• Yes, Michael Jackson is the “World's Biggest Superstar” and the biggest musical icon

    Yes, because his music and dance cut across all barriers, be it racial, geography, generation. He represents American dream. He was a giant of a star who sang about the equities of the world, and by dint of his music wanted to change this horrific situation. Because of his global reach, sources like CNN, The Guardian, ABC News, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair etc named Michael Jackson the “World's Biggest Superstar”.

  • Personally, yes. Objectively, also yes.

    As my title suggests, I deeply admire Michael for his love for entertaining and pure talent. As well as this, he undoubtedly changed the WORLD. No, this is not an exaggeration, he changed, Music, Dance, Culture, Media, and Society. His messages were something that no one can fault. Nowadays, we can enjoy many of artists' music but query lyrics in terms of skill or the overall message. Michael had nothing but love to give in his humanitarianism and egalitarianism.

  • He is literally the King of Pop.

    Even 30 years later, both adults and kids alike are listening to iconic songs like Billie Jean, Rock With You, Beat It, Bad, Man in the Mirror, Thriller and tons of other songs! Record sales aside, what other songs do you know that came out in the early 1980's that was as good as thriller?

    Now some may argue that because Michael was an alleged pedophile , he doesn't deserve the title, to which I'd like to point out that this isn't a debate on whether his morals where high up there; the debate is on whether or not he's the most popular pop icon ever, and you bet he is!

  • Yes, Michael Jackson is the most iconic pop star ever.

    Yes, Michael Jackson is the most iconic pop star ever. People all around the world know of the pop star Michael Jackson. His famous music video, Thriller, is definitely both iconic and famous everywhere. Michael Jackson is very well known for his pop music and that will persist for a long time to come.

  • The numbers say it all

    At this point, the number of albums sold and the number of gold and platinum records and albums bolster the argument that Michael Jackson remains the king of pop. It might not stay that way forever, as times change, but at this point there is no one that even close to Jackson't status.

  • Yes, Michael Jackson is the most recognizable pop stars in the history of music.

    Michael Jackson's award winning career as a full-fledged pop star started at a very early age with the Jackson 5. His hit songs began there and continued on for decades, until his death. Having performed around the world and created some of the best selling albums of all time, his legacy as the greatest pop star in the world will continue on for a long time.

  • Obviously yes , he is the biggest superstar as far as pop music is considered .

    The only thing you can measure objectively is record sales. His album, "Thriller" is the best selling record of all time. In that sense, yes he is the biggest pop star ever. What he didn't do for pop music for eg : breaking all the racial barriers for not allowing the then black artists music videos to feature on MTV , popularizing many forms of dance techniques (from moonwalk , to anti gravity lean)...

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