is for the most part efficient and with little hassle, food is prepared to an exacting standard at all outlets regardless of geographical location for the most part of the time with little deviation from expectations, venues are usually air-conditioned and well equipped to cater to individuals and families alike while being sufficiently clean to eat a meal within, and staff are intelligent enough to understand that customers' preferences may exist and are capable of exercising some flexibility in acceding to reasonable requests to have instructions altered, e.G., a filet-o-fish without the tartar sauce. I get what I pay for.

    While from a business perspective, despite the fact that it serves food some consider "cheap and dry", it is still a success and a behemoth of a company because it has successfully associated itself with tasty foods at an affordable price- when people eat at McDonald's it's more than eating a burger, it's an existential experience; it has wormed it's way into the very hearts of markets that makes it the envy of most brands that either just vanish into the ether or struggle to gain market share.

    But from a social, environmental and legal perspective, the momentum it possess can be scarring as there have had been changes to the legislation governing the meat industry that has become skewed to favor meat production, resulting in increased waste, inhumane animal rearing methods, all so that people who are more likely to consume meats than vegetables, will get their fill of cheap grounded burger patties as they get fatter and fatter, because McDonald's made it possible to gorge on such foods. This may be used to argue against McDonald's being a good company, but since the question is if it's a good restaurant, without specific locations mentioned, compared to any other restaurants from a customer's perspective- after all, the hallmark of a good restaurant is one that stays in business, and usually it is because of it sees a constant flow of customers-, in this day and age where numerous restaurant chains offer themselves as comparatives, it's a good restaurant.

  • Nothing compared to Five Guys

    Five guys outclasses Mcdonald's 10 to 1. Their french fries are saltier and crispier (don't get me started on the cajun fries, which Mcdonald's doesn't have), Five guy's burgers are heartier and jucier, and here's the killer: Five guys has peanuts! Mcdonald's food, is cheap and dry, compared to the lively and hearty dishes of Five guys.

  • Unhealthy Foods and Disgusting Ingredients

    McDonald's "pink slime" is teeming with salmonella and a Big Mac overstimulates dopamine the same way drugs do.
    And there are suspect ingredients in McDonald's food such as dimethylpolysiloxane. The same chemical used in breast implants and contact lenses.
    Did you know that McDonald's is inhumane? In 2015, a video from a security camera showed a McDonald's worker beating up chickens.

  • McDonald's is not a restaurant.

    If it were a restaurant it would be an evil greedy corporate restaurant. But it is a cafeteria an evil greedy corporate cafeteria. In a restaurant you sit, order, you pay and then someone comes and clears the table. In a cafeteria the customers serve themselves or are served from a counter and pay before eating and you are expected to clear the table your self. Cafeterias have lower labour costs, that is why macs is a cafeteria and not a restaurant.

  • It is not

    Though Mcdonald’s may taste good (to several people, I think it is not good, their hamburgers are small and don’t taste fresh). I can explain all day, but in the meantime, read Eric schlosser’s “fast food nation” to get a full perspective of what you are eating in Mcdonald’s and more.

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